Am i dating a drug dealer

Granted, if I were no longer with the guy I am now, there are a few drugs I would probably start using again, though probably seldomly. I'd still use in moderation if it weren't so imperative that my guy stay clean. I'm trying to be supportive, haha. Aaaand that was a tangent. I don't support drugs so I couldn't deal with someone selling them regardless of how nice he may be. I probably could, if I was oblivious to the fact. However depends on what drugs, weeds all good. I hope I didn't loose it Thank goodness I haven't lossed my mind yet. People will never understand.

Dating a drug dealer will put me a high risk of death and prison and him too The money will be nice for a little while. But the after effects will have me in a coffin or prison or straight jacket. He won't leave his crack nor his ho's! Come with me instead. Late to the party but I'm not entirely sure. There are benefits that come along with it but way too many risks. There's still cheating and having to watch your back, along with the risk of being arrested.

I know a family friend that is dating one, has two kids with him. He bought her a mercedes not newer but not too old , he paid for her plastic surgery, he moved her into the suburbs far out, he has security cameras set up in their townhouse. The gifts and the money for college would draw me in but not for long. I wouldn't be able to trust that I wouldn't be cheated on or being watched or in danger. Absolutely not, idgaf if he has a bomb personality, I'm sure's there's plenty of others with good personalities that aren't drug dealers.

Smoking is enough of a turn off for me so thinking about dating a drug dealer is just lol worthy. Could you date a drug-dealer? Obviously directed at girls, but could you or would you date a drug dealer? Not a dude or a drug dealer lol but just looking for opinions on the matter: When should someone give up on chasing you? What to do for a long distance valentines day? What is your biggest frustrations with Online Dating? Scared to go on a date cause im chubby? Am I loser for never being kissed? Just because your girlfriend said this guy was a drug dealer doesn't make him a drug dealer So her only proof that he is a drug dealer is some of the places she has seen him at.

So if she was there to be able to see him, is SHE also a drug dealer? Exactly what kind of investigation did she do? Did she make a buy? Does she know that if she found out beyond a shadow of a doubt that your guy is a drug dealer and failed to notify police, she is guilty of obstruction of justice? Unless you have more to go on than this, I would say he's lucky to be rid of a lady who would color him evil just because somebody said something bad about him. What kind of loyalty is that?

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I just don't know how you could assume he invested his money in drugs if you have absolutely no idea how he invested his money except what's in your imagination Well, let me tell you, drug deals are done everywhere and during the Clinton administration people smoked pot in the White House. So does that make his Secretary of State Madeline Albright a drug dealer Or does it make everybody who came into the Oval Office a sex pervert because the President was getting blow jobs from an intern there. Wow, I hope I never have a girl like you!

I mean this guy was really, really nice to you and you didn't even give him the benefit of the doubt. Did you confront him and ask him straight out? I would have gone to police and had them conduct an investigation If he wasn't, you would certainly be justified in getting away from him.

You may be right. You may never find a man as nice as him and you may never, ever know if you broke his heart justly or unjustly. I think given the kindness he showed you he deserved more than a swift kick in the ass based on the amateur investigation of a busybody girlfriend. Of coarse I wouldn't go on someone elses judgement without finding out for myself.

She stated her accusitions and I set out to come up with a real conclusion.

I began to notice certain friends we would stop by there house parties just long enough to mingle and have a drink and then leave. I also was very aware that most of them were involved with drugs.

It never raised a red flag before because although I don't use I have found that a lot of people do. People you would never suspect. Whether they smoke pot or take pills or sniff. I also am an artist and find most of friends in the art feild or very into drugs.

Could you date a drug-dealer?

I just never imagined they would be getting it from my boyfriend. Well to find out I went to a party that would surely have drugs at it. I told my man that I was going on a girls night out and went to this party. I knew a few of my mans friends or better "clients" would be there.

I bodly put money in the pot to go towards buying extacy. I slinked into the backyard to smoke and so I would be out of sight out of mind About an hour later I heard a voice that unmistakingly was my man. And he and one of the guys also joined a few of us on the patio to have a smoke and make an exchange. As the exchange was taking place I walked up to them and looked directly at their hands so it would be obvious I knew what was going on.

