Steamworks matchmaking

To facilitate multiplayer games on Steam, there are many options available and different paths to take.


Before starting you will want to have the following questions answered: Does your game already have networking? Do you want your game to be Peer-to-peer based or server based? Depending on the type of game one or the other will likely make your game more enjoyable for users.

If your game is highly competitive like an esport then we recommend that you use Steam Game Servers. Do you want voice chat? It does not network the recorded audio by itself, so you'll still need to send this data to other users using something like Steam Peer-to-peer Networking or Steam Game Servers.


The lobby system is most common when you have players get together before actually starting the game session. If so, is there a way to give lobby leader full control over vote kicks?

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Does a kick from a room last forever, or can I set a max time in a steam setting somewhere? A new leader will automatically be set when the current leader leaves or is disconnected from the lobby though if disconnected, it can take up to over a minute before steam actually kicks them from the lobby and sets a new leader 4 - Steam currently does not seem to have any kick or ban option, regardless if leader.

They do have the structs and such for being kicked or banned, but there doesnt seem to be a way to actually do it and on steams site it says kicking and banning is not used currently.

How to implement steam's matchmaking service with unity networking? - Unity Answers

Here is more info on steams lobby api https: HiddenMonk , Sep 25, Dec 9, Posts: There's a wrapper for Unity called Steamworks. Unless you don't have access, I wouldn't worry about any technical aspects like the one above. Mauri , Sep 26, I know of steamworks.

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  • How to implement steam's matchmaking service with unity networking?.
  • Unity steamworks matchmaking.

Looking on this page https: Click for code Code CSharp:. Can occur if a user loses connection to Steam. HiddenMonk , Sep 26, You must log in or sign up to reply here.