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A Calgary woman stopped answering her door after a stream of unannounced visitors, as many as eleven in one day, arrived on her doorstep. Clarissa Rayner says she started receiving unusual text messages in late November followed by an appearance at her home by a man she did not know. Rayner was at work at the time but she was able to converse with the stranger through her doorbell.

After a few days of silence, Rayner began to receive more text messages and more men began to show up at her home, all indicating they had been in contact with her through the dating website Plenty of Fish. The profile included old photographs of Rayner from her LinkedIn and social media accounts but the profile did not include any of her contact information. Rayner says a lewd photograph sent to her suggests what the person operating the fraudulent profile was offering. Rayner notified Plenty of Fish of the fraudulent profile and it was eventually removed from the dating site.

Her and her partner also attempted to report the matter to the Calgary Police Service but the couple was told that, unless they knew who was responsible, there was nothing police could do. The text messages have since stopped and Rayner has not received any visitors from POF in days. Clarissa Rayner says numerous men arrived at her home after someone created a fraudulent profile with her photos on the Plenty of Fish dating site. City officials are exploring the possibility of allowing park users to drink alcohol in designated picnic areas in Calgary. Click here to comment on this poll.

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I've been on there for abit and met about 6 or 7 people, had fun, but no long term meaningful connections as of yet. I have found it also very frustrating I would say I am at least average in looks and it is demoralizing to send out 10 emails and only get a few responses, typically "one liners" and usually from the least attractive of the bunch. Of those conversations that do go on; seemingly indicating interest, they disappear at the mention of meeting up.

Meanwhile in real life, I can pretty much always get a number at a bar if that is what I put my mind to.

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Like I say - I have met people, but I wonder if the time invested is worth it. I have an attractive female friend who is on there and she indicated that she gets 40 new messages a day minimum. I found that site to be a complete waste of time when I was looking to meet people back when I was single. In my opinion this site isn't worth your time. I used to do online dating sites until a few years ago. POF is alright if you are seeking one-night stands with skanks and crack whores.

I had better luck finding higher-quality women on lavalife - however, you have to buy credits to send messages. Not sure what they're like now but I get the impression their presence has dwindled somewhat.

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I've heard good things about eHarmony - it's a pay site and everyone takes a psychological questionnaire in order to match up compatible personalities. On these sites, your typical average-looking lady has to weed through hundreds of messages, so a guy can easily get lost in the shuffle.

If we want to be a little city, we dream small. If we want to be a big city, we dream big, and this is a big idea. I met my wife on lavalife. This was 3 years ago. I know of at least 3 other couples who met the same way. I never tried POF out and didn't get a good impression from it. Originally Posted by accountingsucks. I'm sure most single people have heard of this free dating site.

I think PoF is pretty sketchy. Lavalife on the other hand, is much better run. Incidentally it is also where I met my fiancee. Lavalife is also where I met my wife. Looks like everyone is thumbs up on LL! Online Dating Site & Mobile Apps – Where Singles Click®

The trick to any dating site is to post something that's eye-catching. Make it different, interesting, and fun. I also met my wife on lavalife after meeting about 4 others that didnt click. I also met my wife on LL about 5 years ago. They say it takes about a year to meet someone you can connect with.