Halo 5 matchmaking tips

Veterans believe that Halo 2 is the high point of the series for maps and few would argue against them given that future episodes replicated some of its best war zones. The death of Halo as an eSport.

Reach introduced CoD-style features. Reach , the fourth major instalment of the series, introduced features that undermined Halo's classic gameplay. The Call of Duty -style load out system and Armor Abilities, in particular Sprint, added a new dimension that many condemned as it sacrificed the core Halo experience that had balanced strategy with fast-paced action so successfully.

Many members of the Halo community thought that such unnecessary inclusions were the result of a misguided attempt to tailgate CoD as Bungie attempted to modernise Halo despite it already attracting its own dedicated audience. Others felt that Bungie were justified in its attempt to rejuvinate the series and attract a new generation of casual gamers in the hope that some would eventually trickle into the competitive game.

No one will ever quite know whether the developer had acted prematurely by trying to fix what already worked.

How to recover health and shield

One of Call of Duty's greatest attractions is an accessibility that grants gamers of all levels with a good chance of earning kills. By comparison, Halo is a tough nut to crack for new members with its steep learning curve requiring a sharp knowledge of spawns, an expertise in a diverse array of weaponry and precise shooting skills. Automatic shield-recharge often allows players to escape death, tempting newcomers to follow their path in a desperate attempt to clinch the kill, only to fall into a shower of bullets and grenades from their opponent's teammates.

The level of skill needed to win widened the gap between the experts and rookies, detracting newcomers from maintaining interest as they struggled to notch up points in competitive settings. The final nail in the coffin.

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Bungie had passed the buck of the ailing series to Industries, which produced a game that merely built on the controversial formula of Halo: Reach, adding more Armor Abilities in a futile effort to snatch some of Call of Duty's audience. That even the sound of weapons was criticised showed how aggravated the community had become as they witnessed the fall from grace of what was the biggest game of console eSports.

Grifball Matchmaking

Can Halo 5 revive the series on the eSports scene? In the wake of the Industries' latest announcement, which confirmed the launch of Halo 5: Guardians in , the competitive community has flocked to Twitter to share ideas and rally support in hope that the latest episode can return the series to its former glory. Rectifying mistakes of the past is a good start but it may be too late to return to the classic Halo experience of the first three games.

Halo needs a new lease of life. If it is bent on embracing CoD-style perks then Industries needs to remember the nucleus of Halo's mechanics; reliable game modes that flourish on maps which echo the favourites of the past, plus a ranking system that welcomes gamers curious to get involved in the competitive scene, matches them appropriately and gradually rewards improvement without throwing them in at the deep end. For Halo to return to the eSports scene the casual audience must be addressed. And here is what I mean by that.

Halo 5 Memories of Reach brings new matchmaking options, increases crouch movement speed

Dont focus on shooting your gun as fast as it can shoot while trying to make your reticle keep up with your shots. Instead do the opposite: Focus on keeping your reticle on your target, and try to only pull the trigger while the reticle is on target. It's a lot easier to track your target when you're not rapidly pulling the trigger and hoping your shots land. For instance, a lot of times when I'm using my magnum, my Shots will sound like this: That pause happens when I've noticed my next shot is going to miss so instead of shooting which wastes time and ammo, I stop shooting readjust my aim, and start shooting again once I'm on target.

I went from low 40's in accuracy per game to getting in a lot of games. If I ever drop below that it's likely from using the AR or other autos more than usual. What I said above isn't going to mean you'll have perfect accuracy, but you will see it improve. When you first start working on this, at first it's gonna feel weird - your first instinct when being shot at is to shoot back as fast as you can, but you have to fight that urge.

Overtime you'll be able to shoot much faster while also maintaining accuracy as you get better with it. It won't take long before you're dealin out hot 5's with the magnum. Only use the magnum no matter how high your req level gets, then reward yourself at the end by calling in something big: Feel free to add me and we can run some octagon and work on it.

I know this sounds cliche, but practice makes perfect. If you just keep playing then you should get better over time. I think somewhere in the 40s is probably the average accuracy for the playerbase as a whole so you should be able to get there if you keep playing.


Also I'd suggest practicing a lot with the single shot weapons. Sometimes I put down suppression shots so it tanks my accuracy.

How to find your feet in Halo 5's excellent multiplayer.

But I personally put down shots then rotate. When I do spam a certain area to keep people at bay it tanks my accuracy. Don't just aim with the right stick.

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