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I find that on public transport in the west, women in hijab are often more ready to chat with me than women in western dress.

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Western women are usually more focused on their phones or tablets. Dress choices that may look intimidating to us are usually about modesty.

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And Muslim women are very often fashion-conscious. For example, in Cairo women want to wear bright, matching colours and patterns of dress and scarf. In places where most women seem to be wearing look-alike full-length dark coats, they give careful attention to differences of style, material and buttons, and subtler colour variations. In Asia I watched TV programs showing how to tie headscarves as trendy fashion statements. And in women-only space, the most conservative black over-garments may be taken off to show designer wear underneath.

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However, when she has a son, and when her son grows up and gets married, that changes. A friend who had worked in the Middle East told me that whenever anything needed doing, or paperwork signed, they would ask the women, and it would happen.

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Older women, particularly mothers, can be significant power brokers in an extended family. This includes moral purity. Often they are worried about the risks of exposure to the sexual freedoms of western culture, and may assume it characterizes all the western women they meet. Feel free to share your own concern about living according to biblical standards in the face of pressure from the contemporary culture.

It also includes physical purity. Careful washing rituals are the means to restore purity.

What happens when you fall in love across the religious divide?

And defiled conditions affect women much more than men any kind of emission from the body, whether solid, liquid or gas, is a cause of impurity. So all Muslims become impure and must wash to gain purity every day. Moreover, women become impure for a week each month. This is very different to western understanding.

Nor is he unclean from touching a dead body according to Jewish rules of the time. Rather, he heals a woman, gives life to a dead girl, and purity of heart to all of us.

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