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A petite redhead would also fit my tastes. No, no, I meant that if one was only ever attracted to Asians because of their asianness that would be weird and creepy. I can totally get behind liking certain traits that happen to be common in a particular race, it's the explicit and exclusive fetishisation of a race that's squicks me out.

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I can never and will never understand the difference between "being fetishized" and "having features that my husband likes. Is a man who really likes blonde women a sicko? Anyway, it doesn't matter, you see an ad for Asian porn and think your BF is cheating so you're clearly a bit high-strung. They are a reasonable match.

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I wouldn't say sicko. But if a guy is with a woman because she is blonde, and would not want to be with her if she one day dyed her hair brown, then yeah mucho side eyes to guys like that. You think me not wanting my wife to dye her hair makes me deserve mucho-side-eyes while you stay with a guy who cheats on you.

I suggest you very seriously consider the discrepancy between your idealistic keyboard opinions on what makes men bad and what you put up with in your daily life. My wife's Asianness turns me on like crazy and I wouldn't want her to dye her hair blonde. That said, I have never and would never cheat on her. This means I am a 1. Ain't looking to fight you over your preferences for your wife. You seem to have a very black and white way of looking at things though, that I don't share.

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Agree to disagree I guess? You are looking to create issues where there are none. If your bf posted with "My Asian girlfriend is upset that I watch Asian porn because she thinks I'm objectifying her", most of the responses would be, "Move on from this crazy person". Your boyfriend has cheated on you before, and you think dating a man with an Asian fetish is "devaluing"? Get your priorities straight! Being with a man who cheats on you is devaluing. If his cheating has caused this much concern and trust issues, perhaps you shouldn't have taken him back in the first place?

Now it just seems like your part of a toxic relationship, creating problems around an issue that happened some time ago, and was never truly resolved. Did he cheat on you with another Asian girl? If so, then he has an Asian fetish which is "devaluing" and you should leave him. If he fucked a white chick, then he doesn't only like Asians, and therefore you should stay with him.

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It was a Hispanic stripper, and no, i don't need you tell me whether I should leave him or not. That's my fight, I just came on reddit to ask that question about the ads. Thanks for the concern anyways. I'm sorry but I'd feel like it was a compliment. Your asking people to answer a question for you and everyone is giving you great advice but you are being so resistant and defensive that anything anyone says falls on def ears.

I'm white and only attracted to white women, does that mean my wife should feel offended? Crucifying your boyfriend because of the way his brain works as far as attraction to the opposite sex it absurd. Your question has been more then answered, do yourself a favour and get the stick out of your ass and take these people's advice. God damn it, thank you. I don't get this stuff. I just don't get it and it comes up again and again. Maybe he likes you only for your personality and only forces himself to watch asian porn, because he is training himself to be attracted to asian women so his love for you isn't purely based on your personality but your physical features as well?

Sorry just trying to point out how your irrational assumptions sound from the outside. Wouldn't put much stock in targeted ads, and i hardly think it means he is cheating even if he does get a lot of targeted ads. I don't personally take offense to fetishization so I don't know how serious an issue it is to you personally, but at the very least you know it isn't a deciding factor considering who he cheated on you with? This relationship doesn't sound too healthy as you seem intent on "busting" your boyfriend and are grasping at straws to catch him in the act.

Bail and find someone you trust. If he's not otherwise going about this in a gross way I'm hapa so I used to get a smattering of the Creepy White Guys attention I wouldn't worry about it. I don't want to start a race war here, but I generally Asian and hapa women complain about "creepy white guys" to be missing the point a bit. Everyone is accosted by creepy white guys in the West, and if you live in a suitably diverse place like San Jose, you get a nice smattering of creepy Indian and Asian guys too.

I think you're being unnecessarily defensive here. Nobody is saying "all white dudes who are attracted to Asian women are creepy. Then why did you feel the need to argue with OP about that point?

Maybe her boyfriend is showing signs of Creepy White Dudeness. I was completely divorcing the "boyfriend" from the "creepy guy" element. If a man, as you specifically say, is attracted to Asian women and successful in attracting an Asian woman to date him, it probably stands to reason that he is not "creepy. My wife's race and appearance and my race and appearance are in the "pro" columns for both of us in my marriage.

Okay, but people have preferences. Your boyfriend prefers Asian women. What's wrong with that? That's like preferring brunettes to blondes. I got a "Russian women for senior American men" ad just this morning. I'm a straight woman in my 20's. I get tons of spam mail for "hot horny women dtf" or penis enlargement. If it was a once or twice off thing, sure I wouldn't give a second thought to it.

I just had to ask because Asian dating site ads pop up every 15 minutes or so that I'm on the net. Always Asian, never any other locale or ethnicity, and we live in Australia so it can't be geographically targeted either. If this is all it takes for you to make this conclusion it seems that there must be more things at play here. Then you don't need to bust his cheating ass to kick it to the curb.

This guy clearly can't handle temptation. We did break up because of it, now he's seeing a shrink to improve his handle on sexual urges so I decided to give him another chance, but as you can see I still haven't forgotten the do soooo I'm on reddit asking pathetic questions.

How to remove dating site ads?

I can see why you're paranoid. Is it really worth it, living with the anxiety? I mean the answer to this could be yes because you think the relationship is worth it, just asking if you think you could be better off without it. I ask myself that every day. In my head I know there are heaps of guys out there with stronger character who would never cheat.

But then there are these pesky feelings I love him, he is my best friend, and if you take out the cheating we have a pretty good relationship, and ugh. I just don't want it to end. But he is down to the last straw, and if anything else happens, I would totally walk away. Ads can be targeted. Or, more likely, this particular company has paid a lot of money to be promoted for a time period, so they are displaying the ads more frequently to help the company meet their goals. This is how ads usually work. Also, if you are on a mobile device or iPad, certain ads are okayed to be displayed while others are not, making this specific ad once again more likely to pop up.

So if you don't trust him this badly, and looking for every indication he's done it again.

You should probably leave and stop staying in a relationship where you're this paranoid. It's not good for you. I get ads advertising muslim singles. Eastern european brides, and Brazilian girls. I get ads for viagra and Russian brides all of the time, not to mention "male enhancement". I have no need for and no interest in any of them. Certain websites may put "spyware on your computer" because of this if you have email open they can steal your email address and mail you all kinds of junk mail.

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Also when you register for some sites they sell your information to other companies who then in turn use that info to harass you. That is why it is important to read the third party section of the "terms of use" before clicking on accept. No - hubby and I have the same situation - we get really crappy emails and advertisments - spam. The funny thing is I get "male spam" and I"m a female. Neither one of us has visited any kind of "sex" sites to get these spam emails.

I just trash them - don't open them some may contain viruses. It is very well possible. I and many others have been online to sign up for an offer and by doing so we don't always read the fine print or un-check boxes that were pre-checked before submitting info. Same thing happens to me lol. You should lie about your status on the dating site!

First and most important you say that you are unmarriedor divorcee or widow or sexually not satisfied with your husband And you see how many responses you get. You can create fake profile with attractive details. And see how many wasps come to your garden I am a counselor! Third party ads may come from other sites he visits or from downloads, doesnt mean that he visits dating sites.

He could be innocent but randomly check his sent mail to see if he is corresponding with anyone. Tracking cookies do that. I'm not sure what demographics they go after but we both get them. Related Questions What r junk emails?.. If I click on google advertisements on a websites I visit, will the site get paid? What do I do if I hack into my husbands email and find out that he has been signinging up to dating websites?

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