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Whenever you are in need of an excellent reverse image search tool, consider our tool. These are only a few ways that we have mentioned about how you can use our Google reverse image search. Regardless of the reason for using reverse image search, we assure you reliable results which will surely help you. Whenever you find an image on Google, a social networking site or somewhere else, you may feel compelled at times to save a copy of it.

How to search Google Images for scammers

Since there are countless sites and resources out there, locating the source of an image could take forever. But what about finding a cropped version, thumbnails, alternate sizes, and other websites using the same image?

How To Use Reverse Image Search

The concept of search by image is really simple, you just upload an image or directly paste its URL online, and the image search engine will match the image shapes or patterns to locate the online copies of this image. If you have enough patience in you, you might be lucky enough to find an original source which also probably features the highest resolution.

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Given that there are many tools for photo search based on text, search by image has slowly been growing in use and popularity. What is Reverse Image Search? You can use the services of this free tool anytime and anywhere you need. Finding the names and details of products without any label Finding an apartment of your choice In figuring out the name of your new favorite celebrity Finding the recipes from images In debunking posts and profiles on social media websites In tracking down original and higher resolution wallpapers and images In the identification of animals, plants, etc.

Various Ways to Use Search by Image Whenever you find an image on Google, a social networking site or somewhere else, you may feel compelled at times to save a copy of it. To see if anyone is stealing their photos, photographers and models can use reverse image search. This could even allow people to recoup their money. Reverse Photo Search is also useful for finding lost ones, loved ones, and old flames by just uploading their picture. Berify users range from daters to photographers looking for stolen content.

How To Use Reverse Image Search

Berify is also popular with models, actors, and marketing agencies in search of edited graphic images or advertisements. Even attorneys use Berify to seek duplicate pictures of person s or content requested for complicated, critical, or contested cases. When it comes to dating online , modern daters are more concerned than ever that the person they have been corresponding with is legitimately whom they claim to be.

What is Reverse Image Search?

Not only do they want verification that their potential date is a real-life human, but they also want assurance that person matches their profile. Whatever the case, no one wants to be misled, lied to, tricked or scammed.


Or do you want reassurance before you meet in person? Go to the profile of the person you want to search for through Berify. Some dating sites and apps allow additional photos to be mailed and downloaded between users. Other dating sites and apps will not.

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  7. After receiving the screenshot, be sure to crop out everything but the photo in question. Make sure and choose more professional photos which show their face. Images like these are more likely to appear in multiple search results. Many dating apps and sites now link up with social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram. Whenever you upload or direct link a picture to the CBIR, they search their database for pictures that either look exactly like your picture, or those that are closely related.

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    Jump down to the example below for the reverse image tracker. Most spouses who cheat online start off using social networking sites and chat rooms, so this is a good place to run reverse image tracking. Pictures of people you suspect are having an affair with your spouse — To see other places they have pictures on. As an example, lets pretend Audrey Hepburn is your spouse. The URL you need to be linking should be on that points directly to the image, nothing else but the image.