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I'm a young European lady and surprisingly found many new friends there who were interested in the same travel destinations. Unfortunately under many 'American' profiles was just a Nigerian flag I also received lots of messages from Indians, Turkish and Arabic men, who didn't bother to browse through my travel plans and just tried to invite me to their countries.

More Than 3.5 Million People Have Joined the Fun

However I'm somehow happy there were reliable people too and even got to meet several great guys there. I will not delete my profile and hope to meet more real travelers in the future. Patience and perseverence are key: Good luck with this site!

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I deleted my account days ago during my free trial. Today they take I want my money back. Other web sites will scam you and soam you with bots. This is a real one with real girls. Two days after creating a free account I was baited by two bots to chat. After signing up those two accounts suddenly did not reply at all.

During the following days I was contacted by other bots.. I work in IT so I spotted the usual patterns. I also received a lot of private notifications from Tourbar's support team indicating the accounts that were being removed because those accounts tried to chat with me.

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I logged in after a few weeks and there were not chats in my history section. So no real woman on this website, just bots and scammers. Honestly, this website needs to be shut down. My experience was so bad. A lot of Ukrainian girl are cheating on this site I would like if the developer creat a verification solution to filter the contacts and kick out those mafia.

OK these guys are a joke!!!

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Delete my profile, you bloody scammers! And customer service is apparently only for "customers". Dude I don't care I want my account deleted it's like they are doing this intentionally to increase their user base and information. I am negative about this site simply because the increadable amount of Russian and Ukraine girls who pay 30 Euro's per month to be on this site???? Come on guys get real. You truly believe they pay such high monthly rate just to travel or to find a companion where there are loads of free websites for them to choose from?

I discovered that a lot of the Ukrainian female profiles are fake, you can simply select Google search on a picture to find out where this picture pops up on other websites.

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  6. Tourbar Reviews - 36 Reviews of | Sitejabber.
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  8. Tourbar hmmmm one big scam is the best description I can think of. You better think twice before spending your hard earned money here. I made an account, I got verified in every way they offer. I deleted my account and my information after 2 months was there. Good looking website but holding your info and passport forever is unacceptable. I already have one, for that time I'd spend with writing to people I'm not interested in I can actually earn money a buy it by myself. But I said ok, I'll give it a try and let's wait.

    Today I tried to log in and it says my account is blocked. I wasn't rude to anyone, I didn't put my personal info in profile, I'm not an escort, I'm using my photos. As anyone can read, men being charged have even worse experiences. Payed and had all kinds of girls messaging me. I'm sure some of them were escorts, but there are a lot of legit women here as well.

    This website is terrible, they every month making competitions for girls to win the iPhone the rules is u must talk with a lot of men to gain some points, it's scam website!


    After when girl gain some points and she is on the first place , she getting deleted by admin without reason that she will not win phone. So all girls there try to talk as many men as they can do gain some points, for every men they give 30 points, after few messages she start ignore u and start talking the same subject with another man. In month she must do 10k points or more. This website full of scam. I felt same way towards Tour-bar before I gave it a chance.

    So I said what the hell If I could share people the experiences I had on my trips with a couple of gorgeous exotic looking Girls Every time I look at pictures and start remembering those amazing moments I still get chills all over So if I can give anybody an advice However, modern technology has offered worldly travelers, like my friend, a community where they can connect, bond, and plan trips abroad, so no one has to travel alone.

    TourBar opens up a world of possibilities for singles seeking a travel buddy or romantic partner. Since , millions of people have used this dating site and app to spice up their vacations by meeting locals online. They can use the free communication tools to get recommendations on where to go and what to see, and they can even schedule meetups with online pen pals during their visits. The app is currently available in the App Store and on Google Play. The success of any trip hinges on your companions.

    More Than 3.5 Million People Have Joined the Fun

    Incompatible travel buddies can turn a vacation into a power struggle. One person wants to go out dancing while another would rather order in room service. One person enjoys planning excursions in detail, while the other enjoys simply wandering through town. TourBar offers a safe online forum where travelers can establish compatibility and draw up an excursion program together. Its brand reflects the ease and pleasant atmosphere of a travel experience similar to an atmosphere in a bar. Users can expedite the signup process by linking their profiles to a social media account, including Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.

    This allows singles to quickly create a profile and look around the dating site. The team also uses social media accounts and mobile phone numbers to verify user identities. TourBar has a three-step verification process. Last of all, users will submit a mobile phone number and receive a verification code via text.

    These security measures add a layer of trust and authenticity to the site. Members can also choose to keep their online identities private and remove their profiles from search results. Only mutual matches or VIP members can send messages on the site. Vasily said this greatly reduces the chances of running into a spammer or fraudster on the site. In the last two years, over 3. Men outnumber women on the site, which is fairly typical in the online dating world, and their ages vary. These men and women also tend to hail from different parts of the world.

    TourBar users may live in different countries, but they come together through a love of traveling.