Perks of dating a med student

5 Things You Inevitably Learn When You Date A Med Student

Or maybe do I need to do that? Wait let me ask my girl friend.. I am in a relationship, but am I committed? Being committed and in a relationship if you know what i mean is totally a different realms of life.. She will be happy because she finds me a bit boring as I am always away from her and never calls her hahaaa. Hahahaha…This one of its kind of reply.. BTW for me committed and relationship has the same meaning and if by any chance my GF see me making relationship and commitment 2 different things then I am dead meat for sure..

If this discussion happens to be on facebook then being in a relationship and committed I will treat them exactly and ends every sentence of the comment with i love you my girlfriend.. This is different I a mean this is blog.. Last week was awesome! Blessings to medical students. The world needs doctors. They work hard and give their strength to helping others. Hi, thanks for finding and following my writing blog.

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Hope you enjoy reading. Hey, I read your post and smiled all the way through. As a med student, do you think its possible to survive a relationship like that? Enli, thanks for stopping by.. It all depends on how you are committed to each other despite all the busy schedule, make room to talk to each other everyday atleast for few a minutes..

Yes, we are busy very busy! When you love someone too much everything else comes second.. I been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost 9 years, who is currently a medical student in her 3rd year. Anyhow, below are my first hand experience:. Medical school means hard work and dedication, both of which will carry through into your relationship.

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A website by Thought. I think one solid piece of advice is to make short calls periodically. Driving home from lecture? Taking a ten minute study break? Sitting on the toilet? Give her a ring and talk for a few minutes. Keep each other updated on your day. Call to say hi, good morning, or tell a quick story. Obviously the best aspects of movie night are impossible to replicate, but starting a movie together at the same time, texting throughout, and talking on the phone to share your thoughts right after is a great way to make you feel closer to that person.

Arguing over petty shit is for 19 year olds. Only YOU know what is best for you. You determine your own happiness and success. Put in Equal Effort: Pay for gas sometimes if she drives to you. Keep the Bitching in Check: No one wants to hear constant negativity all the time. Imagine you were dating someone and all they wanted to talk about is how hard school is.

Make the Most of Your Time: Sleep in til Make some bomb ass french toast for breakfast. Treat yourself to deliciously shitty food. Get wasted and stay out dancing until two in the morning.

Stay in and binge watch an entire season of your favorite series on a Saturday off. Drink three bottles of wine and build a fucking puzzle. Laugh as much as you can.

My adventures in medical school, one day at a time!

You texted him at 4: Has he lost interest?? Is he with another girl?! No no and no. When he calls after a stressful day, put on your psychologist pants, listen to him, and continue to encourage. This goes for both parties. This is the most important time in the medical school relationship dynamic. Instant boost to his sanity and happiness. Med school can get you down sometimes. Remind him of his own abilities and strengths. Help When You Can: Think of the kids.

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Medical school is stressful at times. One thing I cannot fathom is experiencing a personal tragedy during these times. Death of loved one? With an exam coming up? You must keep your head on straight. They were not the one. Indulge in the heartbreak momentarily. Binge eat junk food. Drink a bottle of wine. Look at the old photos and bask in the magnificence of human emotion. Focus on your studies. If you are on the fence about a starting or continuing a relationship in medical school, you must ask yourself these questions:.

Reflect on these questions. Try to view your relationship objectively. Medical school is NOT the time to entertain an unhealthy or chaotic relationship.

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  5. There are many, many benefits of having a significant other in med school. If you have the right person, not only can you make it work, but they may in fact be one of your biggest assets in conquering this beast. This article brought things back into perspective for me. Are you and your girlfriend still together now?