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How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you. Touch no unclean thing! For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said: If any brother has a wife who is not a believer and she is willing to live with him, he must not divorce her.

And if a woman has a husband who is not a believer and he is willing to live with her, she must not divorce him. This is the rule I lay down in all the churches. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Why should God let you into Heaven? Do you know the answer? And i believed that God lead me in this site to clear my mind about my situation. I believed Christ in all my life. I met him when im in college. My relationship with the Lord in past few years are not that good.

But now, ive decided to follow His word, to seek Him, to obey his word and to serve Him with all my heart. Then last month ive had a decision to separate from my boyfriend since he is unbeliever, but i love him that i couldnt leave him like that. I feel guilty about that. But in that situation, i continually inviting him to our gatherings and services at church. Now, i dont know if im doing the right thing, i dont know if im pleasing God with this.

Do i need to leave him and he must continue to learn more about Christ all by himself before we date again or its okay that were dating and at the same time im guiding him to know more about the Lord. I want to follow him. Thank you and God bless you more! I would speak with your pastor or priest about this. This boyfriend may not really be saved or born again John 3: You might want to stay friends but not date for the time being.

I know that I must obey the Lord first before anything else. Some of them saying that since i already violated the word of the Lord in 2 corinthians 6: And then some of my leaders says that i need to separate from him, as in now. And also there is no written in the bible that God is using us as a guide or instrument for them to know Christ. We must obey and do on what is written. I just always say that he needs to focus to God, not to be able to save our relationship.

Im always praying for the Lord to help me on this. I just want the Lord to be pleased. I think I need to talk to my pastor actually my dad is also a pastor but i dont know why im not telling my situation to him. I just want you to know the whole story. Thanks again for your time. I really appreciate your comments and suggestions. God bless you Pastor Jack! There is no Bible verse anywhere that says we accept Jesus. I would talk with your dad, yes. I would give this boyfriend time to show he really is saved.

I think you show great wisdom in your decision to take your time in this. May God show you the path He wills for your life. There are several things that I, as a Christian, do not understand about this. I would not be writing about this if it did not happen to a member of my family. I can send you an email to you tell the whole story. But yoking with an unbeliever and stating it will not work is kind of like judging a person without understanding why the person became an unbeliever.

Perhaps that person lost his in faith due to a trust issue, in the same line as a person looses trust in one church and moves on. Also, take mission work. Many Christians go to countries that do not believe in Christ, partner yoke with them and say if we can convert one than it was well worth it. The example of the ox and what I hear is donkey. Both have similar features, head,tail,legs,body. The only thing is this, the ox is stronger than the donkey and that will not change.

One last thing, the statement…. They will have trouble in their marriage to be sure, they will be unequally yoked throughout their lives, they will have many disagreements they will struggle over ethical and moral decisions, they will differ in their child rearing philosophies…. Many unbelievers have integrity both ethical and moral and does it not say in Proverbs and integrity is very important and John about judging?

I hope you can answer or give me thoughts about this. I am a Christian and been for over 60yrs. You can even call me…I will email my phone number. Dear Sir, I have a friend who will soon get engaged to a catholic boy. We used to be close friends and shared our joy as believers some years back while going to the same Church. Even though she is aware of the scriptures she has still decided to go ahead with him. I am not too close to her and do not want to interfere much. What should I do? You asked a great question; what should you do? I am glad you care enough about your friend to see trouble potentially coming.

When people of two different religions marry, they can sometimes manage to live peaceably together. She goes to her church and he to his. However, the difference in religious views are never resolved. It remains a point of contention between the couple. It hinders them from fully becoming one. Then children come along. Which church will the child attend?

What if he changed his mind? In what religion will they be trained? Sadly, children of these marriages more often than not reject all religion when they grow up. They see the mother and father do nothing but fight over religion and then conclude that religion — all religion — is the problem. The idea that there is just one special person whom God wants you to marry is a myth. God never said that. It biblical days there were people whose partner was chosen for them and whom they married having never met them before the day of their wedding.

