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Embassy in Tehran , Iran as hostages. Shortly after its creation, Reynolds stopped hosting the program. It was not until a few days later that a producer had the idea of displaying the number of days on America Held Hostage e. At the end of the hostage crisis in after days , the program — which had been retitled the previous year as Nightline — had entrenched itself on ABC's programming schedule, and made Koppel a national figure.

ABC had previously used the title " Night Line " for a short-lived 1 a.

The program originally aired four nights a week on Monday through Thursdays until , when the sketch comedy program Fridays was shifted to air after Nightline. By this time, the news program had expanded to 30 minutes. For much of its history, the program prided itself on providing a mix of investigative journalism and extended interviews something that continues to be featured to this day, albeit at a reduced extent , which would look out of place on World News Tonight.

The format of the show featured an introduction by the host, then a taped piece on the specific topic of the night; then after a commercial break, there was a live interview related to the topic of the piece. In , ABC attempted to change the program's format to feature multiple topics and expand it to one hour, as opposed to focusing on a single topic in a half-hour. This switch proved to be unsuccessful, and after a few months, the original format of the program was restored. Once the original format returned, reverting to a minute structure, it remained unchanged through the end of Koppel's tenure; it was changed following his retirement.

The program remains unique in American media, considering its nightly broadcasts. Most other similar shows only air once a week, though usually in a prime time slot for a full hour. Nightline is usually less sensationalistic than the weekly news magazines which often emphasize soft news programming, stories of such type — such as pop culture -related stories — Nightline has incorporated to a moderate degree following Koppel's departure , though the program has caused controversy on occasion.

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of D-Day in , Nightline aired a special edition which "covered" the landings on Normandy as though modern television news, along with satellite reports, had existed at the time. The following year in , the program conducted its first on-remote broadcast from South Africa. In , the program featured interviews with the Philippines ' first female president , Corazon Aquino , and outgoing president Ferdinand Marcos , the latter of which tried to defend the extravagant lifestyle including the extensive shoe collection of his wife Imelda during the country's economic hardship.

That year, Nightline broadcast for the first time in the Soviet Union.

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In , Nightline conducted a special report on-location from Jerusalem. During Ted Koppel's tenure as anchor and on rare occasions since his departure , Nightline devoted each episode to a unique subject. Since its inception, the program has covered many subjects science , education , politics , economics , society , and breaking news. Many candidates for government offices, such as David Duke in November have appeared on Nightline to try to promote themselves. Seeing that there are a large number of prisons in the United States, it created an ongoing series in called "Crime and Punishment".

The program also aired a series of episodes called "America: In Black and White" dealing with individual aspects of American race relations, and another on homosexuality titled "A Matter of Choice? Over the years, Nightline had a number of technological firsts.

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The program did the first live report from the base of Mount Everest. In November , science reporter Michael Guillen did the first live broadcast from Antarctica. There were times when a major breaking news story occurred as late as Eastern Time, resulting in the subject of that night's edition being changed in order to cover the story in some form of detail, depending on the depth of information available at the time of broadcast. Examples of this were the deaths of John Lennon and Yasser Arafat Nightline also held a series of town hall meetings ; these included the Israeli-Palestinian Town Meeting in , one with Nelson Mandela on June 21, , and one discussing the War in Iraq in The first such "Town Meeting", in , was an extended edition running for four hours and 12 minutes, until 3: A major portion of the episode was devoted to interviews where important people were asked tough questions on the spot.

Another series of town hall meetings featured public discussions and appearances by Japanese officials on the poor performance of American business during the s, contrasted with the success of Japanese businesses. These town hall meetings coincided with the corporate takeovers of U. What had been intended to be a benign episode dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking Major League Baseball's color barrier ended up being remembered for one of the show's controversial moments. The April 6, broadcast included longtime Los Angeles Dodgers executive Al Campanis , who had been with the franchise since before Robinson's debut.

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When Ted Koppel asked Campanis about why there were so few black field managers or general managers in the sport, Campanis responded awkwardly, saying that blacks may lack the "necessities" to succeed in those positions. Despite Koppel offering Campanis numerous chances to clarify or retract his remark, Campanis' subsequent responses only worsened his position.

Koppel ultimately scolded Campanis on-air for proposing the "same kind of garbage" that Robinson's critics and skeptics had peddled in Shortly after the interview, the Dodgers fired Campanis. Later in , the program broadcast an exclusive interview with televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker , following the former's sex scandal that brought down their PTL ministry. Her successful dating coaching programs have led to countless successful relationships in both the New York and Los Angeles areas, as well as all across the USA and around the world.

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