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For some other useful info. I'm 20 years old, I make 48,k a year including bonuses, law enforcement and defense contracting are guaranteed jobs with my experience as well. Do you think you could be in a happy relationship with someone who has such a harsh and unconventional job? Do you think you could deal with someone deploying for 3 months every 9 months? Could you deal with the chaotic schedule regularly, 80 hours of continuous work and 80 hours off during the pre-deployment phase?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Just because your job requires you to be gone for long periods at a time and is more dangerous than the average soldier does not mean no one will be interested in you. You may date multiple women who cannot handle the life of a military girlfriend, but there is always that one girl who will go above and beyond and be willing to live the life of a military wife just for you. Basically what I'm saying is that there are lots of women that will date you but just like any other person finding someone who loves everything about you and your job is a little more difficult but never impossible.

Not a lady but former Military Police Investigator anything can work if one puts their mind to it many guys can't take the pressure of such a hectic life and take it out on the ones they love. Not saying you but have investigated domestic cases and I cry when I see what someone can do to someone they say they love. Being always on edge can you separate which battle is which both Military and married life can be intense.

The eloquently vulgar writings of a crazy Mexican who grew up an American.

Been there and seen it all. Honestly, If I really liked someone whose job required that much of their time and I really wanted to be with them I would do anything to make it work. Part of being with someone is understanding that once you're with them other things come into the relationship as well and so you have to accept the person's career and life that they have if you actually want to be with them.

So to answer the question yes, I would. It all depends on the age. Your Ranger will be He will know how to handle difficult situations, that us women have trouble responding to. Rangers are designed to think on their feet and making plans is easy for them, and they stick to their plan, and they like it that way. Most Rangers don't mind spur the moment plans, but it can create a messy emotional life for them, because when these Ranger's are home, they shouldn't have to think on their feet, they are here during weekends if you're lucky to get a break.

They have a busy, stressful life, yes busier than ours, and it's out duty to make their coming home as simple and as relaxing as possible.

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Make sure they sleep when they're home ladies, they need sleep. He knows you can handle pain, he doesn't feel too empathetic but he still cares, because you are his girl and he respects you. But ladies, we need to build our pain tolerance up, of course not to the same level as their pain tolerance, but quit complaining in a whinny way.

Instead if you have an injury or a sore muscle, tell him in a almost joking manner where he can play around with you still about it, but to the point where he still does understand you are serious and need compassion about it because honestly, we all need a little sympathy. Emotionally Drained- He needs a break after his weeks or months of being put through training. I drug a dead man out of an ambush and dropped his body at the feet of his weeping brother. He enjoys long walks of whiskey and sodomy on the beach. He wanted to name it something meaningful because he knew it would go down in history forever… Fun fact.

I feel so honored to be the first comment. All of my hardwork and dedication has paid off. Getting the top comment has been a dream of mine for many years, and i would like to thank those who have helped me along the way. First and foremost i would like to thank god for giving me this opportunity. Next i would like to thank my parents.

Army Rangers Talk About The Times Their Words Have Shocked Civilians | RAUL

I want to thank my cat Belle, for being really fat and always there for me. I would also like to thank my pet tadpole for surviving against all odds for over a week. Next i would like to thank the squirrel that lives in my backyard for climbing trees because that gives me inspiration that i need to get through the day. I also want to think Max Rainer for giving me someone to beat in Mario Party.

This is a special moment in my life and i would like to thank any of my unmentioned friends and family that have helped me along the way.

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This moment will be a moment that i will never forget. I cannot stress how much of a big deal to me this is. I have been trying to be the first comment on a post for years, but that has not been possible until this amazing day. Hopefully my good luck will continue, but this is undoubtedly a rare occasion. If you asked me how i did this, i would say, you can achieve anything u set your mind on.

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To all the kids out there reading this, i would like to tell them to follow their dreams. Being the top comment is amazing, thank you everyone. How bout you thank the Army Ranger Captain this column is about for putting his life on the line for the US of A instead of acting like a try hard.

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How the Army Rangers Work

What are the Iraqi people like? How are the women? How do soldiers deal with relationships while they are deployed overseas? Email this to a friend. BrewinFromBologna 6 years ago. Frat Artillery 6 years ago. Kenji 6 years ago. Chris BROman 6 years ago. EpicFratTime 6 years ago.