Yet these people still managed to have a happy marriage. The reason was that both were committed to making the marriage work, no matter what obstacles were in their path. Imagine if that were true. Out of 6 billion people currently living it would take you thousands of years on average to find the right one! The truth is that there are thousands of woman whom you could happily marry.

You simply need to find the one with whom you are willing to spend effort making her happy, while she is willing to spend effort making you happy. You need someone you respect and whom you basically agree regarding issues that are important in your life. The rest can be resolved. But if you are starting out with unresolved issues, then it would be a tragic mistake to marry such a person. That is why we date before marriage. To find out about the other person. To see if we basically agree about life and where we want to head in life.

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It is not a tragedy when a couple finds out after dating for a while that they are not a match. It is a tragedy if they marry anyway. Sure, it hurts to break up with someone who you like, but with whom you cannot come to a full agreement. Can this relationship work? Possibly, but only if both of they resolve their differences ahead of time.

Have they had premarital counseling? Your reply means so much to me. I am so grateful. They have not yet started the process and they are planning on an engagement party in december this year. Our son is a preacher in the church and he also will not marry a Christian to a non-Christian. He says he can not do for someone what it would be wrong for him to do.

So proud of him and proud of your article. Thank you for all you do. If you are interested in someone who is a non-believer but has seen the truth of Christ and wants to willingly come into the same faith, how should one proceed? The Bible does say to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers, and it also says that we should move and act in love of Christ as He did, for Christ says that He came to call the sinners not righteous to repentance and He opened up His arms to the Gentiles that willingly wanted to be saved. Any advice would be appreciated God bless you.

Yes, Jesus came to call the sinners but He called them to repent and believe Mark 1: The Bible is crystal clear on this point. Please re-read the many verses that show this is commanded by God. You will either want to marry a non-believer more and thus, do what you want, rather than love God first which is proven by your obedience to His Word 1 John chapter 3.

He opened salvation up to Gentiles but those Gentiles believed in Christ and turned from their sins repented and turned to God. An unsaved spouse may not want you to bring your children to church or want you to be reading the Bible or he may watch R-rated movies, and such. Talk to your pastor about this and see what he says.

I am in the same exact situation with my bf. I am currently going through it right now. I love him so much and hope he will be saved but Jesus should and must be first. I repented of loving him more and now the Lord is changing me to see him as less important.

Surrender your rela to Jesus our Lord like I did. He will help you. I am a seventh-day adventist dating a pentecostal. We have been together for nine months now and we know that at some point something has to give in regards to are difference. We are more focus on the relationship that we have with God and he is at the centre of our lives but religion is a factor the stands in are way. We support each other in everything that we do.

We are both believer and both Christian but different Religion but are we unequally yoked? Does one of us have to convert? Love does and can conquer all but is love the answer to are situation. I can see trouble when it comes to having children if you do marry. Is your girlfriend willing to go where you attend now?

If not, I see huge problems. I see all sorts of red flags in this. I appreciate the words expressed in this article to address my current situation of being unequally yoked. I am to have his children by next year. I feel ashamed, broken, hurt, and a terrible mother because I thought that it could be possible to be unequally yoked because GOD loves marriage, but a house divided cannot stand. He asked me to marry him, but I cannot. I am living a repentant life — turning away from my past sins; however being pregnant with his children, what should I do???

I know that my enjoyment of sin brought on this misery for me now, however I still want to live holy and only for GOD. Children are blessings, yet they want the love of their father and mother. I want my children to do the same and for the guy that I loved. Have you talked with your pastor about this? If so, what did he say, and if not, why not? I would speak with him immediately, even if over the phone. You never said if you are married or not. That makes a huge difference in what you can do.

If you are living together without being married, you know this is wrong. So, are you married? He does not put God first, everything and all his effort and time is into school. Dear Jack, My family and myself have converted from Catholics to believers and have been baptised. I have given my life to Jesus Christ completely.

