Signs youre dating a princess

4 Sure Signs You Are Dating a Princess

She probably has everyone around her doing her bidding and likely expects you to as well. A princess always wants to hear how beautiful she is. Her insecurity might be real, but she might also be pretending to be insecure in order to hear compliments about herself. You will feel forced into giving her compliments. A princess is never to blame for anything. Only rotten brats whine and throw tantrums about not being able to get their way for prolonged periods.

Men reveal warning signs that you're dating a 'princess' | Daily Mail Online

Are you saying I look bad or something?? And did that girl just throw shade at me in her Instagram story?

10 Types Of Women To NEVER Date!

I bet she was referring to me. PS sufferers will jump at what you say according to their mood, and everyone has to walk on eggshells around them.

2. …but never gives you anything

Because they consider people they reject as beneath them. Not only do girls with PS have unrealistically idealistic views on their Prince Charming; they also have sexist, double standard opinions when it comes to relationships.

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Everyone loves to be pampered and spoilt with gifts. Anyone who thinks they are is an asshole. No I do not. Hey, can you take care of my credit card debt for me?

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I just about pulled the car over and made her walk the rest of the way to her house. I guarantee you she is making some rich dude a great trophy wife at this point.

  • 2. She is insecure.
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Quick story on just how dumb: Took her car to the mechanic, they told her she needed to change her transmission fluid. She went and bought transmission fluid, and put it in her gas tank. A decent red flag IMO. He made a lot of money and was really great at saving it. She was 22 and had her car paid for in full, insurance, phone bill, rent free living, yada yada. I on the other hand was 23 at the time and paid for everything I owned.

Men reveal warning signs that you're dating a 'princess'

I had a crappier car than her because I paid for it myself…she would remind me often of how much better her car was. I paid for all my other expenses and bills. Then this insane thing happens.. This time though, I lost my fucking mind. Our relationship ended there. I learned a valuable lesson here.