Evinrude water pressure gauge hook up

Not the way you really want to do this but you can just hook your gauge up to the pisser discharge on the back of the motor, if you see good pressure you're good, no need for a tell tale really.


But will post a pic of where my V4 crossflow pickup is tapped into the starboard side of the motor by the 1 cylinder. I also tapped into my tell tale on my on my cvx and it worked fine. Carbonneau "This coming from an old man that strapped two bananas together, hung a motor on it and calls it a boat" XstreamVking. Tee-ing into the tell tale is absolutely useless, whoever first done this was a total idiot and yet its become the norm , it is a true urban myth that it works correctly.

On the crossflow v4 you would be much better off putting a 90 degree elbow nipple fitting in each side of the thermostat housing to get water pressure of the cylinder heads and water jacket before it leaves through the thermostats or pressure relief valves. But on a tell tale fitting it would not show up at all?

Installing a water pressure gauge on 75hp evinrude?

Why would you tap "either side of the T-Stat" as seems that will not tell you what is flowing through the heads? Is there no way to tap each bank at the top of the heads to see if they have pressure?

2013 Etec 250hp - water pressure gauge

If this hose bursts open you do not get the flow into the thermostat, also if this hose gets blocked then no water escapes the heads and causes an over heat situation. BUT water pressure from the bubble back was good and keeping this cool? But with fitting small outlets to the thermostat cover and getting water pressure there means you will know that the heads are getting pressure and the exhaust cover too.

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  • Water pressure gauge installation on Johnson V4 120hp -89.

I have a small engine in my garage that no water gets to the water jacket because its totally clogged up, yet it shows a nice tell tale stream when running in a butt??? I have also seen bits of broken impeller rubber get lodged inside the top cover of a v4 partially blocking one bank of cylinders causing an over heat issue one side, yet the owner saying he knows its all getting plenty of water because he has a great tell tale stream and normal water pressure.

I guarantee you show good to normal water pressure, yet no water in the left bank as the water will not flow into that side with the bottom blocked off.

I know this works as ive done it many times over and proved the point. Yeah, I get that too I have a triple on another boat Thanks for the explanation. We'll be running this engine up a bit, maybe quite a bit?

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Just got a PM form Riverman. Said he sold all that stuff years ago. Do you have any links Thank you in advance for anyones much needed help. June 3rd, , I ran into the same problem when I hooked up my water pressure gauge. I ended up putting the "T" in the line out of the bottom of the block that runs up to the control valve.

Installing the Water Pressure Gauge?

I was told that would be a good place by a local Evinrude dealer here. The only problem is that the gauge varies depending on the amount of throttle its given. Mine stays from 10 to 15 psi at all times. I assume it has something to do with the control valve because I have a brand new water pump in it and I did notice the control valve diverts water at mid throttle so I am sure that has something to do with the pressue fluctuation.

How to install Water Pressure Gauge on 1991 Johnson 200 GT ??

You can read the pressure from the small hose that comes up from the adaptor to the control valve or there is another opening slightly forward of that in the adaptor plate. It is usually sealed bu a screw but you can put your fitting in there. Put the fitting where Dhadley say's. I first put the fitting in that hole you are talking about just under the throttle linkage and got zero pressure. I even ran the motor without anything in that hole and got nothing.