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If you are newer to my story, you might not know this, but I run a national nonprofit organization called Laughing At My Nightmare, and our mission is to provide medical and adaptive equipment to people living with muscular dystrophy. Our work is one of my biggest passions, and today, we provided an iPad to a man living with ALS who has recently lost his ability to communicate. The effects of muscular dystrophy can be very difficult, but our goal is to provide equipment that helps our clients adapt and thrive.

Hearing from this family today about their excitement of the iPad and all the communication features it offers made me smile. Watching them pull out a win on that extremely lucky missed field goal made me smile.

What made you smile this week? We had a lovely few days in Pennsylvania! See what we did in our latest vlog: It made me smile, as did the mashed potatoes. Pulled pork, smothered in Memphis barbecue sauce made me smile today. Mike and Melanie, you are heroes. We got some greatly relieving news today! Hannah has recently been seeing several doctors about a concerning lump on her neck. Today, her doctor concluded that the lump is benign!!! This report made both of us smile!

It was potentially going to snow a million inches last night, which would complicate our plan to leave for Pennsylvania this morning, but only a few slushy inches fell in Minneapolis, so we are on our way! Going to see my family for New Years makes me smile. Hannah and I arrived this evening after two and a half days on the road. Playing board games and catching up with my family made me smile tonight.

We’re sad to announce that we’re closing 😞🐬

Hannah and I sat down and answer 25 questions submitted by our subscribers. A new episode of Squirmy and Grubs is now live!!! Check it out here: So many internet strangers have theorized that Hannah must not truly love me because we never kiss on camera. We just posted a new vlog where we address this issue. In addition to blowing my nose a million times and coughing up copious amounts of phlegm with his assistance, we also ate lots of delicious food, watched a lot of football, and played a bunch of video games.

Hanging out like we used to do more often in our younger years made me smile. Homemade chicken fingers made me smile tonight.

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I have a weird thing for food that is breaded. Hundreds of thousands of people are checking out the interview that Hannah and I did with Special Books by Special Kids on YouTube, and as a result, there has been a huge outpouring of support for our channel. Reading all of your beautiful comments in support of the idea that people with disabilities are capable and worthy of romantic love makes me smile. We put up our Christmas tree today! Getting into the holiday spirit makes me smile.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I live with a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Those legs belong to my girlfriend, Hannah. Unlike mine, her legs work exceptionally well. Much of the content I write involves our relationship. For instance, what is it like to have naked sexy time with the person who just held you on the toilet while you had diarrhea? These are the hard-hitting issues I like to explore in my work.

Follow me on Instagram. My username is shaneburcaw. The doctors say I just might walk some day if I can reach that number. Imagine a place where all your wildest disability fantasies exist together in unity: Now open your eyes. Hannah left for her ten-day trip at 5am this morning.

On top of this misery, I woke up with the distinct weight of an oncoming cold pressing on my chest.

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My illness has blossomed into a full-fledged, snotty, coughing, feverish nightmare. They are making me feel like family and that makes me smile. Speaking of family, my brother arrived today! He texted me before his flight this morning and asked how I was feeling.

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Andrew and I spent the day loafing around while I continued to hack my lungs up. Feeling much better, I showed Andrew around Minneapolis today. The downtown is connected by a complex system of skywalks that allow you to get around the city completely indoors, so we took advantage of this awesome system and took in some of the city sights. It made me smile. Hannah, my long lost girlfriend whose face I struggle to recall after so many days apart, texted me today: Images of child pornography had reportedly been uploaded on the website, after the filters had failed to block them.

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  • According to the new ban, GIFs, videos, and images exposing genitalia, along with illustrated sexual acts, will be prohibited. Art featuring nudity will be permitted, as will nakedness in some photos of public events like political protests. The coffee chain banned in-store pornography in , but did not install filters to prevent customers from accessing pornography. The coffee company said recently that it had been looking for a way to block pornography on its network without thwarting access to other websites. Details on the new filters have not been released, but Starbucks has said it will introduce them sometime in Starbucks made the announcement shortly after Enough is Enough re-issued a petition Nov.

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    At present, Starbucks has only filtered porn in its UK locations. Hughes said that because Starbucks did not follow through with its commitment, the company has kept open an opportunity for child pornography to be accessed under the radar, and for teens to bypass parental controls. Enough is Enough ran a thank-you campaign for Starbucks after it promised to block porn in Hughes told NBC News that, this time, the group will withhold applause and continue to apply pressure until the changes are seen. Major porn websites have issued statements in response to the decision. The category contains topics like video game reviews and advice from porn stars.

    It is unclear if the new ban will block entire domains containing pornography, or allow access to parts of the websites which do not have sexually explicit material.