Matchmaking adventures serpafl

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Tf2 matchmaking adventures part 9 up'ed by serpafl's matchmaking adventures and gives her divorce. Videos featuring chasedaddy his delirium serpafl matchmaking adventures by serpafl its underground ointment contains incrimination.

Matchmaking adventures serpafl

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  • However I can't help but feel like Serpa deleted them for some personal reason, which I respect if it's the case. Fuck that guy, put them on dropbox. Or at least leave them up there for 24 hours and take them down. But only Serpa can say it's not okay. And he stated if he says he wants them down, he'll take them down.

    Matchmaking Adventures Part 8

    Im here to provide you guys with the link you desire https: Just noticed Adam posted this himself in this thread. He's not looking for attention if he deleted his vids, how would he be gaining anything you know? He could do it for any number of reasons Huh, doesn't explain why he'd shut down his channel but fair enough, I can respect that decision. It is I, meeK featured in one of his videos using the little kid voice.


    Allow me to give some insight as to Serpa's whereabouts, though, I am still left with questions myself. Before Serpa vanished, he spoke to me often about the online gaming community, his videos which I often pressed him to make more of , and life in general. He did end up going to a state college in FL, and that probably marked the beginning of the end of his career as an entertainer. He quit online gaming, and began to belittle the online community for reasons which I am unaware.

    He refused to make more videos for youtube, and to end his gaming career he sold all his CSGO skins and possible steam account as well. There was apparently something personal going on in his life seeing as this change was both dramatic and sudden. The last word he spoke to me was uttered was Oct. He then proceeded to cut ties with EVERYONE, and even deleted me off facebook shortly after deleting his own , blocking me on other forms of social media, deleting his twitch, and apparently now his youtube account.

    I have no idea what happened to cause this event, but I can say with certainty that he will not be coming back to the community. I hope this gives you some closure, though, I am sure it raises more questions. Well, that's sad but I do respect his decision. I hope his college and future career go well. Thanks for clearing that up buddy: I send some people on the task of establishing contact with him too.. Always love to watch SerpaFL's videos when I was boring, sad to know him not make video anymore, wish him all the best in the college.

    Man, I'm gonna miss those videos. I can only hope he's doing alright and not in any mental trouble from academics. I miss them both. I actually sat down with Carlos last week and asked him if he had a message for his fans, etc. We're entertaining the idea of releasing some new content on his YouTube channel, so it's possible the raw footage from that discussion may be uploaded soon. Anything would be awesome, it doesn't have to be something you commit a lot of time toward. Just having Carlos and the weird-knit community back would be the best thing in forever; until then, Spikey double-o is waiting in the drop zone in deportation mode every day until then!

    [SerpaFL Reupload] Matchmaking Adventures - Part 8 - Coub - GIFs with sound

    Thanks again for the update, hope you're well as well Morse. I'm pretty sure I started watching after you shifted away, but I'm glad you're still there for Carlos. I'll pass along your message next time he calls me to say "Morse Still doesnt really explain why he would delete his channel. Its definitely a strange situation.

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    • Little off-topic but for anyone who's looking for more funny cs videos should check out z0nia. Probably the most underrated csgo youtuber and his videos are hilarious https: Well, Matchmaking Adventures were a series of pretty funny montages of people in csgo MM basically being wacky dicks to eachother in various ways. They were pretty hilarious, with some standout personalities. So it seems SerpaFL, creator of "Matchmaking Adventures", deleted his youtube channel along with all videos therein.


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      GlobalOffensive submitted 2 years ago by archaicScrivener. Want to add to the discussion? But why are his videos gone? D that and linking vids to my friends they didnt know existed ;.