Dating 4th year med student

Do doctors have a higher divorce rate than others? Allow me to share my thoughts and data on the subject.

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Invariably, those closest to you will be affected and none more than your significant other. Your schedules will be determined for you and this makes it very tough to make it to that wedding you hoped to attend or keep dinner plans. Here are three areas I recommend matriculants consider when trying to navigate medical school relationships. I always noticed incoming medical students primarily women were quick to ask the upperclassmen questions pertaining to their schedules. Many were already in relationships and wanted to know their rotation schedules for 3rd and 4th year.

I always wondered if their significant others were aware of their planned-out path, years in advance. I completely respect this preparation and wholeheartedly endorse it. In order for a relationship to be successful while in medical school and beyond, one must prioritize and make time for things that matter. If you are serious about the one you are with, you must recognize there are limited periods to get things done. Time is not on your side while in medical school.

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Should one date another medical student or someone outside of medicine? I truly think both options can work out and I have seen both work out only when the partner understands what medical school entails. This means it is critical that you give your significant other whether this is your spouse or someone you are dating an idea of what is to come both short term and long term.

They must understand that you will most likely miss very important events but that you are doing this for the both of you and for your future. It will all be worth it at the end. Clear this up sooner than later and encourage them to be there for you or leave as harsh as that is. Being with another physician or someone in healthcare has this as a huge perk but then again it is sometimes nice to get away from medicine or to be with someone who has more time on their hands.

I must also add that Match Day can make a huge dent in a relationship.

Dating in Medical School – PreMed STAR

As third and fourth year medical students, we will be working many hours each week including shifts of overnight and weekend call and may even be rotating in another city for weeks at a time. Most of our time is spent in the library. After four short years of medical school, my classmates and I will be scattered all around the country to continue our training as residents for three to seven years with the added possibility of moving somewhere to continue a fellowship. Meghan graduated from Albany Medical College in May She's moving on to practice as a family medicine resident in upstate New York.

Continue to follow her journey on Instagram, marathonsandmedicine. Stock up on food, like from a nearby Costco, and buy snacks, and meals, like frozen dinners, that you can easily take with you to class and the hospital. Even small adjustments can lead to big differences which is the same thing you tell your diabetic patients about portion control for maintaining tight glucose levels. Utilize online resources that your school might be providing, like uptodate.

Share books with your classmates. Which means, get eight hours of sleep, eat healthy, exercise an hour a day…wait a second. Are you doing that? Because I doubt many students are. Maybe you can exercise for 30 minutes before you head to the class or on your way home from the hospital. One thing I begrudgingly did with my colleagues was always use the stairs instead of the elevator to get somewhat of a workout into our busy day.

Med School: Relationships

Also, try snacks like trail mix and yogurt to stay healthy. Pace yourself with schoolwork so that you can sleep reasonable hours.

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Not only do you have to take care of your physical health, but there is also mental health. Do things that make you happy. Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Relationships are hard enough to maintain, but throw in hour days plus studying and you have a challenge on your hands. Maintain those that give you energy and avoid those that drain you.

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Remember that even the best relationships have rough patches, but learn to move forward with your goals without unnecessary drama. One of the perks of fourth year is that you get to pick electives of your choice or settle with whatever leftover classes are available. Take electives geared toward your career choice. For example, if you are going into internal medicine, take electives like endocrinology, infectious disease or nephrology.