Dating k zildjian cymbals

K Zildjian K Zildjian cymbals continue to inspire drummers today with their deep, warm, and expressive sounds developed by Kerope Zildjian in 19th Century Turkey. Elaborate hammering and lathing techniques work the Zildjian alloy into versatile cymbals that are dark yet well suited for a wide variety of musical genres from jazz to rock.

How To Date a Vintage Zildjian using the Maker's Stamps

Each cymbal features a patina finish that reproduces the look of a decades-old cymbal. With broad weight variations among each diameter, selecting an A Avedis cymbal is a unique experience. Gram weights of each cymbal are written underneath the bell.

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Known for their versatility, these bright cymbals range from paper thin and delicate to extra heavy and cutting. FX Add exotic colors and character to your sound by experimenting with a variety of innovative effects and accents. S Family Zildjian is proud to introduce a new modern cymbal voice developed after an intensive two year research and design project. Introducing the S Family — a versatile collection of bright and expressive cymbals built with a balanced frequency response, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles.

Buying and Selling Vintage Zildjian Cymbals

The S Family will redefine your expectations of what a B12 alloy cymbal can deliver. Play where you want to. Gen16 Gen16 is a true hybrid system, blending acoustic with electric. Discover a whole new world of cymbal sounds with the Zildjian Gen16 System. Profile Degree of curvature from the cup to the edge. Higher profile cymbals will be higher pitch and have fewer overtones.

How to tell the age of a Vintage Zildjian

Flatter profile cymbals will be lower in pitch and have more overtones. Taper Degree to which the cymbal changes in thickness from the cup to the edge. Assuming that you will be using eBay, buying or selling; You will have to check what is for sale. Our ebay links here on this site are set to Show Vintage Zildjian cymbals that are available Right Now. So you can see what is available quickly here and then go to ebay to get the full details.

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For price comparisons, to estimate the likely purchase activity for sellers, or competition for buyers, just go to Ebay listings for Vintage Zildjians and do a comparison of what is selling on the current best match listings. When in the Listing results you can also see what has been sold in the past 2 weeks.

The actual alloy itself has not changed hugely over the years, it all stems back to Avedis I in however there have been definite changes in the manufacturing process. Until all Zildjian cymbals were hand hammered. The hand hammering and the varying thicknesses also mean that each cymbal is highly individual, consider it like speaking with an accent.


This is good in so far as there is an enormous palette to draw upon from the vintage cymbals out there but bad in as much there must be some not-so good ones in there. This means that yeah whilst you may find an amazing unique cymbal there is also a risk in purchasing vintage cymbals from the web as there is in purchasing anything that cannot be seen or that sounds different on audio.

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Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site. Buying and Selling Vintage Zildjian Cymbals A Vintage Zildjian Cymbal is for sale but all you have to go on is an ebay ad or maybe you want to auction one of your own cymbals and you have a bunch of questions.