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The main event of the evening was to make endless revolutions of the circular enclosure, alternatively making and breaking eye contact with people of your gender of interest, based on snap decisions about their appearance. Essentially, it was not a social event but rather a real-life, instant JSwipe with tons of alcohol and no escape. But first we ran into Hannah, a year-old with perfect curls and a skintight dress, tenderly kissing a chic bald man so passionately that I was sure they had come to the event together.

I asked the man, who neglected to be named, what he had come to the event looking for. As he wandered away, I noticed Hannah, sans her bald date, now deep in conversation with a young man in thick-framed glasses. Then along came Mark. Our conversation, unwisely, focused on Israel, the Holocaust and Hillary Clinton. He later apologized for calling me the reason people hate Jews, but he did not, I imagine, write down my number. He peeled away, revealing Hannah talking to a third, equally attractive man.

How did she keep shaking off these eligible men without losing them completely? As the night wore on, the participants, remarkably, seemed to multiply. We made for the lit-up gazebo, where an Israeli man did a shopping cart motion by himself. Also you can join a Jewish committee to be involved with an important cause.

Other New York Cities:

Explore the Jewish Community Center in your locality since most offer programs for Jewish singles. Ask your friends about upcoming Jewish charity events.

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  • How to Meet Jewish Men in NYC?

You can often become part of a committee by promising to invite participants and donors to an event. If you have technical or design skills, decide if offering these to a charity will help you get more involved.

Join an association If you wish to avoid overtly religious or charitable associations, you can still find several associations that will help you meet like-minded men from the Jewish community. One of these is the Young Jewish Professionals JYP is not only meant for networking and advancing of business opportunities, but also caters towards advancing social opportunities for young Jewish professionals.

YJP aims to create a congenial, stylish and casual setting for Jews in their twenties and thirties.

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Other than this you can also get involved with political groups, such as groups supporting a candidate, and thus get acquainted with rising political stars in your community, who if lucky, may be single even. Take a class Hobby classes and special interest groups offer one of the best chances to meet men with whom you are likely to share a high degree of compatibility. Similar interests and hobbies can not only prove effective in breaking the ice but will ensure that you have things to talk about and do together much later in your relationship.

So look for Jewish classes, whether of religious or cultural nature, that are offered throughout New York City. Most Jewish studies departments in graduate schools around the city, offer adult education programs as well evening classes. One such resource is the 92nd Street Y which has a wide range of hobby and activity options.

Here's a look at some Over 50 Jewish Singles Meetups happening near New York.

Cries when his team loses. Forgets to vote in national elections. So serious that he brings tefillin on your date so he can daven shacharis after he sleeps over at your apartment. You should probably order a salad.

How to Meet Jewish Men in NYC | Futurescopes

Just so you know!!! Claims to have read Rebecca Solnit. Prefers women who are five feet tall. The Good-looking, Respectful Orthodox Professional: Whoops too late — married to that gorgeous girl whose Instagram you follow.

Over 50 Jewish Singles Meetups in New York

Second child on the way. Just not ready to date seriously yet. Always volunteers to make kiddush on Friday nights. Will challenge you to a game of Settlers of Catan. Has the Sefaria app on his phone. The Woke Guy Claims to be polyamorous; actually just graduated college a virgin, and now at 28 and suddenly experiencing dating success is trying to make the most of it. Strong defender of Woody Allen, thinks Lena Dunham is an evil on par with human traffickers.

Wishes the Forward would get back to its Socialist roots.

Meet the Jewish Matchmaker of Your Mother's Dreams

He thinks he was raised…Deconstructionist? Orders bacon on your first date to make a point. Feels strongly that male circumcision is child abuse. Lives in Murray Hill.