I help unbelievers to know the truth and pray for them daily. Satan has been bringing a lot of obstacles and trouble in my life due to this. Now my son is in love with a Mormon girl from 3 generations and I am completely devastated. She claims she stopped going to her church, but am not sure if this is the truth. After all my efforts to save my family, I am so hurt and depressed about this. Please keep him in your prayers. I want him to keep God first place and end this relationship,which he is not willing.

But I am trusting my Victorious God to do this. Your son cannot lose his salvation because we cannot earn our salvation and therefore, we cannot lose it but as for your son, he is marrying this girl and not their parents. If the woman has claimed she has left her church, then you must believer her.

Do you go to church? If so, why not all go together to your church? Where does your son attend church at? Will be praying for you and your son. Can you elaborate a little bit more why those verses in 2Cor 6 are talking about marriage when nowhere in the chapter is marriage talked about? Christians cannot be mixed with those in the world, therefore marrying someone who is not saved goes against what Paul taught in 2nd Cor 6: It means we are not to be unequally joined together with non-believers, in dating relationships or marital. Does that help Aruni?

Thank you for the answer. Are these believers condemned to stay single for the rest of their lives? Is it better for them to burn in lust or marry an unbeliever? This is a reality for many Christians in various areas around the world. What would you say to them?

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I dated a woman who I still believe is a Christian but was acting immorally when I first met her, as I was. I then became a Christian, of my own free will and after breaking up and coming back together we married. After many years of marriage she rejected me, having lied and deceived me into leaving. We were evidently equally yoked. As I grew, I could not agree on her morality, television watching and other matters. We have been separated divorced now for 15 years, and I do believe she is a professing Christian, but in many areas still far short of the mark in her behaviors and opinions.

It was like we were never equally yoked as Christians. I have also seen women, and men, who are not professing Christians, who live by higher standards. So, I find the unequally yoked admonition very confusing. Evidently maturity plays a part. Yes, maturity is importance, but obedience is the most important of all. As for the unequally yoked admonition, it is more of a command as Paul says we are not to be yoked together or joined together with those who are not saved…and still living in darkness.

You were not at fault for marrying this woman who may be a false convert, so you have not gone against this command at all. Is that what you mean sir? Thank you so much for your question Mr. Paul says that he wishes that they stay as he is.

It is better neither to burn with lust or marry an unbeliever. That is no choice my friend. What can I say to them? Just what the Bible says…we must seek Christ and the kingdom first Matt 6: What would you suggest my friend? Some in the Old Testament were told not to marry. What would you suggest that is biblical? Today I read an article on a church pastors page citing 8 things a former lesbian has to say to Christians.

This one confuses me coming from a pastor: The pastor from the article supports the former lesbian suggestion that we should take up relationships with non believers as part of sharing the gospel. So, my question is which is right: I think I am with you that we should offer the gospel and tell them, like Jesus did, to repent and believe Mark 1: It is God Who saves but He does use us as a means to save some.

I think I agree with you. Speak the Word, Trust God, leave the results up to Him. Yes, but wishing is different from reality. There are no specific commands, but your interpretation of 2 Cor 6 which does not talk about marriage makes it a command. So, seeking Christ and the kingdom first, gets rid of all sexual desires, desiring to get married and have children! Easy for a married person to talk that way! Yes, in the OT, but we live in the New Testament now.

What I am afraid of is that this type of teaching may lead some in the category of people I was talking about to end up in a greater sin, much like what happened with Catholic priests who were forbidden to marry. They want to marry and they want to have children. All of this comes from this interpretation of 2 Cor 6. Is there a way this could be the wrong interpretation? Is God to blame in this case or our interpretation of one verse? I thank you for your response my friend. I agree, we cannot ignore those feelings, but we cannot ignore the higher, moral law of God which supersedes all things human.

We have no right to blame God for anything and all Scripture is God-breathed, so it cannot be wrong, because God cannot be wrong. Yes, it does have serious consequences for anyone who sins will choose to suffer, but thankfully, we can be forgiven 1 John 1: I am glad you are being asked for advice and all the advice I can give them is to abstain from sexual immorality and other such sins, like I must do.

