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Gwen subdues him, but Peter dies towards the end of the battle due to the chemical he used. Spider-Woman is blamed for his death, causing an outcry for her arrest, led by J. Her father, who is also a police chief in this world, begins a hunt for her. This follows Gwen into college, where she is still a member of the Mary Janes. At a gig of theirs, an assassin is sent after Gwen's father, who is in the audience.

Gwen defeats the assassin, the audience and band clearing out during the battle. While they are alone, Captain Stacy holds Spider-Woman at gun point, with Gwen taking off her mask to reveal who she is.

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Shocked upon learning Spider-Woman's identity, he tells her to run before he changes his mind. However he does recruit her for a mission and they both agree to look out for each other. She tells him that he can become the man he once was if he joins them, but they are attacked by the Inheritors. Hobgoblin sacrifices himself to save Gwen. After the events of Spider-Verse , Gwen returns to her home of Earth where she continues her career as Spider-Woman in her own solo series, Spider-Gwen.

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They eventually form a team called the Web Warriors where they help other Spider-Men and Women in various dimensions. She rejects him because he's a kid with a goatee and mustache. Another version of her is a member of Arcadia's's A-Force. Issue 1 of Spider-Man: Gwen Stacy has been previously killed by the wolf.

Issue 4 is an adaption of Cinderella with Gwen as Princess Gwendolyn. She falls in love with the masked "Prince of Arachne," who is revealed to be Peter Parker, servant to Sir Osborn , but is killed during a fight between Osborn and Parker. She is the new girl at school and quickly becomes close friends with Peter Parker. They date for a time, though Gwen breaks up with Peter when she learns Mary Jane is the girl he truly loves. MJ, attempting to fix this, breaks up with Peter and reunites with Harry. Peter cannot commit to Gwen.

She is unwilling to accept him as a friend and not a boyfriend. She helps him escape a hidden paradise known as "The Haven". In this continuity, Gwen, whose rendition by artist Mark Bagley was inspired by an early-career Madonna , [57] has amber eyes, wears punk-style clothing, and harbors a rebellious personality. She is suspended from school temporarily.

Gwen becomes friends with Peter, which leads Mary Jane Watson to believe Gwen is vying for his affections. Gwen is later taken in by Aunt May after her father, police captain John Stacy, is killed by a burglar wearing a Spider-Man costume. Her estranged mother does not want to take her in. Her living in the Parker house creates more tension between Peter and Mary Jane, and leads to their temporary break-up.

Peter's relationship with Gwen is further complicated by her hatred of Spider-Man, whom she blames for her father's death. When Peter finds his friend Eddie Brock , Gwen confides in him about her feelings of isolation. Eddie then tries to kiss her and Gwen is shocked. He manages to convince her he is not to blame for her father's death. Gwen runs off but returns, explaining she is just really mad at everything at the moment. She wouldn't have really shot him, a fact Peter already knew because his spider sense didn't go off despite Gwen's wrath.

Gwen Stacy

Gwen then agrees to keep his secret. Gwen Stacy dies in Ultimate Spider-Man Before her death, she made peace with Mary Jane and assured her she never had romantic feelings for Peter. She considered him just as a friend. She is killed by Carnage , a vampiric monster made by the splicing of genetic material from Peter Parker, his father, and Dr. Although Peter is not in the area when she dies, he still feels some responsibility for her death, as he allowed Dr.

Connors to use his genetic material for experimentation. His guilt makes him decide to retire as Spider-Man for a while. Eventually, he takes up his hero identity when his responsibility for the innocent becomes too great to overlook. Flash Thompson makes an off-color remark about Gwen's passing. It infuriates MJ to the point where she physically attacks Flash. It is revealed Flash had a crush on Gwen all along. In issue , after a raft of revelations, the stress of the situation enrages "Gwen". She transforms into what appears to be Carnage before leaping out the window.

An inmate appearing to be 'Gwen' walks out amidst the chaos, disappearing in the shadows. It has been revealed the creature posing as Gwen Stacy is still the original Ultimate Carnage Spider-Man faced earlier in its run. After "devouring" Gwen, this incarnation of Carnage has gone on to mimic her "essence" and now believes itself to be Gwen Stacy.

