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Self-Promotion - Share your own content, communities ex: Discord , or projects. Find a Friend Friday - Search for other community members playing your game. Request Looking to play romance games with female protagonist self. The romance can be primary or secondary. It'd be nice if the romances were good and not shallow like Skyrim. Doesn't have to be otome although I enjoy them too. I've watched Hatoful Boyfriend and loved the script so much.

I would prefer not to grind stats like some dating sims unless the romance is worth it. The storyline is a spin on Cinderella, and there are three romance paths available. The art and music are really well done, and there's a demo so you can check it out and see if you like it before you buy.

Top 10 English Otome Games

It is a bit on the pricey side for a visual novel, but there are several endings to find, so I replayed it a few times and ended up getting about 10 hours of gameplay in the end. Rose is available for iOS or Android. There are four different romance paths in the game, and I enjoyed playing through all of them. I also really liked the art. I think Regency Love is only available for iOS, but I'd highly recommend it if you are at all into regency romance novels.

The art style is maybe a bit simpler than in the other two games I mentioned here, but I found the two romance stories really engaging. The developers are also planning on releasing an expansion soon with another romance path, and I enjoyed the game so much that I think I will buy it. If you're interested in games that are text-based, Choice of Games has some fun interactive novels that you can play on PC or mobile devices, and some of them include romance as secondary plotlines ironically, their game Choice of Romance was not, in fact, a very satisfying romance game in my opinion, but I enjoyed the romance plots in some of the others.

One cool thing about Choice of Games is that in many of them you can choose your gender and sexual orientation freely--all of the other games I mentioned in this post have only heterosexual romances with female player characters, but in many of the CoG you can choose to be gay or bi if you want.

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Choice of the Deathless was my favorite of the CoG games I played, with a really unique setting and storyline, and though the romance options were a secondary part of the plot, I liked that aspect of the story. Creatures Such as We is also a really well done interactive novel with some romance elements, and you can even play it for free on their website or a mobile device. I picked up Magical Diary cheaply in a Humble Bundle. It's probably more of something you'd wait for a sale for - the graphics aren't great and it's a bit brief, but I thought it was fun if you see a deal on it.

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The romance can be more or less of an element in the game depending on who you go after. There are six romance options I think, and at least two of them have a significant amount of story content related to them, but I think some of the others only have a scene or two. I've thought about trying it but it sounds a lot like an MMO, am I wrong?

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Are the quests fun to do for the most part? How much did this improve over Rune Factory 3? I had that one and felt it to be rather Always felt like the game was trying to be Secret of Mana but not as put together. I haven't played rune factory 3 4 was the first one that let you play as a girl so I can't say for sure.

Anecdotally, I heard that the interface for 4 was way improved over 3, and for what it's worth personally I enjoyed it enough to play pretty much all summer last year. I also enjoy the Harvest Moon games a lot, so adding a combat system and gear and weapon crafting added a lot of replayability to the farming thing. Obligatory link to http: I really liked Magical Diary. You can romance men and women, and even better you get to go to a Hogwarts-like school!

I've put about 13 hours into it using the fast forward through seen text option and still haven't gotten all of the endings. I see you mentioned Hatoful Boyfriend. Did you watch through the BBL ending? If not you're missing half the story seriously it's like 3 hours long and you should totally try playing it yourself. Those are the only ones I've played long enough to really recommend, although I will say I recently found an otome called Seduce Me that's free on PC and seemed promising at least for being free. I wish more non-dating games with female characters would have romance subplots but nearly every mandatory female main Lara Croft, Chell, Faith, etc has to remain "single" because of the male gaze and shit.

Seven Kingdoms is an upcoming commercial game that I'm really looking forward to. Lots of court intrigue, tons of interesting characters and you can choose your character background! This game has a demo. I personally really loved Scheherazade ; it's really long, has an interesting cast of characters so many awesome supporting characters and has one of the most kick-ass protagonists I've ever seen. She's like a female version of Indiana Jones. Royal Trap also has a strong female protagonist with several love interests although some don't pan out in the way that you'd expect.

At Your Side is awesome! It's not for everyone since the plot is so random and the villain is pretty much comic fodder but the game itself is very fun with lots of amusing references to Keiji Inafune of Megaman fame. You actually play as his niece xD. Like Fire Emblem, you can pair up the characters here. Threads must follow content guidelines. No spoilers in post titles. Posts with spoilers in the title will be removed.

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Otome games for 3ds/ds : 3DS

Do not include any spoilers in a post title. Browse these all at once or browse the full directory. But are they any other games like the ones above, that's all I want to know.

You may want to make you post a bit clearer and perhaps define otome. I don't know about others, but I had to look that one up. Hope someone can point you in the right direction. All there is for the 3DS in English besides the ones you named are pretty much only the Harvest Moon games.