Dating antique oil lamps

Because of your interest, they are destined to light a nice home - being admired and maybe even becoming the center of attention once again!


Most center draft oil and kerosene lamps were converted for use with electricity during the 's and 's, when electricity became commonly available for most people. Unfortunately, that usually meant drilling holes into and cutting the draft tubes in the lamps, in many cases permanently defacing the lamp. Many lamps can be restored back to burning oil, but for those who actually prefer the convenience of electric operation, converted oil lamps are offered here for sale.

They have been cleaned, polished, and rewired - making them compatible for use as electrified lamps. These are especially nice for someone who loves the ambiance of antique oil lamps but prefers the ease of electric operation. Most electrified lamps have an available period glass shade and tripod shade holder.

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Click on the button above for the Online Store. Lamps are being rescued all the time so please contact us for more information! The style of antique lamps varies and here you will discover fine examples of Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and Victorian gothic lamps. As well as styles there are different types, including beautiful cranberry glass oil lamps, sophisticated desk lamps and even the odd gasolier or electrolier.

Whatever style or type of lamp you choose, you will really come to appreciate the particularly warm light that your antique lamps and matching lamp shades provide. Particularly if the lamp consists of parts that are in themselves collectable, like original cranberry glass shades or oil holders for instance. When you purchase an antique oil lamp or any antique lamp as a long term investment, it really is essential that you find out if the lamp is in working order.

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How is your lamp constructed? Check if the lamp is made of silver, brass or bronze? Show 7 more like this. Ruby glass column form kerosene lamp of large proportions, with a graduated base, fluted column mid section summounted by a rich runby red kersoene holder and adorned by a ruby tinged shade and a flume marked 'Lion lamp works Prince and Symmonds London, he Show 38 more like this.

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Green glass column form kerosene lamp of large proportions, with a graduated base, fluted column mid section summounted by a rippled lime green kersoene holder and adorned by a green tinged shade with vase design, height 64 cm Show 2 more like this. Antique French figural bronze oil lamp, 72 cm high Show 25 more like this.

Antique brass based oil lamp , with amber glass reservoir 57 cm high Show 4 more like this. French clear glass reservoir oil lamp, with porcelain base, 55 cm high Show 38 more like this. Banquet lamp by John Scott , England, metal, decorative base, with cranberry glass shade, height 87 cm Show 6 more like this. Oil lamp by duplex , in the manner of Hannah and Florence Barlow, oak leaf porcelain decorated base, with dog panel motif, etched glass shade, height 63 cm Show 15 more like this. Seven various Indo-Persian oil lamps. Cast bronze 4 , earthenware 4. Victorian silver plate adapted fuel lamp adapted for electricity, from original twin fuel lamp.

Engraved and reeded decoration, with gilded goat's head masks to each side, marked EPBM and to base.

Beautiful Antique Lamps & Oil Lamps will Compliment Your Modern Design

Height 21 cm Show 2 more like this. Antique oil lamp with green glass Reservoir and Art Nouveau base good example with tree form Nouveau metal base and 'Dimpled' green glass reservoir and glass chimney, height 56 cm Show 81 more like this.

Antique Lamps and Oil Lamps

Antique silver plated oil lamp , 65 cm high Show 6 more like this. French oil lamp , with amber reservoir, 53 cm high Show 48 more like this. Edward VII silver oil lamp form lighter Sheffield , makers Levesley Brothers, embossed decoration, with serpentine handle, height 10 cm weight grams Show 2 more like this. A good Victorian brass reeded column oil lamp, with cranberry glass receptacle and matching shade. Show 14 more like this. A Victorian 'Messenger's no 2 Duplex' banquet lamp, 19th century, with a cast pyramid style base with mascarons to each face supporting a Corinthian column and a moulded pink opaline glass font, with the original fittings, a glass chimney and a cranberry s Show 36 more like this.

A Victorian duplex spirit lamp with a yellow glass font, 19th century, the lamp with a shaped black glass base supporting a conical metalware stem with stiff leaf and wheat ear motifs to a moulded canary yellow font, with original fittings, a shaped glass Show 55 more like this. A Victorian spirit lamp with a blue glass font, 19th century, with a hexagonal base with cast and pierced scrolling motifs and bead borders to a dome shaped stem and supporting a bowl-shaped font in clear blue with an internal quilted motif, with original Show 24 more like this.

A small Victorian Bristol blue glass 'Nutmeg' spirit lamp, later 19th century, press moulded glass with 'Nutmeg' in relief to the side, with a small loop handle, original fittings and a blown glass chimney, height A small Victorian spirit lamp with a cranberry glass shade, later 19th century, a brass fluted column upon a cast floral decorated square base with a clear spiral glass bowl shaped font, original fittings and surmounted by a waisted spiral glass ruffled sh Show 29 more like this.

Unusual brass kerosene possibly 'Zulu War' themed lamp featuring both African and westerner soldier handles, the mid section displaying various battle and court scenes, and a rowing motif above a carp design base.

The top part lifting out to reveal a glass Show 13 more like this. Brass based and floral reservoir ornate oil lamp Show 35 more like this. Pair of American brass 'Tiny Juno' kerosene lamps, 36 cm high Show 13 more like this. Antique Juno banquet lamp , 55 cm high Show 3 more like this. Antique American cranberry glass oil lamp, with E.

Miller Co burner, 49 cm high Show 11 more like this. Antique Millers table banquet lamp with glass shade and crystals, later conversion, 63 cm high Show 2 more like this. Antique French brass oil lamp with a jewelled shade, 45 cm high Show 10 more like this. Antique French oil lamp , with brass mounts of lion heads and paw feet, 52 cm high Show 12 more like this. Antique French oil lamp converted, 72 cm high, 18 cm wide Show 2 more like this. Pair of William IV patinated bronze oil lamps, 19th century, each in the form of a boar-headed rhyton, reservoir with leaf-cast decoration centred with a berried finial within a gadrooned border, now electrified 2 , height 35 cm Show 19 more like this.

A large Victorian Elkington plate banquet lamp, mid 19th century, with mark of Elkington and numerals , in the classical revival manner with a tapering fluted column surmounted by a pierced border of cupids and a frosted globe shade, the drum base deco Show 32 more like this. A large Victorian kerosene lamp faceted clear glass reservoir, decorative primrose yellow column stand. A Victorian pink glass and brass kerosene banqueting lamp, the glass base and reservoir decorated in polychrome enamels with floral patterns, the burner with twin wick.

Antique oil lamps

Antique Victorian pink milk glass kerosene lamp, with etched clear and ruby glass shade, 65 cm high Show 62 more like this.