How to make a girl you are dating your girlfriend

Though you don't have to share all of your interests, you have to have enough in common so you can find meaningful ways to spend time together as the relationship progresses. If she's the wrong girl, or you're in it for the wrong reasons, then chances are, you're better off being single.

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Here are some signs that you should not take your relationship to the next level: If she expresses interest in other people. If you know she is casually dating others, and makes no plans to stop seeing them, chances are she won't stop pursuing her extra-curricular activities once she becomes your girlfriend. However, give her the benefit of the doubt: You only want to date her because you are lonely, or in need of some attention in the bedroom. Casual dating works best for these situations.

Having a girlfriend is a real commitment, and you should be asking the girl to make it official because you care about her--not about what she can do for you. Make sure she likes you. If she's sending you mixed signals, try spending a little more time with her until you feel confident about how she feels. Avoid asking too early! If you're only just beginning to get to know her and you immediately ask her to be your girlfriend, she will say no because she doesn't know you well enough, and the resulting awkwardness might decrease your chances of being together.

Furthermore, she will probably think you're a bit strange in a not so great way. Listen to her words, and note her body language. Do you get the impression that she wants to be around you?

Tips for How to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

You can pick up on this pretty easily if you concentrate on her actions. Get a sense of her feelings from her friends. Without being too obvious, you can check in with her friends to see if she's really digging you. This can help boost your confidence--and to avoid potentially awkward situations if she has you deep in the Friend Zone. Find the right place and time to ask your question.

It's important to be thoughtful about when and where you'll be asking your question. This will show your girl that you put time and effort into planning your special moment, and will increase your chances of getting a favorable response. Pick a location that sets the right tone. It's important to pick a place where you can have enough privacy to ask your question. You can avoid any overly-romantic location, such as a candle-lit dinner, which will make your intentions too obvious and will make things more awkward if you are rejected.

Easy Ways to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend - wikiHow

Asking during a long walk in a park or over quiet drinks can be just perfect. Pick the right time. Evenings are more romantic and will allow the girl to focus on you, not her busy day. You can ask her on a weekend night, but be wary that this will make it look like a date already. Make plans in advance. Ask her to meet you a week in advance, so she'll be thinking about your intentions. This will show her that you're playful and thoughtful. Have the right attitude. You should approach the evening with a positive attitude. Thinking that your conversation will go well can really help you succeed.

If you have confidence in the future of your relationship, she will too. Don't bite your nails, or retreat into awkward silence.

Pop the question in the best way possible. It's important to deliver your question in the best way possible, so that your intentions are clear.

Once you've gotten to know your girl, it's time to ask her to be yours. There are several ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, and it's going to depend on how people your age refer to it. For example, "going steady" is an outdated phrase. The following are pretty timeless: Don't be afraid to be creative if the direct route is not for you. You can ask the girl by handing her a letter, writing "Will you be my girlfriend? But don't do it over text the girl with think that you are not brave enough to ask her face to face.

Don't wait a long time or she'll think you don't like her anymore. Girls have their limits.

How to Get a Girlfriend: 13 Steps to Make Her Want You

The max time you have until the girl thinks that you don't like her anymore is about years or months depends on the girl. Avoid asking her to be your "implied girlfriend. Then, one day you sort of look at each other and you ask, "Hey, are we going out? Invariably, the answer will be No. Surface level stuff includes things like walking slower, talking slower, holding eye contact, and having a sexy simile. Full a full guide on this, check out this article: You can have all the fundamentals down and be a super cool guy.

Chemistry makes dating fun. The more of it you have with women, the more exciting and fulfilling your dating life will be. So, how do you put yourself in position to meet women you have chemistry with? Before you can make her your girlfriend, you need to have the first date. And so, you should solidify your first date strategy. You should aim to lead her, move quickly, and end your first dates in sex. This will give you the best chance at seeing her again and potentially making her your girlfriend.

Here are some tips to solidify your first date strategy other than those in the video above:. The longest-lasting relationships are built gradually…. Once you actually start hanging out with her over the course of a few dates, aim to build things gradually. Then, you can gradually move up to times and so on. The beginning of the relationship is where the expectations are set, and also where the growth begins.

And once she feels like the growth has stopped, things will start to stagnate. You might also want to hold off on doing tons of adventurous and fun stuff right at the beginning. Again, this sets the expectation. This will help you keep the excitement going later on. As a man, you need to know how to lead women. That means you take the lead on making plans though you can obviously be open to her suggestions , lay the ground rules for the relationship early on, manage her emotions, and generally be moving the relationship in the right direction.

This will keep both of you happy.

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  8. Every girl is at least a little crazy some of the time. Women are more emotional than us men, and they like to argue emotionally. The key though, is to not be reactive to it. The weak man is very affected by the B. You can get a girlfriend you actually like if you follow the right steps. Let go of the girls from your past 2.

    Right Time and Place

    Fine-tune your conversation skills 5. Start getting your shit together 6. Learn to flirt like a pro 7. Develop your sexy vibe 8. Learn how to have great sex 9. Put yourself in position to meet girls you have chemistry with Solidify your first-date strategy