It is shown Gwen has been taking some form of therapy with Tony Stark. However, when the Green Goblin broke out of the Triskelion, Gwen escaped and went to Peter Parker's house in a confused and terrified state, with Carnage's face on her body. In a rage, Spider-Man engages Venom on a nearby rooftop.

During the fight, Gwen is shown to be able to use her symbiote to fight off Eddie but Eddie reabsorbs his symbiote along with the Carnage symbiote rendering Gwen Stacy an average girl. Peter and May argue for her to come back to live with them, with Tony Stark supporting the Parkers. Her ghastly experience with the Carnage symbiote also causes her to develop a death anxiety she gradually controls. However, circumstances involving the Chameleon made Gwen realize she made a mistake dating Peter.

She breaks up with him, but still lives with the Parkers due to Gwen and Aunt May has become close in a surrogate mother-daughter fashion. Green Goblin flees at his arrival and the two Spider-Men depart. Gwen is unsure of the identity of the original Spider-Man, however, Aunt May assures her that his motives show that it him.

This post contains spoilers for Marvel's Spider-Man, but only when it comes to his love life.

Gwen sprints over and joyfully reunites with him. Early in the series, Ultimate Spider-Man 25 October paid homage to Gwen Stacy's death in the Earth continuity, although Gwen herself was not involved. Spider-Man caught her leg with his webbing, just as with Gwen. The issue ended with a cliffhanger: The cliffhanger was resolved in the next issue when Mary Jane awoke in 26, uninjured. During the return of the Inheritors , Spider-Gwen's device to travel through the multiverse got destroyed by Verna and then Gwen got stranded in an alternate universe.

Peter was experimenting with spider venom to create the cure, but one of the spiders bit Harry Osborn making Harry this universe's Spider-Man. Harry alongside Gwen Stacy as this universe's Green Goblin started to fight crime together where they even took down Vulture. This lasted until a fight with the Sandman where both Harry and George Stacy got killed. The accident did something to the circuitry that enabled Gwen to control the Goblin Glider that left her mostly acting like the Green Goblin with no memory of being Gwen Stacy. Spider-Gwen is eventually able to free her counterpart from her insanity.

To thank her, the Goblin Gwen fixes Spider-Gwen's multiversal travel device to allow her to return to her allies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the alternate-universe superhero version, see Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy. For the comic-book series starring the alternate-universe superhero version, see Spider-Gwen. For the Christian metalcore band, see Gwen Stacy band.

This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. The Night Gwen Stacy Died. This monumental issue saw the first appearances of Peter's upcoming love interest Gwen Stacy, prospective best friend, Harry Osborn, and even the future super villain known as the Jackal. So in Spider-Man's world, there was a good chance that he would be destined to die. The Beginnings of the Clone Saga". Archived from the original on In June [], Marvel embarked on a story that would have far-reaching effects. The idea of beloved supporting characters meeting their deaths may be standard operating procedure now but in it was unprecedented Gwen's death took villainy and victimhood to an entirely new level.

Archived from the original on 27 August Retrieved 5 September He did not intend her eyes to be yellow. Archived January 22, , at the Wayback Machine. The Amazing Spider-Man Storylines. In film In television In video games In novels. Bibliography of works on Spider-Man.

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Symbiote family and hosts. Alternative versions of Venom Alternative versions of Spider-Man. We, ourselves, felt that Mary Jane ended up being not only more attractive but more fun and more interesting, and we finally decided to let Peter end up with her, but it was When asked about this, Stan Lee claimed it was purely coincidental, that he knew nothing about drugs and never tried marijuana.

Conway pushed Mary Jane to the forefront of the cast, and made her a serious love interest for Peter Parker. Gwen didn't have an edge. She was just a nice person. I don't think she had a mean bone in her body, and wasn't likely to do something that was likely to screw things up for Peter, out of some misguided sense of self-aggrandizement, which Mary Jane was quite capable of doing - which makes her a much more interesting character.

