Dating guys with big egos

You can pick up a lot of women looking primarily for attention and a sense of worth through use of their attractiveness and sexuality. The sexual interactions between men trying to fit into the masculine ideal and women trying to fit into the feminine ideal, are primarily based on the confirmation of value and worth. Both sides are trying to mitigate the effects of a deep feeling of baseline inferiority and using the attraction of a person that resembles the opposite ideal to convince themselves that they are indeed worthwhile.

If you go down this path, you must become the mirror for a woman's desirability and she must become a mirror for your power. But this is not the game to play for those seeking self-realization. Plus, it becomes as boring and redundant as masturbation after a handful of experiences. If you're looking for a woman, you just need to be yourself and at that point it's a gamble. As a woman, it's quite uncommon that I find myself genuinely attracted to a man.

But when I do get attracted to a man, I'm completely over the moon for him. But it's never because of any particular quality he has. It's simply because he is who he is. I like the whole person because that person makes me feel a certain way. Certainly, there are traits that are deal-breakers.

But there are NO traits for me that are deal-makers. So, if no women are interested in you, it's because women tend to orient themselves in a platonic way to every other man but the one that they really really like. And they also tend to put on a platonic facade to the man that they do like. For her, if she's like me, rejection from the man she likes is a big blow, because she probably only likes that one guy and she likes him a lot. It's not as though she could just approach another one that was just as good. So, hiding attraction is very common for women.

Check out my YouTube channel: There are all sorts of girls out there, when you're single you seem to focus on negative aspects in your mind like how every girl likes the ego, or the rich guy, or whatever. Don't settle for types you think you wouldn't enjoy your time with, be picky like everyone else. Eventually you'll find someone and it'll be worth it, it might take 1 month, 1 year or 10 years, just keep doing stuff you enjoy in that time, work on your life, you have a very short lifespan my friend before you go full reset anyway, don't get attached to anything not your partner or yourself, only the moment.

7 Signs He’s Too Egotistical

I am where I am at because of all of my so-called failures in my mind. When the time is ready, a good thing will blossom. I guess acceptance of the now, regardless of the situation, is what I need to focus on. That opened my eyes quite a bit. Thanks for sharing your insights.

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Why do I want this? Who am I to trust for what's best for me then, my lower self or higher self? Am I just using this spirituality stuff to mask the unfulfilled, selfish asshole inside? Am I fooling myself? There are women out there that would be interested in someone like you.

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They're maybe less common to come across because your interests and values are a little less common, but they're around. Your feeling of inferiority is only a thought and emotion within your own awareness. You wouldn't feel that way about yourself if you were someone else looking from the outside. It's the identification that's the problem. I assure you that the idea that you're uninteresting and all those other things are just more ego lies. The ego traffics in self-congratulatory thoughts and self-deprecating thoughts. So, one moment it might say "Look at all these low consciousness people around.

Why can't people just be more aware like me- secretly whispered and quickly repressed and forgotten. I'm such a social disaster. I'm like a child in a grown up body. But I would buck the idea of alpha male altogether, as opposed to rewriting the definition of an alpha male. Whether an alpha male is the chest-thumping strong-man or the one who's in tune with the nature of his being, It's only extra baggage once an identification forms, because you want something from it.

It's just another potential attachment that will become more and more difficult to let go of as time passes. Even the idea of becoming authentic could become an attachment. But the very nature of seeking enlightenment is that seeking enlightenment is an egoic thing. It comes when someone is so unhappy with how things are that they can't stand it anymore.

The happy and content don't seek happiness or contentment. Those free of ego don't seek to be free of ego. So, the ego in all its discontentment searches to add value to the self through self-actualization endeavors. Then, in the inevitable failing to add value to the self as neither self nor value are real , there is a search for truth.

It's only when you let go of searching and the idea that you're inadequate that you can actually finally be where you've always been. It's only the ego and belief in its self-deceptions that clouds this from view. From this standpoint, you can see there is nothing wrong.

You are not worthless or worthy.

Dating a Man With a Big Ego

You are not significant or insignificant. And your being has un-shaking validity regardless of whether anyone else sees it or not. So much so that no concept could contain it. But in the mean time, admit to your ego. Let it do what it does without resistance or judgment. There's nothing wrong there. Just observe it like a science experiment. Try to notice as much as you can without identifying with what you notice. Imagine if you identified with a thunderstorm and were constantly judging it for the rain and the lightning and the dark clouds because you didn't want to be identified with them and you labeled them wrong or bad.

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That's something he probably loves and wants to show how good he is at it, so it probably made him feel really good about himself AND you! It is good to follow these things with the right men and to do the opposite to drive away the wrong men. Thanks so much for sharing your testimonial to this method! And for letting us know how great your guy is to you.

I was very much attracted to this guy. He was kinda quiet.. I could tell he wasn't very trusting. Anyway, I complimented all the things I thought was special about him. Especially his mind, I think he is very smart. His performance in bed, and I let him know it, by saying it and responding back. I boost his ego a lot, regarding all the things I think is great about him. I get a kick out of it, I think it's cute and he feels like he's "The Man" lol.

Needless to say it's been 2 years and I haven't changed. I still tell him how smart, handsome and amazing he is in bed. And in return I have a man who loves to teach me new things, smiles more because he knows I think he's handsome and go in "In the bedroom".

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But, I am absolutely all for being yourself, no matter what yourself is. This article is not about being fake. Is about making a man feel good about himself and you in the process. If you spend a lot of time making him feel bad about himself, then chances are he's going to feel bad about you. I'd feel like a puppet if i listen to this article.. To only be able to say nice stuffs, compliments him. That's certainly not the kind of relationship that i want to be into. I'll stick on being genuine, to myself, and to him. That is totally why I suggest being genuine, Hum. Don't compliment things that are not real - only things that are real.

Don't overdo it, just make sure you compliment instead of nag, complain, or point out flaws. Yeah, girls who do the appeal to ego thing are usually very transparent, and its hard to tell if they are being genuine. Turn off for me. Have you done market research using this technique? I think you should write a Hub about what to do with the guy once you've attracted him.

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To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: It is a person's sense of self-importance or self-esteem. You should have other techniques to go along with this one for a couple of reasons. Yes No Not Sure See results. How to Attract Men Through Their Ego When you are looking at his ego there are 3 main parts of it that you want to focus on.

His Physical Appearance Men want to be attractive to you physically. It makes him feel good about his appearance - His ego feels good It allows you to make the first move without him knowing it - You casually mentioned his eyes and after he processes that information and is attracted to you for making him feel good he will feel like he's the one pursuing you. You didn't come across as creepy or weird - If you would have said something like "Your eyes are so hot! But you took the subtle and sexy road. His Personality Guys go out of their way to be the funny and likeable.