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If I went anywhere near anyone they'd starting singing, "Ain't no mountain high enough! We're not even a bike and you're labeling yourself an unnecessary appendage. I have a sense of humor, yes, but unfortunately my words come out of my mouth jumbled and nonsensical compared to my written abilities. I couldn't help but think about the stupid chorus in this song and now I'm facing death: I've been out of the dating game for the past 4 years but when I was single I thought the dating scene here was great.

There's no shortage of things to do and no shortage of people to do those things with. I would go on multiple dates with different people every week. If you're semi-interesting I would give pretty much anyone a chance. I am a woman who mostly dates men, though. Same situation, and when I was single I thought the dating was great. Plenty of men online and out in the world, basically everybody was respectful. And there's so much to do. I don't use digital dating apps Tinder, Bumble, The League, etc. So things are generally slow.

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I can sit at a bar and mingle with whoever and then something spawns out of that. A lot of good dates and meeting new friends really. I'm honestly a happy guy. I'm 30, single, physically looking quite aight. I also side hustle as a photographer and I do network a lot naturally from weddings, portraiture, and editorial work. I have a good fulltime job and work with amazing people and dope clients. A lot of good is happening but my dating life is trash. The amount of rejections is so frequent, it doesn't even phase me anymore. That's why I said "no one wants to date this face.

I physically and emotionally fucking suck. Although, I heard they have changed it up a lot to be more like Tinder.

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I never had any luck with Tinder. I'm in a better place now and am dating again like I used to when I was in my mid twenties. You may not think so but it could be an attitude adjustment thing. Sometimes I quit using Tinder at all when I'm bored but I'll still meet men in person. Online only so far. Click here to see why this is necessary. So much variety, all the different neighborhoods, Midwest values, non-pretentious like some other cities, so many fests in the summer to socialize.

I've tried the whole OKCupid and Tinder thing and I would never link up with someone who interests me. I've tried talking to women at bars and restaurants, but always seem to strike out there.

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Seems like no one does this nowadays as well. The cute women in my hood all have kids or want them and that's not something I want anything to do with, so I've got little chance on that front as well. But really, it's my problem for the most part. I never lower my standards, I can be awkward and shy. I've been on tinder for like a year. I've met some cool people but I think a lot of us just get selfish with our time. I'd much rather meet someone when I'm out and about or tending bar.

That way chemistry is already established. Tinder is a crap shoot. But if I was mildly attractive, this city would be amazing to date. So many different bars and eateries!

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  8. Walk along Lake Shore or just chill at the beach. Plus numerous beautiful people. Yes but you're an uggo who is self-aware, introspective, and honest. There are plenty of uggos out there looking for someone like you. A date here will remind you why you love Chicago — and why you are looking to share that love and your life with someone special. Please select your gender and search gender.

    Please use a valid email address. Please accept the terms below. My data is collected pursuant to the Privacy Policy. New Members Per Month. Total number of new registrations on our US Elite platform every month. Want to meet great Chicago singles? We're here to help! At EliteSingles we cater to professional, educated men and women looking for a long-term relationship. In other words, the exact kind of Chicago singles you're trying to find!

    If you're ready to meet them and give your dating life a boost, then join EliteSingles. Begin the search for love that lasts: Chicago dating in winter. Chicago dating in summer. Related articles Getting to know you - how does our free personality test work? Chicago has a fairly large overweight-to-obese population ratio compared to NYC and Austin, so that can affect your dating pool if weight is a deal-breaker.

    Of course Chicago is a very large city so there are also some attractive girls in the more vibrant, health-conscience neighborhoods as well. The obesity levels in the less trendy, higher crime areas are pretty evident, but realistically you won't be seeking relationships from girls there. Chicago has an excellent dating scene. MANY single young professionals in their late 20s. With a city of this size, of course there are plenty of beautiful women of all styles.

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    Originally Posted by projectmaximus. Originally Posted by TBideon.

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    Great options, but the women tend to also have high standards, hard to impress, and don't seem in a rush to settle down at all. IF you have a great job and your stuff together in smaller cities, women tend to be more impressed and see you as a catch. Originally Posted by Alex This is what I've heard. I guess being a big city it's definitely not impossible to find more attractive girls, but that the group average is lower. Originally Posted by personone. Very diverse too, depending on what you like.

    Just sheer numbers-wise, Chicago is great. The other thing I've noticed about Chicago that gives it a leg up IMO, is that women here tend to be very social and approachable out in public. Women actually want to date here, which isn't the case in all major cities.

    Chicago is a very social city whether it's local bar hangouts, sports and social teams, other activities clubs, etc.

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    However, even in online dating, women actually make an attempt to date.