Things to know before you start dating

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Dig in the dirt. The grieving process can be lengthy and painful.

But there is so much necessary growth waiting for you in the time after a breakup. You can't skip the hard part and go right to Phase 2. This is the task you have to complete before leveling up. Until you truly commit to the work of self-love that's required after the devastation of heartbreak, you're not a contender for a long-term commitment. This is percent true percent of the time. We attract people who will treat us only as well as we treat ourselves.

If we believe ourselves to be unworthy or unlovable at a deep level, no matter how pretty the package of our prospective partner, we see them as our salvation only because we know little enough about them that we can project our own ideals onto them. Over time they will begin to reflect our own limitations and flaws. Begin by listening to, then responding to and respecting the needs of the body. Create a nurturing inner sanctuary where you feel safe.

2. Love yourself more than you ever thought possible.

Learn what your body requires through exercise, diet, and rest to maintain balance. Commit to giving it the nutrients that it needs to thrive. Replace self-deprecating thoughts with thoughts that affirm your wholeness, such as, "I am awesome and deserve someone who knows my worth," or "I am completely lovable just the way I am," and "I am deserving of great love. No matter what happened with your ex, you have the power to rewrite the conversations that affirm the truth of who you are.


Bring deep self-compassion and kindness to your wounds. Understand how you contributed to the relationship's dissolution. Examine the pain that arises from your childhood. Get therapy or divorce coaching. Develop and maintain a deeper connection to your spirit by recognizing and honoring the voice of your intuition. This can be accomplished through meditation, journaling, and spending quiet moments in nature. This inner guidance will let you know when you are truly ready for a relationship and whether someone you meet is right or wrong for you. Create the life of your dreams by connecting to a vision that reflects your worthiness and lovability.

Find confidence in your purpose. Make a commitment to follow those passions, no matter what or who comes along. When we commit to a life of service to ourselves and others, we have made the vows that must precede and that enable a commitment to another person. Because we have already been deeply connected to—or maybe married and had children with—our past partner, we may easily project scenarios onto people we have just met, fantasizing about the role they will play in our lives without knowing much about them.

But the truth about dating after a breakup is that the real measure of an appropriate and desirable partner goes well beyond whether or not they will be able to fit into the same role as an ex.

1. Stay single until you can be sure you're starting a relationship for the right reasons.

It's about knowing who we are and what we want and then truly getting to know someone over time. There are wonderful resources that can help clarify what a healthy relationship requires. Commit to the process of understanding what it takes to communicate and build a solid structure for a relationship before jumping in. Healthy relationships start off slow—as friendships. Commitment, then intimacy, comes only after a physical, mental, and emotional connection has been made and consistently demonstrated over time. When you love yourself, you can be open to many alternate resources for creativity and love and support.

That allows you to avoid relying on a partner to give you something you lack. Even if you were in a codependent or unhealthy relationship, you can—and will—change these patterns by honoring yourself, knowing and sticking to your standards, and requiring in a healthy and loving way that others love and honor you as much as you love you. When you do decide to date again, approach it as an adventure rather than a burden.

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Prepare yourself as much as possible, then let go, have fun, and trust the process. You get to choose whether you will date a little or a lot. Learn what you might want in a future partner by meeting people and having fun. More than anything, dating is an opportunity to be exposed to new thoughts, environments, and lifestyles. We can approach dating as a fun challenge. How can we get to know what really makes the other person tick? Most importantly, we can enjoy the process of noting how we feel when we are around this person. If you keep an open mind, you might be surprised about who you have chemistry with.

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If you want to see other people too, then go for it! Just be honest about things. The old-fashioned rules about the guy or the person who asks the other on a date picking up the tab are just that: You can split the check if you feel more comfortable that way, or pick up the check, depending on the circumstances and your financial situation.

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Most likely, that stranger is just like any other person looking for a date. But you should still keep some basic safety rules in mind. For your first meet-up, have the date in a public place, not, say, at one of your apartments. With the right person, anything is fun. Your date might be from a completely different background and belief system, or disagree with you completely about politics. Rather than using it as an opportunity to pick a fight, try to find some common ground. There are limits to this, of course—if someone is spouting racist or homophobic nonsense, you have every right to speak up or just flat out leave the date—but going into the conversation, try to keep it open-ended.

But avoid enhancing yourself too much because you might get stuck in a lie for more than one date.