As a consequence, writer J. DeMatteis made Mary Jane and her marriage to Spider-Man one of the central themes of the critically acclaimed " Kraven's Last Hunt ", published the same year as the wedding. The reason Peter makes it out is because he has Mary Jane in his life, and that is his salvation. Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada said that he feels the marriage ages the characters, making them less appealing to young readers, and lessens the dramatic, " soap opera " possibilities, but also stated that "divorcing or widowing, or annulling the marriage In , Quesada presided over the controversial " One More Day " storyline, which he also drew, in which Peter and Mary Jane's marriage is erased from history and everyone's memories by the devil Mephisto.

Quesada states he is an avid fan of the Peter and MJ relationship, and in several interviews has claimed that the alternate MC2 universe, in which Peter and Mary Jane are happily married, is a "natural progression" of the characters. The erasing of Peter and Mary Jane's marriage was initially adopted in the newspaper strip as well, but due to negative reader reaction Lee later revealed it to be a bad dream. Mary Jane is depicted as an extremely beautiful, green-eyed redhead , and has been the primary romantic interest of Peter Parker for the last twenty years, although initially competing with others for his affection, most prominently with Gwen Stacy and the Black Cat.

Early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man featured a running joke about Peter dodging his Aunt May 's attempts to set him up with "that nice Watson girl next door", whom Peter had not yet met and assumed would not be his type, since his aunt liked her in the Parallel Lives graphic novel an identical scenario is shown between Mary Jane and her Aunt Anna.

In that issue, on the last page, Peter finally meets her, and he is stunned by her beauty even as she speaks the now-famous line: Peter begins to date her, much to the annoyance of Gwen Stacy. However, they eventually become irritated with each other and Peter subsequently chooses to date Gwen.

Mary Jane, who becomes Harry Osborn 's love interest and girlfriend for about a year, remains a close friend to Peter and Gwen. Despite her enjoyment of life, her friendships, and dating, Mary Jane refuses to be tied down for too long. When her relationship with Harry Osborn comes to an end, it has significant impact on Harry, driving him to a drug overdose. Peter, who is distraught over the loss of Gwen Stacy, angrily confronts MJ about her seemingly flighty and carefree attitude. He questions her ability to ever care about people like him and Gwen, and states "You wouldn't be sorry if your own mother died," unaware that her mother had actually died.

Mary Jane is hurt by Peter's comments. She attempts to leave, but hesitates as she approaches the door, and ultimately chooses to stay with him. Eventually, upon realizing the feelings that they share for one another, they decide to take their relationship to the next level. Their relationship has a few initial hurdles, such as MJ's hot temper and Peter's always dashing off to be Spider-Man. Despite loving Peter, MJ does not wish to be tied down for a moment, and when she allows the relationship to progress too far, she is left with a difficult decision when Peter proposes to her.

After taking a short time to consider, she turns him down.

List of Spider-Man supporting characters

Following a series of traumatic experiences involving Peter's absences and his costumed alter ego endangering his Aunt May, a spiritually exhausted MJ leaves New York for several months. Peter meanwhile dates other women, most notably Felicia Hardy. MJ eventually returns, her behavior showing a marked change with her abandonment of her false front. Following an attack on Peter by Puma , she breaks down and admits her knowledge of Peter's secret identity in The Amazing Spider-Man After learning of her own family history in The Amazing Spider-Man , Peter finds a new respect for her and begins to truly understand her.

MJ makes it clear to Peter that knowing his identity changes nothing about her feelings, and that she only loves him as a friend. Despite the one-shot graphic novel Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel Lives and Untold Tales of Spider-Man 16 revealing that Mary Jane discovered Peter's secret when she noticed Spider-Man climbing out of Peter's bedroom window after his uncle's murder, many comics published before this revelation claimed that she had simply "figured it out", with the details of how and when left ambiguous to the reader.

