Dating arthur rune factory 4

Confess to him and start dating him 3: Must date him more than 3 times.

Arthur Romance in Rune Factory 4 | IGN Boards

Relationship must be more than 10 6: If all the conditions completed. Arthur friendship level more than 3 Characters involve: Then go to his workplace and looking into 10 different places 2. Go to the 2nd floor and look for the glasses again 3. Found it, go and talk to Arthur Medical Check-up Triggering key: Friendship with Jones more than 3 Characters involve: Margaret, Arthur, Porcoline, Jones Event sequences: Talk to Jones in the hospital 1st floor 2. Talk to Porcoline then Margaret. Then talk to Porco again when Meg is with you 3. Go to in front of Yokmir forest, then go east.

Go back to Jones 5. Next day, talk to Arthur 6.

Rune Factory 4: Date with Arthur

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Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I don't think you need to complete the third arc.

Arthur Romance in Rune Factory 4

For certain characters you do need access to certain areas which only become available to you after you complete certain parts of the story in order to complete certain scenes in the marriage event. As for the third arc, it's triggered by an event called "Memories", not to be confused with "Shiny Memories".

Check your diary and is should say everyone is involved. It can only be triggered after you select all dialogue options after you complete arc two. Then it should randomly appear.

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It may take a long time if you're unlucky, but you can try finding an "event day" and resetting for it if it bothers you. I found that by just doing lots of villager requests and board requests that it unlocked on its own though. Also, since you have Arthur so close to 8LP this is a great time to get him to accept your proposal.

There's a trick to it. Wait until he's one gift away from 8LP.

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Save before giving him the gift, then give it to him and ask him out. If he says no, reset your game and try again. Whether or not he accepts your confession is determined the moment his LP levels up, so if he says no at 8LP you won't get a chance at a yes until 9LP. Also, the first confession should be the easiest. There's no way I could have dated everyone without that LP trick lol Currently playing: MH4U and Rune Factory 4.