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Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Short guy on Reddit allegedly kills himself over not being able to have a relationship Discussion in ' The Vestibule ' started by awesomegamer , Jan 11, Jan 11, 1.

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  • Women overwhelmingly demand a body type only 14% of men can achieve.

Jan 11, 2. Short people got, short people got No reason to liiiiiiiive. Tony , RobotPrototype , checker and 24 others like this. Jan 11, 3. Jan 11, 4.

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Taller woman, shorter men: when height differences don't matter for couples

Jan 11, Messages: Jan 11, Won't be the first Reddit midget suicide and it won't be the last. Move it along people. HapaBonesaw , Jan 11, B-Mitch , shiv , GHuysmans and 13 others like this. He should've got leg extensions if he was that insecure about his height. Some other girls probably dont have that experience so they would say no to a shorter guy. I must admit I am surprised - I never knew it was such an issue - It may have a subconscious level because I have never seen it blatantly expressed except here in questions and most of the girls say it is not a factor.

So to go back to your question yeah main emotion is surprise. I wouldn't not date him because of his height?

But then I wouldn't not date any guy because of his height. I've dated guys shorter than me before. Mercenaries haha I'm sure I'm not alone in this but girls with this opinion may be fewer than those with the opposite I guess If a guys cute anyway, what do I care what his height is? And I'm 5ft 6, so I'm not super short incase anyone was wondering: I think it's dumb that a guy gets rejected because of his height, when gravity seems to fail females of groups of three or more.

How do you feel about Reddit girls rejecting this man because he is 5'7? - GirlsAskGuys

They or their hands on their knees and all squat and squish together it's dumb. Girls may want a guy taller so they can wear heels. I just want a guy who would treat me nicely and like my dog. I wouldn't date him because he looks like a potato. The fact that he's shorter than me just seals the deal.

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Doesn't bother me at all. In fact I'm about 5'7 and my husband is 5'6.

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  4. I still love him! I'm 5'8" and I have been hit on by shorter guys but some guys don't date girls who are taller than then.

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    Reddit is a hate bucket of slime. People just get off on being cruel there.

    I'm sure that guy could pull tons irl, because I know plenty of guys who are his height with half the build who do great with chicks. I've dated people slightly shorter than me I'm 5'6" roughly , however personality is obviously something I'd consider first. If we had things in common, I would date him. I am 5'7" myself and have dated guys shorter than me 5'4" was the shortest so far. The ones rejecting just based on height While I don't agree with it, everyone has their own tastes in what they want in a partner.

    I go for how the person treats me, and their personality more.