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Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Matchmaking problem 0 matches 50 matches. OK so I try to join a public match and it says Searching for games 0 matches and 50 matches I have a nat type open, closed the application, I did a reset on my modem my ps4, did a network test nothing worked.

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Someone told Activision that was important, though judging from the lack of options they appear to have no understanding of why. Black Ops 3 time-sucked 75 million hours from gamers in its first weekend. And now for the one bright spot: Zombie mode is less than a third of the game but has percent more celebrity talent than the rest. The extra time Treyarch had to make Black Ops 3 resulted in them biting off more than they could handle. Someone should have shared the wise words of Ron Swanson with Treyarch: Well, one of us is wrong. The thing is, what they call SBMM could very well be what one of the devs said in response to a fan question during the stream.

The question was something like: His answer was something like: That however is NOT proper matchmaking The term tryhard was invented by casuals who joined the gaming community once it became mainstream, who needed an insult for players who out-perform them. It actually feels like things got worse with teams when I played with one of my buddies.

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  6. It was a little better paying alone. I would say 7 out of 10 times I'm on a bad team.

    Why no skill based matchmaking? - Activision Community

    I capture a lot in DOM and am a team player. Unfortunately, a lot of my teammates don't do the same.

    Black Ops 3: The Return of Skill Based Matchmaking - BO3 SBMM Test

    Do you have any suggestions to make the experience better, especially if I can't find a good large team to play with and have to play solo? This game is really going down hill fast. Top Playa All Time every games I've played! More topics from this board