He has the final say, right? A troubled relationship because both people have very distinctly different outlooks on life is one interpretation. Could it make you become more similar to each other, for example you beginning to lose your faith but they start to believe or maybe you both had differing political views to begin with but over time they start becoming more similar. Thanks for any feedback. Thank you my friend for your question. I think you bring up an excellent point.

Unbelievers and having a close relationship with them can draw us away from God. I believe you are exactly right. This is a great question that you yourself have answered.

I agree, we cannot blame God or His word. I never mentioned sexual immorality, I was talking about marriage. Marriage is honorable before God. I believe it if is a close relationship like that where it approaches sexual immorality, marriage or not, single or married, 2 Cor 6 still applies. We are not to have a close, intimate, personal relationship with those who are outside in the world. Light has nothing to do with darkness, yet we still are in the world, but not of the world.

This verse is only good for singles? Hi I hope your situation has significantly improved.. Satan does not want us to bring our petitions to God in difficult times! He loves misleading people.

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I know a person who is also Mormon and seems unhappy yet works so hard doing so many things she has to do be saved.. Start making declarations from the Lords promises of course Hear Gods guidance first being lead by the spirit and not reading the bible like a book. Be around encouraging Christians that are filled with the Holy Spirit prioritizing Jesus and Holy Spirit into conversations and life groups..

What does Unequally Yoked mean?

He is for me not against me. Son and Daughters of the Most High God. Praise be Raised lift it up! Edify in His word! I thought I had to keep working hard to save them and talk over them with lectures. So Im not to be like Aaron in the old testament who partnered with Moses.. I think this is a very interesting topic. I understand what the bible verses are saying regarding being around unbelievers, although God was a great example of one who spent time, on occasions, with unbelievers in order to show his love for all people and how they can receive salvation through him. Several of my friends are unbelievers.

This could potentially bring them closer to God and, if nothing else, create greater understanding of God for them. When people better understand each other a religions and beliefs, there is much less of a chance of hatred occurring between the two parties. Most racism and discrimination is caused throufh limited understanding. They both complement each other and have similar values which she acknowledges as Christian values and which he acknowledges as logical and considerate values. Some things written in this article and some of the advice about discontinuing relationships because of differing beliefs makes me feel a bit uncomfortable to be honest.

Johnson and thank you for your comments. Some Christians do show hatred and are judgmental and hypocrites, but so is the world. But back to my question, if the born again believer was already married previously and finds him or herself now miserably married to someone drifting to a totally different gospel what should he or she do? Also what about intamcy, if one prays to saints and does all of the rituals and you are spiritually joined to Christ then what should you do?

Should we just follow 1 Corinthian 7? I am very confused since I never here of stories of a couple already being married and then years later one comes to Christ. Is that what you thought or have been taught about 1 Cor 7? No matter what we discuss about the Gospel Death Burial, and Resurrection we both agree! This lady wants to continue, and believes we can share our faith together, and says she will be with me in my faith and by my side, but will also find time for her Catholic faith as well.

My confusion here, is that she is a beautiful woman inside and out, strongly cares for me, and has been a beautiful lady for me, and we agree on the Gospel placing our faith in Christ! God draws people and He sometimes uses people to draw others. I know of many cases of Christians who married unbelievers and later the spouse converted. Whether God directly intervenes in the matter or whether He intervenes through the believer, nonetheless in many cases the unbeliever is saved.

And Paul and Peter also agree. So your statement is incorrect. As for 2 Corinthians 6: It is not speaking about whether a believer and a non-believer can get married, it is speaking about idolatry and that one must not participate in the religious and other sinful activities of unbelievers. The issue of marriage to non-believers is already settled in 1 Cor 7: If a non- believer is married to a believer and he or she wishes to remain, there must be no divorce. Now you will say that this only applies to a case where two non-believers married and one later became a believer. But this is nowhere mentioned in the scriptures.

