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    Anne boleyn was the second wife of king henry viii her marriage to him lasted for three years until he had her beheaded in favour of a new wife they originally courted each other for over five years while he was married to catherine of aragon. During November eight explosions were reported, with five more the following day. Another significant ash emission during the afternoon of 24 November sent a column of ash to 4 km above the summit, drifting SSE; it lasted for almost two hours figure Late that evening, an explosion sent incandescent fragments 1 km down the flanks and generated an ash plume that rose to 2.

    The Altzomoni webcam is located about 10 km N of the summit. They noted that the internal crater within the summit crater had increased its dimensions, reaching a diameter of m and a depth of m figure A 3-km-tall ash plume resulted from continuous emissions that began in the afternoon of 27 November and lasted for two hours.

    Activity during December February CENAPRED noted hundreds of daily low-intensity emissions of gas and steam, most with small quantities of ash, throughout December, as well as multiple ash emissions on many days that rose generally In the early morning of 2 December an explosion caused an ash plume to rise 2.

    A second plume rose 1 km later that day; they both drifted SSE. An explosion in the afternoon of 9 December sent an ash plume over 2. Later that evening Strombolian activity sent incandescent blocks down the flanks and generated an ash plume that drifted E. Incandescence was observed at the summit crater during the nights of and December. Continuous emissions of steam, gas, and moderate-density ash were reported drifting NW for about 90 minutes on 29 December.

    An explosion on 31 December at generated a 2-km-high ash plume that also drifted NW. CENAPRED noted hundreds of daily low-intensity emissions of gas and steam, many with small quantities of ash, throughout the month, as well as explosions with ash emissions on many days that generally rose They also observed incandescence at the summit crater multiple days each week.

    Ongoing low-level emissions of steam, gas, and minor ash were reported during January. During the evening of 5 January activity increased, and the ash plume rose to m and drifted SE. In addition, incandescent blocks were ejected m down the flanks for about two hours. An explosion on 18 January generated an ash plume that rose 1. It lasted for about 2 hours. Four explosions were reported during the afternoon of 29 January and an explosion the following afternoon produced an ash plume that rose more than 3 km above the summit, and was dispersed to the NW. An ash plume rose to They also noted one or more explosions with ash emissions on many days that rose generally During many clear days they observed nearly constant emissions of steam, gas, and minor ash that reached m above the summit.

    An explosion on 20 February produced an ash plume that rose 1. Continuous steam and gas emissions during February were accompanied by minor incandescence intermittently observed at the summit. Sulfur dioxide emissions were large enough to be recorded by satellite instruments several times every month during August February figure Variable wind directions and persistent emissions produced relatively long-lived plumes that dispersed over large areas of Mexico.