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Don't wait around to buy this one. These folks are looking forward to going fishing and sailing and many other neat events geared to their specific needs and you are making this possible. We applaud you for helping The Disabled Community and their loved ones.

Schrade LB7

I am a vintage knife collector of about every knife ever made in the USA within reason. They include Vintage USA knives such as: Hey Thanks for bidding. I will see you in the winners circle. Before you file a dispute or leave bad feedback. We leave everyone good feedback. I would appreciate it if you would do the same for us.

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To determine what these additional costs will be. Please look at our other items. Check our feedback and buy with confidence!!! Please feel free to email us with any questions. Thank you and have a great day. Please note that confirmation or tracking numbers. Used to collect Buck knives and still have a few. I have a Schrade in my glove box and a Buck in the door pocket of my truck right now. I'd be perfectly fine with either one. The Schrades by the way, are the USA ones. The new ones, well, in my 40 years or so of knife love, I won't own one.

If they were still made in the USA I'd still be buying them, but I am more inclined to support a knife company that makes most of their knives in our country. Buck does have an outstanding warranty too.

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I ended up with a small Buck folder, and it had a broken blade on it. I sent it to Buck with a note asking how much it would cost to have the blade replaced. How cool is that! And all it cost was a couple of bucks for shipping it to them. THAT right there would make me more inclined to buy Buck. Originally Posted by gohammergo.

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The Buck holds an edge better but the Schrade gets sharper. From a pure engineering standpoint the Schrade LB7 "is" a heavier duty knife. That said, the original had C blade steel which held an edge forever and was twice as strong as the hc steel used in 's today but c was a real bitch to resharpen!

Schrade also made special runs of LB7 with drop point blades for the hunters.

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I have two of the drop point LB7 knives and the quality is superb. Blade shape and handle shape work to give the user an excellent serious field knife!! The only other folder I own that is as strong as the Schrade is the Kershaw Folding Field Knife which is a bull of a knife that is a handful of cutting power.

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The kershaw today is a chinese made knife so I don't know about their quality http: Find all posts by TheSarge. I prefered the Schrade LB7. I compared both knives side by side. The Schrade had a a tighter fit and finish than the Buck which seemed rough by comparison, with no gaps between the bolsters and the wood scales there was absolutely zero play when you locked it open, side to side or up and down.

The rivets on the Buck were raised while the Schrade were finished flush with the scales. I bought the one I have 30 years ago in right in the factory store. I think it was Ellenville, NY or near there. I also bought a rigger's knife for my sailboat that had a built in marlinspike. The LB7 came with a form you could mail in if you lost it. They would send you another one no charge.

The US made knives from that time had blades made of C steel. I don't know what the Chinese ones are made from now. I carried the LB7 in my pocket for 20 years, and must have sharpened it close to times. It still looks like the day I bought it 30 years ago. My tastes changed, and I preferred lighter smaller knives but I would trust that Schrade with my life in any emergency without a worry. If you can find an old one made in the US, buy it. I have had several Bucks , including two s, and a couple of Old Timer pocket knives.

They were all good knives. But like posted previously, the Buck warranty can't be beat. I was once inspired to change out the barrel of my M in a hurry. I did not want to take my time, since Charlie was showing hot interest in our position. I used the point of the big blade on my Buck Stockman to pry down the collar that holds the forearm pieces in place.

The tip of the blade snapped. The adrenalin was flowing and I pried too hard. A few weeks later, when I returned to the real world, I took my Stockman to a store that sells Bucks. They gave me a brand new Stockman right off the shelf. The manager said they could return my broken bladed one to Buck and get a full refund. That is real customer support. I have it on my belt all time, been use for every thing you can dream of, including a hammer, still great. Got my Schrade, went home, cut the dowel no problem. Previous left arrow key Next right arrow key Close Move. Quote message in reply?

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