After yet another period of reconsidering his priorities in life, Peter contemplates letting go of the Spider-Man mantle, with Mary Jane backing the decision, but his relationship with Felicia Hardy soon resumes. Feeling lost and guilty, Peter visits Mary Jane and apologizes with an awkward kiss before heading to Berlin with Ned Leeds. Following Ned Leeds' murder at the hands of the Foreigner , a changed and bitter Peter returns to New York, where his lack of direction in life is not helped when Ned is framed as the Hobgoblin , and Felicia elects to leave Peter behind as she is tied to the Foreigner.

Mary Jane returns to Peter, presumably to patch things up, but Peter surprises her with a second proposal of marriage, which MJ again turns down. After aiding her sister in having her crooked father arrested, and aiding Peter against a Spider-Slayer , Mary Jane has an epiphany on marriage, and agrees to become Peter's wife. In spite of Peter and Mary Jane's mutual worry that they were marrying too early, Peter's concern for her safety, and her unwillingness to give up her "party girl" lifestyle, they marry. They were, at that moment, really in love.

Spider-Man wears his black costume around this time, but after Mary Jane is frightened by a stalking Venom , she convinces him to change back to his old costume. Mary Jane continues to model after her marriage, but is stalked by her wealthy landlord, Jonathan Caesar. When she rejects his advances, he kidnaps her, but she manages to escape. While Caesar is briefly incarcerated, he uses his powerful business connections within the city and has her blacklisted as a model.

She gets a role on the soap opera "Secret Hospital", but is unhappy with her character's air-headed and mean personality. On top of that, Caesar, who has been released from prison and is still obsessed with Mary Jane, plots to kidnap her again—this time intending to whisk her away to a private island he owns in the Caribbean. After luring Mary Jane to an abandoned studio and threatening to kill her, Caesar is confronted by Officer Goldman, a policeman assigned to Mary Jane's original case against him.

Goldman then shoots Caesar dead, saving Mary Jane's life. Although she successfully petitions her boss to adjust her character's personality, a deranged fan tries to kill Mary Jane out of hatred for the actions of her soap opera character. Mary Jane quits her job out of fear for her own safety and returns to modeling. This, along with Peter's role as Spider-Man, triggers a growing divide.

She briefly flirts with actor Jason Jerome, who tries to tempt her into a secret affair, kissing her twice. She resists out of faithfulness to Peter, but her weak rebuffs fail to convince Jerome, and she realizes she is enticed by him in spite of herself. Due to this stress, and the seeming return of her husband's parents, Mary Jane begins smoking a habit she had quit in high school , only increasing the tension between her and Peter.

Peter ultimately convinces her to stop smoking when he tricks her into visiting Nick Katzenberg suffering heavily from lung cancer. When his parents are discovered to be fakes, Peter is unable to cope with the knowledge and disappears for a time. Mary Jane visits her sister Gayle and her father for the first time in years, and finally reconciles with them. Meanwhile, Peter overcomes his problems on his own. When she and Peter reunite, both are happier than they had been in a long time.

Mary Jane discovers that she is pregnant. While she experiences some complications in her pregnancy, Reilly's scientist friend Seward Trainer helps her.

List of 20 Girlfriends of Peter Parker / Spider-Man

After conducting the tests themselves tests which Seward rigged they confirm Seward's story. A disbelieving Peter, while arguing with Ben, accidentally strikes Mary Jane. After this, he decides to quit as Spider-Man, because the stress of his double life is endangering his wife and unborn child. They live there peacefully for several months, adapting happily to normal life after an accident causes subtle damage to Peter's genetic structure that disrupts his ability to use his powers. However, they miss New York City and their friends, and move back, a strange illness culminating in the restoration of Peter's powers.

During the Onslaught crisis, Mary Jane is scanned by a Sentinel robot, who detects genetic abnormalities in her fetus. Soon afterward, when Mary Jane's baby is already past due, she is poisoned by Alison Mongrain , an agent of the Green Goblin. Mary Jane's baby is stillborn. Mary Jane returns to college to major in psychology , but the stress of the ongoing manipulations of Norman Osborn take their toll. He is happy to do so for several months, but soon feels the tug of his great power and great responsibility to be a hero.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane is offered a new modeling contract and reaches new heights of success. Peter becomes Spider-Man again behind Mary Jane's back, which puts strain on their marriage. At the same time, she begins receiving lewd and threatening phone calls from an anonymous stalker.

