Dating wrong person

I gave it to him. I figured it was temporary. We all go through stress, and though I wanted to be there for him, he said he wanted to be alone.

7 Signs You're Dating the Wrong Guy

I tried to not let that get to me. Midnights would find me hugging my pillow in tears, not knowing how to talk with him about this change in his feelings for me. I watched as he slipped out of my life, gradually at first. Then like a skateboard picking up momentum on the downhill, he zipped away, leaving me devastated. What had I done?

These are signs that you may be dating the wrong person

Friends began to tell me they had seen him with another girl. Two months later he appeared outside of one of my favorite hangouts and asked if we could talk. His skin was greyish and his eyes hollow. He told me we got too close and it scared him, but he realized being without me was worse. I took him back, and things were the way they had been when we first met. Then the old pattern began to surface. This time, I was the one who walked.

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Fool me twice, shame on me. Three months later he appeared at my door.

Caution Signs

He was into drugs and all along I had been the other girl. He thought because I was wholesome and good I could save him. But her pull and the drugs were too strong. Now she was pregnant. Part of me admired him for his honesty and courage, but most of me wanted to claw out his eyes. The wrong guy taught me a lot of the right things.

Would you know if you were dating the wrong person?

Emotions cannot be the foundation for a relationship. You have to take it slow and learn about each other before you make any commitment to become exclusive. See how they interact with their family and yours. And ask your true and close friends for their honest instincts about him. That is being fake. If there is something you want to change about yourself, you have to do it for you. Besides, it rarely turns out the way you expect.

These are signs that you may be dating the wrong person

He may just see you as an easy target or a game to boost his ego. Someone, probably both of you, will end up hurt.

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  4. If you are in the grip of heartbreak from a breakup, we understand how devastating and embarrassing it can be. We get the anger, the aching loneliness, and the doubt. If you're thinking time will allow you to change them, you're wrong. People are people, and your partner won't transform into someone else simply by saying "I do. If your partner is a player before marriage, they will be after marriage.

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    • Would you know if you were dating the wrong person?;

    If your partner is dramatic and text fights with you all day before marriage, they will be the same after marriage," he said. Marriage rarely "fixes" anybody, and if you want to get married and have this outcome, don't get married, he cautioned. If you're looking for a fairy-tale wedding but not sold on the partner, it's definitely a red flag. If you are more into the idea of a big wedding and wedding party with friends than actually marrying the person you're with, then I suggest just throwing a big party and saving yourself the heartache of an eventual divorce," Bennett said.

    If These 5 Signs Sound Familiar, You're Dating the Wrong Person If you're in a relationship, you're bound to have some ups and downs, like any average couple, but you can also get the feeling as to whether or not the person you're with could be a potential life partner, based on similarities and overall compatibility in the relationship. You're Not Attracted to Them Anymore While it's totally normal to lose some of that initial intense attraction over time, if you are going into a marriage but have lost most of that attraction, it's not a good idea to expect things to get better, David Bennett, a relationship counselor and owner of Double Trust Dating and Relationships, told POPSUGAR.

    Your Network Hates 'Em In the early stages of a relationship, it's often an "us against the world" mentality, where it doesn't really matter if your friends and family don't totally approve of your relationship, Bennett said.

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    You're More Excited For the Wedding Than a Lifetime If you're looking for a fairy-tale wedding but not sold on the partner, it's definitely a red flag. Did you find the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories.