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This means that anything a customer asks for — within reason — can be done, and Starbucks really stretches the limit of reason. This can create situations where customers take advantage of baristas and put them in awkward positions. A tall white chocolate mocha with 9 scoops of matcha steamed into the milk? Even the dumbest, most disgusting drinks can be made, and this is what allows the controversial secret menu to exist. Employees are given an assignment or position, briefed, and made to stay there during most of their shift. Some baristas wear timers on their aprons that let them know when to move around.

When this rule began to be enforced, some store managers had employees stand on crates to remind them of where to stay. Some lined the floors with tape. This rule is often criticized by employees because it creates disparity, is extremely tedious, boring, and repeating the same action over and over for hours is physically strenuous. More and more stores stay open on Christmas.

This means going to Christmas dinner with hair that smells like coffee, or rolling into work on New Years extremely hungover. These days can be extremely busy because nowhere else is open. Getting out of working one of these days can result in penalization or write-ups. If one or two people go away for the holidays, getting these days off can be impossible, forcing people to spend Christmas day away from their families serving the public.

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For people who live far away from their families, this can be a very difficult time of year. If you go to Starbucks on Christmas, be extra nice to the staff! On paper, sick employees are not allowed to work because they pose a danger to customers. In practice, managers and supervisors often pressure their employees to show up for their shifts despite their illness. This fosters an environment where people are actually proud of never missing work because of being sick, which is actually super weird. Like wtf, go home! Employees can be reprimanded for calling in sick, and their relationship with the manager can influence how many shifts they get.

Most people just come into work anyway. Customers get a taste of this when they order their drinks. Partners are assigned an employee number which tells each other when the person was hired, and a lot can be inferred from this information. Using these words that only partners understand creates a sense of solidarity and bonding, a subtle psychological tool the company uses for this exact purpose. You will never go into a Starbucks, tick the wrong person off, and end up with spit in your drink. A Starbucks employee would never do that.

There is no way for the customer to tell if the barista pulled a fast one.

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The taste is pretty much identical, and any nuance in flavour is probably hidden by flavours or copious amounts of milk. While extremely passive aggressive, this is common practice across the board,. But neither is being condescending to the baristas. It was about the success of Starbucks following the recession. Every single employee was given a copy — for FREE! Did anybody read it? Even so, Howard Schultz is revered by many employees as a visionary. Tickets to his talks are coveted and many employees would be extremely excited to meet him.

Between reverence for the dear leader, the secret corporate language, and the worldwide network of employees, Starbucks employees spend a disproportionate amount of time with each other.

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They talk about work, customers, the company, and have strong opinions about the direction their locations are going. Even bad employees quickly become familiar with the rules that define the employee experience and recognize when anybody deviates from the system. All workplaces are rife with gossip, but Starbucks can be particularly vicious because the rules set a precedent for the gossip. The hierarchy between baristas, barista trainers, shift supervisors, and managers is constantly reinforced,.

Every single detail matters. Upload your resume Sign in. Found reviews matching the search See all 29, reviews. My time at Starbucks taught me so much about being a manager. The culture there was amazing and everyone wants to see you succeed. There motto is that if they keep their employees happy, their employees will keep their customers happy and so goes the cycle!

I loved working there! My managers were all awesome! Benefits are amazing as well! Was this review helpful? Overworked and very stressful; micromanagement. Your experience is greatly dependent on your immediate boss. There is a lot of micromanagement and mixed direction.

You are not given enough labor to attain the standards required.

You work exhausting hours and often cannot get a break. The best part of this job is the team you work with. The benefits are great if you have the time to utilize. Policies and procedures were constantly changing and then thrown out over and over putting constant stress on management and staff.

I wouldn't recommend becoming management or even a shift supervisor for Starbucks. I would love to say more but fear it could hurt my good reference. Good company, fast paced work environment. Best part of the day is working with "Partners" employee's and customers, coffee is a fun environment. Hardest part of the job today is keeping store staffed with early morning hours, late nights and weekend hours. Many people are not interested in working these extended shifts. Fast Pace and Very busy, but community strong place to work.

Amazing customers and Community support Focus on Customers and food safety Excellent benefits and paid time off Learning a lot about retail side of cafe business. Highly Competitive Culture with Amazing Benefits. Being a manager at Starbucks was incredibly rewarding. I made an impact not only on the daily lives of my customers, but of the partners that I developed and coached. Hours for a manager can vary store to store, but you are pretty much only allowed 8 hours a week of admin time. Like other retail operations, managers are the ones to step in if there are gaps in coverage or someone calls out, which is stressful in the fast paced store environment.

One of my biggest frustrations was the indifference of the district managers to the well-being and growth of store managers. Even with a college degree and years of experience, there are very few opportunities to move up as a store manager. If one wants to move to the corporate office, they will be treated as an entry level employee. Good job but very stressful. Great job just extremely stressful, and never enough Labor to meet the expectations they want. I love working here and it made me who I am today but I've put my time in and it's just getting harder and harder.

Great place to work. You have to be willing to be flexible in hours and able to deal with guests everyday. Drink coffee and connect with partners and the community.

The hardest part is leaving for the day. All is not as it seems. We lose many to other companies that offer better wages.

When this is brought up the only comment that is said is that the company offers lots. Good place to work. Overall I enjoyed working at corporate. My team was fantastic. Upper management is completely disengaged with day to day work and there is little support for advancement within the particular group I was in. Lots of ego and lack of transparency.

This was a place that I received my first manager job. They are very big on promoting from within. They took me through months of training to prepare me for my own store. Good place to work as a student.