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Therefore, you should dress appropriately as the man that makes her proud he's with her daughter. First impressions are critical.

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Your outfit should be neat and well thought out. You should avoid shabby casual clothes. You should be well groomed. Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help 4 Be prepared for a session of questions and answers. You can think of the possible questions you may be asked during this session, and consider your responses so you have them at your fingertips. This will avoid long pauses while you are still thinking of an answer. This Q and A is mandatory for any meeting like this, as a mother will want to know all about you before she will trust you with her daughter.

She may ask about your career, education, family and background, among other things. You can also find out from your girlfriend the questions her mother might ask you. Yes No I need help 5 You need to be confident, while gaining her confidence. Just relax and stop being nervous.

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If you relax, you will have a better chance at a good and memorable conversation with your girlfriend's mother. The fact that her daughter loves you, and accepted the offer to talk to her mother should be enough to give you the confidence you need. You should not worry so much about what you will say. Don't try to memorize some lengthy speech.

You can have few things in mind, but it won't sound rehearsed if it isn't. Relax and talk to her just as you would talk to your own mother. Yes No I need help 6 Talk as you would if it were your family.

Date a family friend's daughter?

If you are quiet, without saying much, then you will find yourself in an awkward situation that will embarrass your girlfriend, her mother and even yourself. You can start by introducing yourself. You can also talk about your career, hobbies, and future plans when asked. Create a good atmosphere for conversation so you can learn more about her mother as well. The three of you can share a lot about yourselves and family background. Yes No I need help 7 Praise your girlfriend in front of her mother.

You should praise her and let her mother know how much you love her. You can talk about how you met and started your relationship with her. Avoid talking about anything physical as it may make her mother uncomfortable. Even if she's fairly open, it's way too soon. Don't just praise her appearance, but talk about her character, intelligence and sense of humor as well.

Yes No I need help 8 Let her mother know about your plans to take the relationship to the next level. This will give her a clear indication that you are serious about her daughter. This is the point where you can also ask for her opinion on the same, and you will know if she approves of it or not. Even from the non-verbal cues, you will be able to understand her, but don't be too judgmental, as it's only your first meeting. She may seem to have some resentment toward you, but you need to understand that she loves her daughter, and wants the best for her.

Try not to take it personally and feel hurt at that moment. You need to give her time to get to know you. Yes No I need help 9 Thank her for the opportunity at the end of the meeting. You need to thank your girlfriend and her mother for taking the time to talk to you. You should feel grateful her mother met with you, and made the attempt to know you better. It also demonstrates the respect you have for her mother, which will earn you respect in share with you as everyone is always busy, and it will earn you respect in return. Yes No I need help 10 Bid her farewell in an appropriate manner.

When you are about to leave, you can say goodbye with a hug, a handshake, and a smile. This will show your love and warmth for the family. It is also a sign of respect with many cultures. You might want to check with your girlfriend about what would be expected in her family. Aside from the fact you might get an embarrassing call, it's just plain rude.

Be polite and maintain good table manners when you are meeting her for dinner. Avoid excessive small talk, as you may not be taken seriously Questions and Answers How do you let your girlfriend's mother know you love her daughter? In some instances she will eventually see it. There are lots of ways to let her mother know that you love her daughter, but each situation is unique. You have your own way of showing your love, and letting your girlfriends mom know how much you love her daughter.

Just remember, actions speak louder than words. Show emotional support for her daughter. Hold her daughter's hand for no other reason than just to feel connected. Treat her daughter with honor and respect. Yes No I need help Simply demonstrate in every way possible that you do love and care a lot for her daughter. Be gentle, caring, loving, and most of all always make her daughter happy. The best way to ask her mom for her daughter's hand is to just ask truthfully with honest intentions towards her daughter. Every time you communicate with your girlfriend's mom, or either of her parents, you must always be polite and respectful.

First, explain to her mom that you are sincerely and madly in-love with her daughter, then while asking her mom's permission, you should look into the eyes of her mom and let her judge by your eyes that you are serious, Promise her mom that you will take care of her daughter. Yes No I need help First and for most, be polite, and thoughtful regarding any topic of conversation with her mother. Be true to yourself; show her mother that you love her daughter through actions and not just words.

And just be simple but serious while asking her mom for her daughter's hand, or permission to date. Yes No I need help How to tell a parent you want to date their daughter? If you would like to ask her parents if you can date their daughter, just be simple and honest when you talk to them and ask them. Introduce yourself if they don't know who you are.

I would love to date your daughter

Don't forget to smile. If they ask why you've come to their house, tell them you would like to ask their permission to take their daughter on a date. Then tell them that you will bring their daughter home early and also say that you will ensure them that their daughter will be safe with you. Yes No I need help Be simple, polite and sincere with her parents while asking their permission to go on a date with their daughter.

Explain your intentions regarding their daughter. Look into their eyes when you speak to them. Yes No I need help Here are some ways and words you can do or say if you want to date their daughter:. In text, you need to be even more polite when communicating with your girlfriend's mom. Text lacks the nuances of eye contact, body language and tone of voice that indicates your intentions, in the way a face to face meeting does. Perhaps you just want to say hello, something like this: Nice things like inviting her for a coffee, lunch, dinner etc.

And the last line of your text could be "God Speed or God Bless". Yes No I need help There are certainly many nice things you can say to your girlfriend's mom through text, but if you are just trying to ask her about health, day, etc. Hi Ma'am, a very pleasant day to you. God bless you and you're family. Well the last sentence doesn't have to be about God, especially if you know her family is not particularly religious.


Whatever you finish with, make it polite. Yes No I need help Something sweet to tell her parents so they'll let you date their daughter? If you are thinking of saying something sweet to her parents, first try being a man and honestly telling them your real motives regarding their daughter. Depending on how you tell them, it could be sweet words for them, but make them sincere, so they will know you are a trustworthy person, and they can trust their daughter to you. Yes No I need help Be direct.

You just have to say nice and good things, don't say any bad words, bad words are giving you a minus points from your girlfriend's mom, so if you want to date your girlfriend and ask permission from her mom, ask in a nice way like "Good afternoon Mrs. Rose Last name of your girlfriend's mom , I'm here to formally ask you to have your permission that I would like to date your daughter. Yes No I need help Just be nice and always use those respectful words to her mom not only to her mom, but also to others. Show that you are nice, and a good person. The most important thing is just be yourself.

If her mom sees that you are deserving to date her daughter, you have nothing to worry about. Yes No I need help Proper way to ask my girlfriend's father for his daughter's hand in marriage? Arrange a formal meeting with her father. Start the conversation by explaining how much his daughter means to you and how you notice that he has raised her to be a wonderful woman. Assure her father that you are stable and live a balanced life, and with his blessing, you would like to share your life with his daughter.

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