Reynad and eloise dating

The Reynad following her upstairs happened on reynoodle's stream. Rest has been said by them on their streams. Yeah I found the video of the Reynad stream I found it hilarious, but poor Mira Do streamers actually know each other then?

Eloise Joins Tempo Storm

The only streamer I like is that guy who plays ps4 games standing up. It's amazing to me that Reynad's constant thinly-veiled sexual advances and inability to treat female acquaintances in a platonic manner somehow makes him more beta than Trump. Mira stated that she was interested in Reynad. This means either A she was using him for that twitch money in which case he certainly came on too strong but she didn't present the interest as a platonic friendship or B Reynad scared her off by failing to understand how courtship works and coming on too strong.

Either way he handled it poorly, yes, but the relationship wasn't originally presented to him as a friendship. I'm thinking it was a combination of A and B. I agree that he does a poor job of not coming off as predatory with the womens at times.

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Being as terrible with women as reynoodle is certainly brings entertainment since no one was harmed. And trump is actually surprisingly smooth with his flirting. He owns who he is to the point that it is quite badass in its own right.

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Gotta give trump credit where credit is due lol. For anybody who wants to see this play out https: More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device.

Eloise and Reynad play Hearthstone!

Forgot your username or password? RenoTurk11 RenoTurk11 3 years ago 12 So basically 1. Bluharvest Bluharvest 3 years ago 17 Do streamers actually know each other then? Growshroom Growshroom 3 years ago 18 It's amazing to me that Reynad's constant thinly-veiled sexual advances and inability to treat female acquaintances in a platonic manner somehow makes him more beta than Trump.

Tempo Storm

She already has been involved in countless offline tournament appearances both as a player and a caster and we know the fans in the Western community will welcome her with open arms. Eloise casting BlizzCon Her competitive spirit has since carried over to Hearthstone, where she has dedicated herself to being the best player in the world. After meeting Eloise on various occasions it became clear that her positive attitude, Hearthstone skills, and personal drive were all attributes of a fantastic Tempo Storm player.

I love to watch Western tournaments and I'm a fan of a lot of players.

It is unbelievable that I've got a chance to be one of them. I'll work hard to show that I can do like what I did in the past. People always say that I am the best female player in China, but for me it feels like they say it to comfort me when I lose. What I want is not to be the best female player, but to be the best player.

I'm surprised and excited to join Tempo Storm! Join us in welcoming Eloise to the Tempo Storm family!

Hearthstone: Eloise pro player interview | Red Bull

Heroes of WarCraft roster stands as: About Tempo Storm - Tempo Storm is one of the forefront organizations of leading strategic minds in competitive gaming. The official account for Tempo Storm announcements.

Meet Ant, the most positive player in Hearthstone

Toggle navigation Tempo Storm. Eloise Joins Tempo Storm by: Top 4 in NA vs CN , qualifying to represent the Chinese national team 5th - Gold League , the biggest tournament series in China 5th - China BlizzCon Regionals Her finish in the Regional BlizzCon qualifier meant that while she fell one round short of the World Championships, but she did win the slot of primary back-up player. Yeah, I know it's a Japanese word, but it fits her perfectly.

Welcome to the team and good to know you are ambitious as hell: