Lee donghae and im yoona dating

Jul 2, Messages: I would gladly support them if they really date. I guess everybody will support them. Feb 21, Messages: I will become this couple fans forever. Mar 27, Messages: They look so good together! Aug 7, Messages: Jun 21, Messages: Jan 2, Messages: If they are dating they are one cute couple. Mar 21, Messages: Aw man I was hoping it would be with suho. But I totally ship donghae and Irene too. They look good together.

[Bestiz] Sports Seoul reveals they will release an idol couple tomorrow ~ Netizen Buzz

She does seem a lot friendlier toward donghae than suho lol. Feb 12, Messages: That is one gorgeous couple! Mar 16, Messages: But dating rumors seems verrrrry far fetched. I don't believe it. Um if anything Yoona is together with Jessica a lot more than some of the other members. They're so close and always seen hugging and laughing together They've been talking about that forever.

I want it to be something unexpected.

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I half want this to happen and half dont both because of the reactions of Eunhae fans. I mean it could end up interesting. Is sports just in their name to sound cool or? Fans who ship need to realize their oppas are not gay.. Did Sica and Donghae became official? Did it really confirmed? About Soshi bond, I don't think that's true though.

Do you believe Yoona and Donghae used to be in relationship?

We can all see Yoona and Jessica always together. Others even misunderstand their relationship LOL. Even I, somehow think their together,,kekeke. I've known this for a long time. And I think the evidence about them so much more than this. In any event different, not infrequently their statement as interconnected. For example, each of them were asked about their ideal types Donghae ideal type charachteristics like Yoona and Yoona's ideal type charahteristics like Donghae, about what they like, they know each other. There is have internatioanal forum that support them.

Lol, Taeyeon is one of my biases but I laughed at this. Before Taeyeon was super nice and close with mostly everyone, but now you mostly see her with Tiffany or Yoona.

Lol, Jessica and Yoona are the members that are the friendliest and the ones you see being all touchy feely with all the other members. I could say the same thing for Yoona to.

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Don't be butthurt that she as more chance with him than you do. That's why no one knows where he is these days, too busy with his secret GF. I wouldn't really call him an "idol" anymore but whatever YoonHae is okay with me They seems close, they're both compatible I think YoonSic is much better LOL. I go with the gay couple.

Yoonhae moment #72 - Stuck on You at Backstage

Just seeing them inter-act with each other, lol, it makes me squeal. I'm not really into gay thing, but heck yeah they made me into.. It's Tony Ahn I wouldn't really call him an idol anymore.. It will be interesting if they're from YG.

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  4. We barely know anything about them. But then again, Yang Hyun Suk would probably just release a statement and then they're done with it. They don't go to variety show and stuff to talk about it. It's Girls' Day's Hyeri and a member of H. Monday, April 15, [Bestiz] Sports Seoul reveals they will release an idol couple tomorrow.

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    4. Can tell it's Yoona by just her legs. Bestiz [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Instiz. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Rainy Snowy April 15, at 2: John Javindran April 15, at 2: Quynh Anh Nguyen April 15, at 2: Cccc9 April 15, at 2: Mangoesbanana April 15, at 2: MissMurder April 15, at 2: Evil Genius April 15, at 2: Lol April 15, at 2: JoyBells April 15, at 2: April 15, at 2: Dimlit April 15, at 2: Leah April 15, at 2: Dafnalina April 15, at 2: Kpop April 15, at 2: I am always first April 15, at 2: Nomuna08 April 15, at 2: Its Justme April 15, at 2: DirtyEyedGirl April 15, at 2: Janice Lukito April 15, at 2: Amelia-Rose April 15, at 2: Konphuzed April 15, at 2: SNSD22 April 15, at 2: Guest April 15, at 2: April 15, at 3: Yuki no fuyu April 15, at 3: Ryn Lexa April 15, at 3: N April 15, at 3: Jaebumah April 15, at 3: Clearlife April 15, at 3: Suju4ever April 15, at 4: Yxz3 April 15, at 4: Myeolchi April 15, at 4: Niah April 15, at 4: SChangjo April 15, at 4: SChangjo April 15, at 5: April 15, at 5: Guest April 15, at 5: BoA April 15, at 5: Pauline Valderrama April 15, at 5: Chris R April 15, at 5: Dafnalina April 15, at 5: Maxzzz April 15, at 6: Guest April 15, at 6: April 15, at 6: CroixJean April 15, at 7: Ivette Berrios April 15, at 7: Saraaaaa April 15, at 7: Aya Alaoui April 15, at 7: WonderfulZingMin April 15, at 7: Nin April 15, at 8: Guest April 15, at 8: Jo April 15, at 8: Aya Alaoui April 15, at 8: Lina Isnawati April 15, at 8: Anonymous April 15, at 8: Harc Junedae April 15, at 8: April 15, at 9: Lina Isnawati April 15, at 9: Cccc9 April 15, at 9: Janisha Linette April 15, at 9: Ivette Berrios April 15, at 9: Tata April 15, at Harc Junedae April 15, at Athens April 15, at Popular Tags Blog Archives.

      Lisa is the 1 most followed female K-Pop star on Instagram. Joo Jin Mo's doctor girlfriend earns attention for her beautiful looks.

      Im yoona and lee donghae dating

      Star News via Naver 1. None of Girl's Day decide to renew their contracts. Hyeri, Yura, and Minah won't be renewing either Source: Irene dresses in monochrome at the airport to Japan. Red Velvet Irene 'looking like a female lead in a tragic drama' Source: Newsen via Nate 1.

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