Party matchmaking dirty bomb

Agree with you too with the waiting times , it's just irritating. I add the lack of auto team balance in the game to my complainings. If someone is quitting during a game, it can be a game-changer until the end of the round. Anyway, it's a good game for sure. It's not the first game of Splash Damage and i'm sure that they will fix all those problems for the release.

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Last edited by cspflo; at Cool trailer, and everything. Didn't notice it was Fragger, which I've already got - anybody fancy a free Merc? Dirty Bomb Thanks, I got sent a key, as it seems there were still some available. Dirty Bomb Yep, just grabbed my free key too.

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You have an off setting? Like why even mention?

Party matchmaking dirty bomb

Dirty Bomb Hell of a week. Vas, Rhino, and Bushwhacker as free-rotation mercs. Dirty Bomb Uhhh, good we got these free Fraggers! And I'm very happy with my choice of first bought mercenary - Sawbonez.

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Last edited by Wondwi; at Dirty Bomb I think I did well? Dirty Bomb First bronze trade up for Sparks, got a pretty awesome card: Dirty Bomb Double post! Execution game mode available for the weekend.

Dirty Bomb Game looks like fun, but sadly it decides to stay on the loading screen for all eternity when I try to launch it. Dirty Bomb Have you tried to verify the integrity of game cache? As AngryPotato said, the game doesn't really like 3rd party software like some overlays, netlimiter, fraps and some antivirus. Try to close them and launch DB.

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Dirty Bomb Rhino on defence is top lel. Neox - Norse warrior god with the skills and tenacity of a dead wombat. Dirty Bomb Don't suppose anyone has a spare fragger key for whatever reason? The " Guardian Update " was an update released October 10th, that introduced a new merc, weapons, and the normal round of bug fixes and balance changes.

Dirty Bomb

Guardian is a new merc hitting London. Armed with a defensive drone, reviving pulse glove and an assault rifle, this South Korean mercenary is equal parts protector and fighter. Long stationed at a CDA camp near the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, Guardian is now bringing her protective capabilities to bear in London. With slightly lower damage and range than other assault rifles, this new bullpup makes up for it by being the fastest firing AR available. The Hoigat also has a lighter touch, but boasts the highest ammo capacity of all the semi-automatic pistols in the game, helping Guardian to outlast her opponents.

Guardian is the first Merc to bring dual-wielded melee weapons. These brutal batons allow her quick light attacks as well as a skull-crushing double-hitting heavy attack.