My man cooly tried to act natural and suprised to see me. I just shook my head in shame and for the first time felt superior to him and left the party. I had caught him red handed. How much more clear does this picture need to be? Did I call the police no. So I guess I am in obstruction. But I care for him and I hope he soon gets his life together. Your second post makes things a hell of a lot more clear. I'm sorry you're having trouble getting over this guy but had you remained with him you would have been subject to arrest at any time you were in his presence.

I'm very sorry it took you so long to find this out. Drug dealers are slimey worms. As long as he's making the big bucks and staying out of jail, what motivation does he have for getting his life together. Obviously, money and drugs took precedence over you. I don't think I'd be able to live with myself knowing that this guy is out selling drugs to people and you're not doing anything about it. Seems you could figure out some way to have him and his cohorts busted without anyone finding out it was you. Drugs kill and the people who sell them belong in jail. I think that drug dealers are bad, most of them are, but just think for one second about this You are 13, live in a ghetto Your mother doesn't care to pay the bills you try to get her help, she doesn't go, try again I do have a problem with people who do do it and they have no reason, they can get a job, they can make something of themselves, but they are just to lazy to put in the time and effort But please don't write off these people that you don't know their lives, I bet most of you have never had to worry about such things, I know that I haven' and I am very blessed for that, but put youselves in other peoples shoes I know that dealing causes violence In the scenario you described there IS help for those people.

There are hospitals and clinics for people who do not have insurance, with doctors able to diagnose conditions such as bipolar and treat them appropriately. There is also a welfare system for kids who don't have parents to support them. I realize our system isn't perfect, but it's better and safer than selling drugs. Sorry you don't like my name Bill. I ran into him at my friends house last night I stop by every monday to see my godchildren. And He was there.

I really was upset to see she let him in. I mean she has little kids. But she doesn't feel threatened because he is a nice guy and would never put her children in danger. He begged me to just hear him out. I really didn't want to. But I feel so much for him. But part of me is so upset because it doesn't know if what I feel for him is honest or built from his lies. It's hard to not jump to conclusions and tell him that everything he ever told me I doubt.

But I gave him 5 minutes to say what he needed to say. And he did describe such a situation that caused him to sell that was very heart wrenching. And he promised he never just sold to anyone. He started to tell me how he would ride his bike everyday far from his home and he would only sell to adults, never kids, and always to people with money, never a bum. He explained that the area of town he is from is full of scum who sell it to their own neighbors children and to people who are commiting crimes themselves to get the money. He said he feels that his own neighborhood is keeping eachother down.

And he didn't want to hurt his community but rather help it. He told me how he has put a park in his old neighborhood with his money. But he first had the children do fundraisers which his clients who are wealthy business men donated money so it wouldn't look suspisious. I don't really understand all the stuff he told me about renovating empty houses into neighborhood stores and such to help cut back on the crack houses. Just sounded like a bunch of money laundering and stuff. Anyways I told him I still felt ill that he sold drugs. Even if his clients are rich men and women who are going to get it from some where if not from him.

I told him that he has enough money to stop. He can get a real job now. That he doesn't have to sell to stay alive anymore. He is selling now out of greed. How can a man have made enough money from selling drugs to do so much for his community and put him and his sister through college and be so intelligent but still feel as if it is all he can do?

He would make an awsome business man! Anyone who can accomplish as much as he has from the measly wage he got for a paper route when he was young is obviously using great skill in a evil way. Anyways I listened and then I spoke. And I cannot have a relationship with a drugdealer. I don't know how I can ok having friends that get high but can't have a friend that supplies but I just can't. The lifestyle wasn't that impressive to through away my morrals.

Although my feelings for him almost were.

Just seen the light of day

This world is a crazy screwed up place. He should have never been born into a world where selling drugs or hustling or prostitution or stealing or any other illegal act is the easiest and quickest way out. It isn't fair to him or me or any of the families that these acts effect. It's amazing to see at what lengths some people will go to delude themselves and others that they are a "good person" although their actions prove otherwise.

And just so you don't feel alone, I should tell you that when I was eighteen I was infatuated by an older man who was much like the guy you described. I had no reason to disbelieve him when he told me he had spent four years at Penn State. I thought he meant "college. Rather he had spent four years in the State Penn for armed robbery!