Should you get a christmas present for someone you just started dating

Everyone needs a good pair of headphones in their life and Sony headphones are some of the best quality you can find. This isn't any insanely personal gift but it's a nice way to show that you care. This is a unique gift that definitely won't break the bank. If he's a drinker or just likes listening to music this gift is a fun way to give a regular present.

This is the perfect gift for the guy in your life that is always biking wherever he goes. This lock unlocks automatically when you get close to it and locks automatically once you snap the lock in. It will also send an alert if someone tries to steal the bike. Waking up to an actual alarm is so , so why not buy him an alarm clock that lets him wake up to the smell of espresso and fresh croissants in the morning! A Nespresso machine is a great gift for your coffee loving guy. It's the easiest and most time efficient way to whip up a delicious brew in the mornings, no hassle required.

This is a super impersonal gift that's safe for a relationship that's only been going strong for 3 months. Every guy needs a pack of fancy socks and this cheap pair is perfect for a low key gift! This is basically a gift for both you and him right? He gets a cute hoodie that's available in 7 different colours and you get a cute hoodie to steal whenever you want! This may seem like an excessive gift for a new relationship, but if your guy desperately needs a new winter parka this is a good gift option that won't break the bank. It will keep him warm and comes in 3 different colours.

This is the perfect gift for your guy if he's always wearing suits to work or has to dress up for events all the time. Take his look to another level of stylish with these assorted pocket squares. The best part is it's on sale right now so it won't break the bank!

17 gifts for the guy you JUST started dating

These pants are super popular because not only are they stylish but they're also incredibly comfortable. Give the gift of coziness to your man this Christmas! If your guy is all about the brand names, the Champion sweater is definitely on his wish list. Urban Outfitters carries a bunch of these cozy hoodies in tons of different colours that he'll love!

Give him the gift of style this holiday season with a brand new dress shirt. This Hugo sport shirt from The Bay is an amazing option that will fit him perfectly. Coffee in the morning is probably the most important part of anyone's day. Make sure his morning brew stays warm with this Contigo travel mug that comes in tons of colours choices! This is a super cheap and easy gift for the guy you just started dating. It's perfect if he loves all kinds of adventure! He can pin it to his jean jacket, hiking pack or whatever he wants. You really can't go wrong with a classic beanie for those cold winer months.

Even if he already has one he'll definitely be glad to receive another one and it's super affordable for you as well. Get a little frisky with a gift that you and he can both enjoy with these form fitting boxer briefs. Basically any kind of watch will do, but I chose this one because it has a nice leather band with a simple clock face that is both sleek and stylish.

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After you've been dating for 3 years it's time to buy him a really good watch. Treat him to a real laptop and business essentials bag from Herschel this holiday season. This one can be used as both a shoulder bag or a backpack! If your guy needs a new wallet chances are he just wants a simple, black leather one.

How smart is that? Its durable nylon construction makes this pack a great on-the-go solution. Now, your cups are coordinated.

A warm scarf that will look sophisticated during cold-weather outings. Dating a music lover? Give him this compact micro speaker that is high-quality and stylish. One of our favorite holiday gifts: A functioning and fashionable!

40 Christmas Gift Ideas If You've Been Dating For 3 Months Vs. 3 Years - Narcity

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When To Buy Gifts For Women You Just Started Dating

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Because yes, while most everyone loves Starbucks, a gift card to the most frequented coffee shop in America unless he or she is actually obsessed may not be the most thoughtful or creative choice. This stylish player makes a great gift. If your guy tends to lose his wallet, this stylish option has a Bluetooth tracker inside.