Peter is shocked and goes into deep denial over her death. Although he is set up with several other women, and his friends encourage him to move on, he believes she is still alive. Her mysterious stalker, an unnamed, telepathic mutant, has telepathically connected to Peter in some way, and wants to take over his life. He kidnapped Mary Jane as part of his plan and held her hostage for several months. The stalker kills himself after finally gleaning enough of Peter's personality and morality to discover that he had done terrible things. Peter and Mary Jane are reunited in Peter Parker: Spider-Man 29 June The stress of her captivity drives Mary Jane away.

She moves to Los Angeles and immerses herself in acting — starring as the doomed love interest in the film Lobster-Man. Although missing Peter after he fails to meet her on a visit back to New York, she refuses to talk to him; Aunt May gets Peter to visit her in Los Angeles, [26] however the two remain separated. Peter's encounter with the supernatural Spider-Wasp Shathra eventually leads to the two of them flying to New York and Los Angeles to see each other.

Despite missing each other at their respective homes, they meet in an airport in Denver, Colorado where they reconcile after a brief encounter with Doctor Doom and Latverian terrorists. Mary Jane immediately feels at home with the New Avengers and is happy to finally be a part of Spider-Man's world. The Civil War events forced Peter to stage a secret transfer of Mary Jane out of Stark Mansion, feeling that with the loss of his secret identity and his doubts about Tony Stark 's ideas, Mary Jane had become a hostage in a luxurious house.

Now residing in a cheap motel, her whole life had been affected, from her increasing difficulties in finding a new job as an actress to her being an easy target and prey, along with Aunt May, for the superpowered foes of Spider-Man. When Peter returns to the Parker family's motel hideout, the assassin takes aim at Peter and fires, but hits Aunt May instead. In trying to keep May alive and hidden from Spider-Man's enemies, they become fugitives on the run. During the " One More Day " storyline, Peter is forced to decide whether he will accept Mephisto 's offer to save Aunt May in return for wiping the knowledge and memory of Peter and MJ's life together as husband and wife from the face of reality, which would leave only a single, subconscious piece of their souls to remember, allowing Mephisto to feast on the pain exhibited by those vestiges for eternity.

MJ accepts Mephisto's offer, but only with the caveat that Mephisto promises to restore Spider-Man's secret identity. She also asks to put his life back as it was and have a chance at happiness. Mephisto accepts these terms, and in the revised timeline, which begins at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man , and is further explained in the following issues, MJ and Peter were never married, but instead "dated seriously for years". According to interviews conducted with then-Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada , every story prior to this story remains canon this would later be contradicted as the events of later stories imply MJ never fell pregnant.

Quesada also stated that a gap of undefined duration occurred between pages in "One More Day", during which the couple separated. By the end of that period, MJ has moved to California to become an actress, but continues to visit New York from time to time. In the epilogue to "One More Day", she attends a "coming home" party held by Harry Osborn during one such visit, with Peter catching a small glimpse of her before she left. Concealing herself in the panic room , Mary Jane observes a battle between Spider-Man and Paperdoll, and communicates with Spider-Man over the intercom.

Mary Jane says that she and Spider-Man made a great team "in another life" and longingly touches a monitor screen showing his face, hinting that she still has strong feelings and misses him. Peter does not learn that Mary Jane is the girlfriend of Carr nor that she was the voice on the intercom. Mary Jane is seen at the conclusion of the issue contemplating a phone call to Peter, but is hesitant to do so. She is asked for an autograph by Sara Ehret, an associate of Jackpot.

Mary Jane tells her she does not know when she will return to New York. She left a message on Peter's machine but it was cut off before she could say anything. Mary Jane has been living on the West Coast pursuing her acting career. Carr complains that now she would tell them all about his drug use. Mary Jane and Peter agree to meet with each other. Peter does not remember when or where as he had been drunk, and is further delayed due to his activities as Spider-Man.