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Short haired is associated with Tumblr feminists, and butch women.

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  • 1. They don't get hung up on bad hair days.

I love flowing long hair. No, I like feminine women and short haired girls usually look quite masculine in comparison. Short-haired girls usually tend to be feminists too, we won't get along. I think it's a wonderful but rare thing for women to look good with short hair, but I would have definitely dated one when I was single, and dated a woman before who looked beautiful with short hair.

The ones who don't can sometimes really look masculine to me with short hair.

Anyway, I definitely would have dated a girl with short hair and did back when I was single. Well there's short then there's too short and when it's too short it doesn't look good.

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My preference think women should have at least a little past neck middle shoulder blade. It's not my favourite hairstyle, but that wouldn't stop me from dating a woman I like. I can't describe how much more I like nice long hair, but I dot find short cuts unattractive. If she fits every aspect of my type, and the hair doesn't make her look like a dyke, then hell yeah.

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Guys, would you date a girl with short hair? My last girlfriend identified as androgynous, and it made her uncomfortable that I was more attracted to her when she wore button downs and kept her hair short. I feel like lesbian couples with more fluid gender roles where, say, both partners are androgynous are somehow more politically progressive and advanced than I am.

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Is it ok to only like girls with short hair? Jesus, that would be exhausting. Western society, including the queer community, tends to overvalue masculinity and devalue femininity, and our sexual preferences are informed by the culture that surrounds us. So I know that bi-invisibility is a thing. And I realize that makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

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People are ignorant; people are rude; people are uncomfortable and determined to make that my problem. I have an extremely loving and boisterous family. You kinda scared me what how serious you looked when you said that. I have tried to lovingly explain the importance of the label to me personally, the problem of bi-invisibility, and the fact that it is not their decision with decreasing patience.

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I feel like I have done my due diligence in explaining things to them. Now I just want them to cut this shit out. Any chance there is a tried and true, loving but firm way to tell them to shut the fuck up? Oh buttercup, if there were a tried-and-true, loving-but-firm way to get disrespectful family members to shut the fuck up about things that are none of their business and I knew what it was, I would be selling it for hundreds of dollars a pop, not writing it in an advice column that people can read for free.

And I would be a millionaire. And I would be responsible and pay off all my student loans first, but then I would buy myself a big-ass Harley and drive it around the country buying unreasonably extravagant souvenirs for all my family and friends. There is no foolproof way to make other people respect your choices, your identity, or your boundaries.

Understanding Dating Deal Breakers: Why Hair Makes Things Hairy

Some people sadly, are just going to act like dicks no matter what you do. Though some people do go into spontaneous remission, in most cases it is incurable.

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