First date ideas for online dating

There's just so many variables. For one, you want to look your best. You have to wear a nice outfit, groom yourself, smell nice, and potentially tidy up your place, depending on whether there's a chance your date will get to see it at the end of the evening. Then you have to show up on time. Once you're there, you have to be your wittiest, most impressive self. Make your date laugh, but don't dominate the conversation. Ask your date questions , but don't act like an interrogator.

The Best First Dates for People Who Have Met Online

Loosen up, but don't go too wild. Be yourself, but don't expose anything too out there.

Then there's the end of the date. Do you shake hands? Do you make plans to meet again? Do you, er, proceed to other things? Like, say, a first-date hookup?

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Flea markets and garage sales might be unconventional first-date options, but they also can be the perfect place to get to know the other person's hobbies and personality. Look at the items that seem to interest him, and show him which ones catch your eye. Flea markets and garage sales allow you to keep things more relaxed and give you the opportunity to talk while walking around, which is less stressful than sitting face-to-face in a restaurant.

When meeting your online date for the first time, you might want to try a flea market as a first option since being in a car between garage sales can be riskier, although you could each have your own mode of transportation. After meeting someone online, you should have an idea by now if she likes outdoor activities. If she does, a first date is a chance to get some fresh air and do something different. You could meet for a walk in a park or in a botanical garden. Bring a picnic lunch if you plan to be gone for a few hours.

Pick a park that is popular and where many other people pass through so that you can feel safe at all times. For winter activities, try ice skating or even sledding.

Meeting your online date: the do's and don'ts

Pick a hilly park and borrow sleds for the day from your friend's children. If you feel chemistry, go for a cup of hot chocolate at a nearby cafe. For those who have artistic personalities, meeting up for the first time over a craft activity can be interesting.

10 first date tips: the best of our expert advice | EliteSingles

You'll get to show off your creative side and will have something to do to kick-start the conversation. Take a pottery class together, go to a bead store to make jewelry or participate in a painting class at your local art school. To decide which artistic activity would be best, have a look at his profile and see which crafts he already enjoys. For the sporting types, get out of your comfort zone and go for sports that you don't normally practice but that are easy for anyone to learn and try.

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  • Go to a roller-skating rink, rent a tandem bike or go wall-climbing. This way you can enjoy yourself while getting to know your date and you get to see if she matches your level of fitness. Need more ideas for first date outfits?

    Top 10 First Date Ideas

    Learn what to wear on a first date here. Indeed, many people prefer to start with a casual first meeting, designed to test your mutual spark. Want more insight from our studies on first date behaviour? Read about them here. If you do want to meet for coffee, chances are you have a favourite local alternatively, try the suggestions in our date guides for Toronto , Montreal , Vancouver , Calgary , Edmonton , and Winnipeg.

    First date conversations require balance between getting to know someone and avoiding over familiarity. For our members though, the only real no-go topic is that of ex partners: Want some first date conversation starters? Try the famous 36 questions!

    10 Awesome First Date Ideas Guaranteed To Impress

    This question is tricky. Again, this area used to be strictly male territory. However, increasingly, this seems unfair — for everyone involved! While some experts still believe in waiting for men to call the shots others, like Jen Kim at Psychology Today, call for for a more nuanced approach. Kim recommends asking for a date based on your personality, not your gender: Want to know how to ask someone out? Find our tips for every scenario here. It really is that simple.