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This is a massive error as body language is one of the most powerful tools you can have when it comes to dating. When we think of communication, we often think of the words that are used.

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Particularly as communication becomes more text based, people can see communication as mostly a matter of finding the right words to use. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Only 10 percent of communication is the words that you use. Much more important is your tone of voice 20 percent and your body language 70 percent. Consider a simple, common phrase: When starting to utilize body language with your dating life, you should concentrate on three fundamentals.

The angle of your body.

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  • When you talk to them, turn away a bit. When they talk, lean in to hear them. If you like how the conversation is going, reward them by turning in and giving them a bit more of your bodily attention.

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    We mirror as a form of bonding with one another, and it happens without our conscious awareness. In ancient times, mirroring would have created group cohesion and identity. Sports groups, riot officers, firemen, and a myriad of occupations all wear the same uniform. Mirroring says that we are on the same page. Pretend they are nude!

    This gives the body language reader a quick assessment of a persons level of dominance or submission and comfort or discomfort. Are their hands covering their genitals?

    Each posture leaves cues as to the emotional state of a person through their relative exposure. The genitals are tied to our emotional state and when we feel insecure or submissive we cower to protect them. Body language cues came about over our primitive evolutionary history as the naked ape, so it naturally follows that they developed without clothing or coverings. Clothing provides a blanket to hide our genitals, or chest and breasts, our feet and so forth, but the hardwiring in our brains functions as if they are totally absent. It is the way a proud or arrogant man sits to put his full package on display to the benefit of others.

    True, it is slightly less offensive with clothing on, but it still carries the exact same meaning since its true intentions were delivered as if the clothing were absent. Sitting on the feet or tucking them in can be a sign of high comfort because it makes it difficult to make a quick escape.

    When in doubt check the feet. The feet are honest!

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    It has been said that the feet are the most honest part of the body as it applies to the language they emit. Millions of years ago, we gave up quadrupedalism to walk upright leaving our feet to the dirt. While our hands busied themselves with other complex tasks like fire building, making clothing and shelters, and throwing spears, our legs were relegated to more primitive activities like locomotion. The feet, unlike the hands, carried out more traditional tasks like escaping predators, avoiding hot sand or coals from the fire, leaping from slithering snakes or poisonous spiders, or navigating rough rocking river bottoms.

    The feet were therefore connected more to the reptilian brain which reacts to stimuli directly instead of contemplating higher order tasks that require planning.