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Is it wrong for a 16 year old girl to date a 22 year old boy? Answer Questions I just broke things off with a guy but i feel awful for doing so?

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Is he up to something?? What does mean if a guy tell you to rub his belly? Why do almost all women like getting choked? What can a woman do to become more attractive? Last party where serious drinking was involved, was several years a go when I graduated from High School. Plus it drains me, energetically. After such an excursion, I need to wind down for a day or two.

If we were to date, that it would be wise for both of us to raise the matter with her parents. People have such a negative connotation towards this age difference. People need to stop guessing at the age of consent in Canada. The age on consent in Canada is I'm not sure why this is hard to understand or why folks are saying it is illegal without actually looking up and reading the law. If sexual contact isn't involved, then there are no laws in Canada against just dating someone. What also aggravates me is people infatuation with age numbers as an absolute.

Like I know that when I was 16, I knew right from wrong, and consequences for my actions. Like most adolescent boys had urges towards other girls in my school. And at times sexual urges get pent up and like a lot guys, masturbation is good way to release. I believe a healthy way, mentally anyways. Please, don't even get me started with sexual repression; it sure beats the psychological damage that comes with that.

And it's a fact of life. Don't tell me that at some point guys and girls in high school or throughout life have sexual urges.

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Also, during that year of my life, there were some girls getting knocked by guys their close to their age frequently. Parties, drugs and Illegal drinking were fact of the High School experience for myself. Is it just me? Yes most are rumors.

22 year old dating 16 year old wrong or right ?

Though rumors are like punctured feather pillow in the wind. That dude has psychological issues!! What if a year-old girl wanted to date a year-old guy? How would people respond to it? A little differently, maybe not as lenient? My apologies for the extensive description. I'm just wondering of other peoples input on the matter. I'm interested other people's input.

Please don't be rude. As you can tell from my extensive writing this is nagging me. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Age is just a number but she's a teenager and your an adult with lots of testosterones and your allowed to drink. You should be worried about doggone college instead of a young virgin girl. Take this from me because I know a girl who's twelve and all of her young friends are dating old bastards.

Date someone , damn it. People may say its not a big difference but it is. Her mind is still growing and she doesn't know any better. You may end up doing things to the girl even forcing her to sex. She still in highschool. Can a 16 Year old legally date a 22 year-old since the age of consent in Canada is 16? My boyfreind is 21 right now and I am currently 16 turning 17 in the summer but he is turning 22 this march and im hoping everything is still legal we've been dating for a year now and realized that this is a bond like no other , I was currently diagnosed with "Bi-Polar" and he still accepts me for I just need a bit of a clarification because someone told me it's a 3 year difference , and someone said theres no law in Canada that restricts dating older people.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? There is not age law against dating anyone of any age.

Is a 16 year old dating a 19 year old okay?

If you wish to engage in sexual relations, that is also perfectly legal in Canada once you turned The only exception is that he may not be in a position of trust or authority boss, teacher, police officer, doctor, etc. There are close-in-age exceptions for 14 and 15 year olds, along with 12 and 13 year olds.

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Certain activities would still be illegal -- pictures or videos would be child pornography, supplying you with alcohol or drugs would be corruption of a minor, taking you overnight without your parents permission would be custodial interference, etc.