Dating when you travel a lot

Latest Fails Funny News Awesome. Dating a frequent traveler can be a blessing and a curse! Published August 16, You May Also Like.

What travelling together teaches you about your partner

Didn't Know Einstein Was a Romantic? This Long Distance Couple Proved Their Love in the Best Way Possible They're separated by almost 7, miles, but with a little help from technology, they can be right next to one another. Adorable Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships Long distance relationships are tough, but these gifts make it a little bit easier.

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You Never Have a Date to Events. More Time to Hang Out with Friends. You never have to turn down a good time with your BFFs because of "date night". Worrying about Their Safety.

Are they being safe? What if they get sick? Or abducted by aliens?

Where to Meet Women When You’re Traveling

Every Day is Treat Yourself Day. It's Hard to Put Down Roots. It's not easy to build a home with someone who is constantly away.

Very Little Time to Talk. Why don't I find people before I go so I can find things to do? For Erica, the most useful app so far has been Tinder. Tinder is one of the more popular dating apps.

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The premium Passport feature lets users browse possible matches in cities they're not currently in. Travelers are already using dating apps on the road, but the focus on hookups takes away from how great the services can be travel recommendations.

What travelling together teaches you about your partner

While yes, finding a match is ostensibly for the purpose of romance, the benefit of doing it in a new city is that the match is a local — one with expertise about restaurants and activities that get straight to what modern travelers want: Deborah, a single in New York City, discovered the travel potential of dating services by accident: Deborah has found that meeting up with locals takes her to different parts of town and to more authentic restaurants and neighborhoods.

A travel study conducted by Expedia and Tinder found that travelers preferred to use dating apps on the road when they were traveling in a group, but solo travelers like Erica can get as much if not more out of using them. And even though Tinder is synonymous in some circles with hookup culture, being clear about what you are and are not interested in can, for the most part, prevent problems. That was the day I downloaded Tinder.

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Soon she had a match, who offered to pick her up. While not all of the matches have gone perfectly, she doesn't think she's done any worse with dating apps abroad than she has in New York City. And she definitely hasn't experienced any horror stories.