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Match quality is presumably determined by a combination of the player's behavior score and their account flags value.

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Players with a high behavior score get matched with other players with a high score and vice versa. The account flags supposedly determine in which matchmaking pool a player should be, independently of their mmr and behavior score. The current behavior score and account flags can be checked using the Console through the commands.

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The behavior score shows as grades. While Normal being the highest and F being the lowest. Valve has not disclosed how these scores are calculated, but abandons , reports and commends seem to play a role. Account flags are represented as an integer value.

Most players report having an account flag value of 0, 1 or 3. It is known that account flags with values 7 indicates that a 6-month ban is imminent on the account, but there is no known effect on matchmaking. Shadowpool is a status placed on an account that is typically assigned to players who have abused of exploits in the past. Shadowpool status is not reported anywhere client-side.

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The shadowpool status can either be permanent or temporary. However, this information can only potentially be revealed through a request to the Steam support. From Dota 2 Wiki. Retrieved from " https: Kubernetes autoscaling can be used to automate it as well.

Open Match: Flexible and extensible matchmaking for games

Unity will be basing future matchmaking technology on Open Match, so Unity customers will be able to more easily take advantage of its features, such as through integration with Unity-provided servers. The Open Match GitHub repo is now open for contributions, and you can follow the example provided in the development setup guide to start experimenting today. Consequently, game developers often spend substantial time and resources developing a customized, scalable matchmaking solution for each new release, when they could be spending that time doing what they do best—creating great games.

What if game developers could focus on just the matchmaking logic—the inputs and logic for selecting players—instead of building a whole matchmaker from scratch for each game? Open Source Open Match: The new update fixes issues with the new Replay system, and also makes some animation improvements.


It also fixes an issue where players could fire weapons before the equip animation had finished. This was happening when players were sprinting. More updates are expected to arrive over the coming weeks, with fans still waiting for the launch of the new Jetpack item promised by Epic Games earlier in