Dating seth thomas metronome

I want to look around locally for a clock repair person and have it cleaned. Other than that it's fine. Perhaps they can date it. Slightly OT, but I just stumbled across this experiment of syncing metronomes.

Vintage Seth Thomas Metronomes

Tells a lot about coupled oscillators in general, and maybe two strings of a course in particular:. Why can't the audience do that when they clap along?? One of these days I'll just have to audit a physics class so I can do all the fun stuff and not have to worry about a grade In fact, audiences frequently do that when applauding and wanting an encore.

It is also what a marching detail should not do on a wooden bridge. That metronome looks to be in lovely condition, and certainly worth getting serviced.

Seth Thomas Watch & Clock Company: History, Serial Numbers, Production Dates

I'm pretty confident that it dates from the s could even be the s because earlier Seth Thomas Maelzels used the same French badge on the lid as most other manufacturers. With earlier Maelzel metronomes, it is sometimes difficult to even confirm the manufacturer, although often there's a small logo printed at the bottom of the scale.

With a modicum of care they are very reliable and they are certainly long-lived; two of mine date back to the 19th century and both still keep good time. They also had the option of a bell that would sound on the first beat of each bar in addition to the regular tick , and collectors have a strong preference for those models. A couple of years ago I bid on one of the original prototypes http: I was unconvinced by the auctioneer's dating of the second metronome to ; the captive key suggests that it is quite a bit later.

Here's a picture of one of similar age to yours that still has its box: Bertram Henze - I just saw that video this morning and was thinking of it as I read this thread. Great minds huh? Tells a lot about coupled oscillators in general, and maybe two strings of a course in particular: Looks to me like it happened because the weight of the pendulums started shifting the table, so all the other metronomes just synched up.

Xactly, that's the way the metronomes are coupled. Note how that last straggler on the far right is reeled in. I'm wondering what would happen if one or more of the metronomes were set to a different BPM than the others. Would they just never get in sync, would their timing be thrown off, or would they eventually sync up anyway?

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I'm wondering what would happen if one or more of the metronomes we set to a different BPM than the others. If a majority are set to the same BPM, they will rock the floor and sync, the others will never get in sync.

Seth Thomas Watch Company

If all settings are different, no synchronisation is possible. It's a swarm intelligence thing - those with the same setting belong to the same swarm. Those interested in the history of metronomes might like to know that the ones in that video are based on the Modern Maelzel Metronome, developed by the French maker Paquet, who were one of the principal manufacturers of Maelzel's original pyramid design.

The layout of the mechanism was reconfigured, but the various cogs were kept to the original dimensions and sequence.

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Because of the space constraints there's no bell option. A year later he set up his own factory in Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut, where he made metal-movement clocks. Seth Thomas produced a variety of clocks and also manufactured metronomes, which are devices that produce regular, metrical ticks. Metronomes are commonly used by musicians when practising so they can maintain a constant and regular tempo.

Collecting vintage metronomes is a niche market and the value of these items depends on their rarity and condition. Instances of vintage Seth Thomas metronomes sold at national auction houses are uncommon. Collectors are more likely to purchase these products from eBay. Sign up for all the latest collecting news, expert blogs and auction lots from around the world. All activity on JustCollecting is rewarded with exclusive points which can be used to spend on amazing products, special discounts and entry into monthly competitions.