Eritrean dating customs

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Feb 3, 1. What was your experience? Feb 3, 2. Feb 3, 3. Meh, I never have. Most of them are on the shorter side of what I like habesha dudes , but not to say that there isn't some cute ones Feb 3, 4. Feb 3, 5. Feb 3, 6. I dated a guy from Sengal, I live in the uk. The experience was frustrating, he spoke near perfect english but the way they are raised is so different.

I knew we just would just not get along in the long run. Feb 3, 7. Some Habesha are tall and some are average.

The Migrant Sign-up

Depends on their tribe. I'd be careful though to make sure they are serious about a relationship. Some of them are very thirsty and aren't serious about long term. I do know of a few that married African American women.

I'm Ethiopian by the way. Ask me anything else if you want.

The interesting mix of Eritrea

Feb 3, 8. Feb 3, 9. East African as in from Horn of Africa?

My Dating Life as an Eritrean-American | For the working professional

Or TZ, Kenya, Uganda, etc. Feb 3, I meant generally east Africans don't date outside their culture.. From what I know is that they may date an African American woman but will marry their own. I am friends with some and although I haven't dated them that is my experience. There is a strong push for marrying within. I have dated and I'm friends with lots of African men.

I prefer Africans actually. Some of the ones Ive seen here aren't very cute.

Culture Name

Maybe in the states they look better. I guess his is going to be different from the rest of the reports, as it is someone I already know and was not just a once off thing. We did eventually come to our senses or did we have a big argument , but we realised that we would probably not work out. Well I guess maybe Mr Eritrea is not the best example of an Eritrean, given he did not grow up there, but he still has the cultural upbringing through his parents.

Also you can often tell an Eritrean from very far. I personally really liked that. The one touchy issue was the fact that he was Muslim and I am Christian, which in this case would not be a big issue because he did not practice and I am open-minded about Religion but I am pretty sure his family would not be ecstatic if he brought me, as lovely as I think I am! This guy was a pretty good reflection on Eritrea. He was a gentleman, extremely funny, and a darn right nice guy. Thumbs up for Eritrea. So that is our first edition. I am going to a dinner with a Zimbabwean friend, and I should be able to give you more information on that!

December 7, - Posted by datingafrica Countries. Our unique look is due to our location on the african continent and the very high altitude of our country. Comment by Lebbron James April 30, Reply. Well apologies for getting it a little wrong — the guy I met was indeed Muslim so may explain it! Well that hair and those looks are very distinctive I hav to say — love em.

Comment by datingafrica May 9, Reply. Reblogged this on Thebeautyofpr. Comment by thekarissgordon May 13, Reply. Oh, and sorry for the very late post.

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Dating East african/Ethiopian Men?

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