This would be your assumption only, you will not find any scripture that says this. It can never be sinful to enter into a lawful relationship — and Paul in 1 Cor 7: It is not a sin. God would not ask you to continue insomething He hates, i. Whereas in the case of adultery, it is a sin, and the only way to repent of the sin would be to break off the relationship. It is not a sin to marry an unbeliever. It is a sin to participate in their religious and other sinful activities. Remember, marriage is honourable in all.

It IS sin to marry an unbeliever, as the Bible says light and darkness to not mix and we are not to be unequally yoked with non-believers. What do you not understand about that command from the Bible?

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I would ask you to study and read and not use one example as a benchmark. It is not assumption because the Scriptures are clear. You either obey or not…and if you tell others its okay, then you are being a stumbling block for them. Please repent of this. How dare you judge a man to be a sinner! Your bigoted arrogance is frightening.

Unequally Yoked? Meaning, Scriptures and Lesson

Which of the 10 Commandments state that to marry a non-believer is a sin? Was not Paul an anti-Christ avenger? Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. I am not judging them. Why is the Christian divorce rate so bad? Why are non-Christian divorce rates so high?

Being Unequally Yoked

Many are not keeping their commitments, just as many in the world do. It must be the Word of God; not me, not you, not human opinion. It is on that which I stand. Your comment is very harsh to me, calling me a bigot. Are you a believer? If so, I suggest you read the Book of 1st John. I am so glad when my comments are not accepted by false teachers such as yourself because it merely confirms to me that you have no answer and that you are not even confident of your own false teaching.

You are entitled to your own opinion about me sir, but you are not entitled to your own truth. I will pray for you sir. Thank you for finally publishing my comments. Was it because I also placed them on a website where you could not remove them? At least my benchmark refers specifically to marriage, whereas yours does not even mention it. Since you rightly consider 1 Corinthians 7 to be a benchmark, please address and obey it:. Here the believer is to remain with the unbeliever if the unbeliever chooses to remain.

Paul -and I, say so, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therefore Paul cannot be talking about marriage between a believer and an unbeliever here because he would be contradicting what he said earlier in 1 Corinthians 7: As I said before, it can never be a sin to enter into a lawful relationship, and Paul says it is lawful. Paul knew that his statement implied this, and if he did not mean it to imply this then he would have stated so HERE in the same letter, not a few months after the event.

But in 2 Corinthians 6: The Christian is yoked to Christ. The unequal yoke is established when the Christian adopts and follows the practices of the unbeliever. We are to remain in Christ. If the unbeliever does not prevent the believer from following his or her belief, they may be married. In the case of the marriage of a believer and an unbeliever, the unbeliever may also be saved as a result of being married to the believer. This is true, is it not? Therefore repent of your false teaching. You are in such confusion brother. Context is king and you are ripping Scripture out of context as this is about the godly example of one spouse having an effect, perhaps even leading them to faith in Christ.

It has nothing to do with marrying or dating of Christians with non-believes. It is not okay for a believer to marry or date an unbeliever. The Bible teaches this and that settles it. Will I go to hell for dating a non believer? I pray for him so much to know God.

Whoever God brings to repentance and then trust in Jesus Christ has no worry about hell, but dating and eventually marrying an agnostic a non-believer is sin, so you are doing what God forbids and He will not bless this relationship. Only God can change the human heart Prov What has your pastor said about this relationship? I would speak with him because oil and water do not mix. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Subscribe me to your newsletter. From the Muck and Mire to a Higher Calling. Sitemap Privacy Policy Disclaimer Advertise. Yours in Christ, Robert Reply.

Thanks for the article.. God bless you Reply. Good Morning Im a 51 year old female-Not married and dont have children. Good Afternoon Jack Thank you so much for the feedback. Hi 1 of the questions i have is: Thank You Jack Reply. Hi, I am a believer and a believe that God is always true to His words and above all, sovereign. Thank you very much.

Hi, Thank you for this article. Thanks, Gary Smith Reply. Hi Jack, If you are interested in someone who is a non-believer but has seen the truth of Christ and wants to willingly come into the same faith, how should one proceed? Any advice would be appreciated God bless you Reply.