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Feel free to ask questions on any topic related to living in Ghana, from local trivia to political or economic concerns such as taxes, work permits, and security. You might also want to take part in some of the real-world events that are run on a regular basis in your community. From meeting for coffee in Accra to taking a local cooking course in Sekondi, there are plentiful opportunities to make new friends and explore a new aspect of local Ghanaian culture. We also regularly organize larger community-wide expat social events, putting you in direct contact with experienced international people from all around the globe.

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And I got told to stop chatting with african people, well I think he is trying to get me scared. Well, i was at the beginning, now I am not.

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Guess there are not a lot of people trying to find them. And trying every way to get people to help, because all of us are so ashamed being so silly just listening to wonderful words of love.

See now my actions to find donators for beacon House orphenage !

Im really worried about you so if you really want to be safe stop talking to any body in africa cos this is a scarm or they will try to invite you and they will try to help you but will dicieve you and will take your last coin on you. My bloke Peter B. Vitta told me his wife and his son died on September 11th in the States and I have watched everything happening there on tv and it really made me feel sorry for him. And he got on the phone as well just with my daughter.

He never even stopped with my kid. So, there is only one way to go.

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They all use our emotions and our hearts and our believe in god just to break our hearts and to get our money. And I have children and I definately do not want this to happening to them. So please everybody on this forum being scamed use this form to prevent the children of this world of people without a heart in every country of the world. Nick, you are definitely going the right route. Your story sounds a little different to me and I think the best thing to do is go and see for yourself with your own eyes.

That's the reality of the third world unfortunately. In fact, Ghana has suffered from quite a bit of corruption and many people had to actually pay to get a job, which is a double edged sword because how do you get the money to pay for a job if you don't have a job?

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I guess my main question is whether or not she ever asked you for money. You've sent her money That's pretty important to know. I can say, and Barb is familiar with me, that I have been not lucky, but blessed. I met a wonderful Ghanaian man online and we married in Accra. I met my first husband online as well, so I'm no neophyte to the online dating process. It is possible to meet and make lasting relationships online, but it requires a sharp mind and an open heart. That said, my now husband never, ever asked me for money.

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In fact, he paid for my guest house stay. But he has been working hard for a while on contracting work throughout ECOWA and has more money than many others in his area of Nima. When he stays put in Ghana he sufferes. His willingness to respond in other countries on a moments notice worked to his advantage. After I sent the first money she has sent me various presents and asked me for some more money.

It was not alot and she knows that I will not send any more; in fact little more than she has spent on postage and internet fees, she continues to email me and speak with me on the phone "my bill" and send photos. She speaks quite well but some of her expressions are quite old english, she is very polite and she laughs a lot.

She talks about quite simple things but can also engage regarding local issues, politics, Iraq, Afghanistan, and corruption. I will send her the fare to get from Sunyani to Accra and some for food for the journey, but that is all I am prepared to send to her at this point.

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  • She quite relaxed about the whole issue and says that I will see for myself with my "own naked eyes" that she is honest and loyal.