Far cry 3 matchmaking

Far Cry 5 Multiplayer Arcade: Ubisoft is neglectfully sitting on a gold mine

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Far Cry 3 PC patch brings better stability and improved matchmaking

Boards Far Cry 3 Why is the multiplayer matchmaking so terrible? Yeah, its one of many problems Competitive MP is a complete joke Its a crap shoot at best. I like the multiplayer but it'd be cool if I could play with my friends. Peace, and much love to you.

Far Cry 3 PC patch brings better stability and improved matchmaking | PCGamesN

Because this is mainly a game meant for offline, single player. Co-op was added in just so the game would offer something to someone with friends over. I think they just threw in multiplayer as a little refresher for when you're bored with single player Sent from my iPhone via PowerFAQs 1. Sorry, I play games other than CoD.

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  5. I mean the Single Player is amazing but why must the matchmaking be so bad? Why can't we make a party so we can play with friends?

    Far Cry 3 PC patch 1.02 implements stability fixes, improved co-op and matchmaking

    Getting into a game with friends is hard enough but being on the same team? And why is it 2v5 and my friend still can't join the game because it says "Lobby is full"? This is so dumb.

    Far Cry 3: Domination on Homestead PC (Multiplayer Gameplay)