Hook up n64 to component

Connect the N64 composite video out to the yellow composite video input.

Hooking an N64 up to a Smart TV/HDTV?

Connect the N64 red and white audio outs to the red right and left white audio inputs on the TV Turn the N64 on so there will be something for you to see on the TV. I would guess that the yellow video input on the TV is labeled so check that when you make the connection.

If not then select each input and wait 20 seconds to make sure you have no picture.

How to Play Old Consoles on Modern TV's

Eventually you will see the N Natsukage a b x TV. The only different between them is the color and price.

Connecting a N64 to my new Vizio TV

I purchased the white one above and it is working just fine. There is also a switch to go between P and P if you want to make that adjustment.

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However, if you have an AV receiver with HDMI output, as well as composite connections, you can also hook up the console that way and run everything through the receiver. I, unfortunately, no longer have a full surround sound setup, and instead have opted for a Sonos Playbar as my main source of audio in the family room, but I know my previous receiver definitely have composite inputs as well as HDMI switching, so it would have worked perfectly in this situation… unfortunately it was super cheap and I threw it away when we moved.

My gaming is done exclusively on the Xbox One these days, but my gaming history goes all the way back to the Atari FPS and racing games mostly, but I dive into other genres on occasion.

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The problem was that even using my PS2, the PS1 discs wouldn't display as the resolution was so low. My guess is that anything from PS1 possibly even Dreamcast and before, won't display without the converter.

Hook Up Your N64 To Your HDTV's HDMI With This Adapter (Super Cheap)

A big problem for someone that loves their classic gaming. Luckily, the converter is pretty cheap.

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