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He couldn't act his way…" And she was off. Five minutes of discussion over someone named Chumlee, and she traded places with me to sit next to Ben, as I'd come to learn was his name. They were chatting away, and I could see she was quite smitten. So, what are your other talents? I was pretty sure one of his talents was seducing unsuspecting females, but I wasn't about to question it. He was gorgeous, and everything I observed about him was intriguing. Oh, I can juggle.

I laughed because it was truly adorable. When he finished, he yelled, "Seth, head's up. It was Eric, our resident Cupid, and he had a mischievous grin on his face. Edward turned on the stool and gave his brother an up and down look. How's that going to help him keep his job? He's here looking for cover, E. Don't call me tomorrow and tell me he left without a note or a number.

It's disturbing on too many levels. I saw Eric give him an indignant look. Don't tell Mom yet, please. She calls and wants to meet them immediately, and you know it just doesn't bode well if I go out on one date and ask them to meet my mother. Give me some time, okay? We both saw Eric look at the teacher and smile. There's nothing wrong with it, but it sounds like a nickname. Well, actually, Isabella Marie Swan. I have no siblings. My parents, who I talk to every Sunday, are still married and living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm looking for a job at some firms in town.

Speed dating twilight fanfiction

Never been married, or in a serious relationship for that matter. My specialty is contract law, which is just as thrilling and intriguing as it sounds, and I just moved into a dinky ass apartment in Chelsea with the blonde girl talking to your doctor friend and the tiny girl talking to your musician friend.

I'm giving myself six-months to find a job before I throw in the towel and go back to live in my parents' basement and practice law out of the bed of my rusty red pick-up. It was quite easy to be open with him, though I didn't know why, but it had been a long time since I'd had a decent conversation with a guy who wasn't posturing, and Edward wasn't posturing at all. He was quite lovely and relaxed, which relaxed me as well. Eric lives in Queens…you don't have to point out the irony to me. I offered to let him stay with me when he moved to Manhattan after he graduated college, but he made some stupid comment about spreading his wings and finding his place in the world.

I don't ask too many questions because he's more than willing to share intimate details that have sent me running in all kinds of directions on more than one occasion. From what I know, he came out to his biological parents, and they kicked him out. My dad worked at Lenox Hill at the time, and when Eric was brought in after a brutal attack, Dad got to know him. He's really a great kid, and it really was a no-brainer for my parents to take him in as a foster kid. They adopted him when he was fifteen. I've known him for eleven years, and it seems like I've known him my whole life.

He has a good and loving heart. I saw him glance at his brother who was leaving with the teacher. He turned around in our direction and smiled, bringing a chuckle from Edward. I could see he loved his brother and accepted him without question. It was quite remarkable. I'm usually closed on Mondays, but I'm not ready to go home yet. Can you hang around? After the place emptied except for four other couples and Seth, the bartender, he shut down a lot of lights and turned on music. I saw him speak to the young guy, and after a fist bump, the kid was gone. The kitchen lights were still on, but Edward didn't seem to care.

He sat back down after grabbing us two more beers, and he smiled a glowing smile at me. Always single or recently single? He was too good a catch to have always been single, especially at thirty-eight. Okay, here's the history. Divorced eight-years ago after eight years of trying to make something more out of a very good friendship, I guess. We still get along well, thankfully, but we had different ideas of what a happy life would be.

Being married to someone who was happy to serve food and tend bar wasn't what she wanted for her life, and it was all I've ever wanted to do. I enjoy the change of seasons. She's married to a pretty great guy, and they're happy. I have a thirteen-year-old daughter who spends summers with me at my parents' place on Long Island, and she comes for Christmas, but now there's some kid named Taylor in the mix so Vanessa is trying to give me the brush about Christmas this year.

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I was sure it would happen, but I'm not really ready for it quite yet. I laughed and squeezed his knee for no reason whatsoever.

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My parents were so pissed off they didn't speak to me for most of the break. They've finally adjusted, and I think they're actually doing better now than they were before I moved to Seattle for undergrad. Letting go has to be hard, but it's what parents are supposed to do, isn't it? He seemed to contemplate what I said and smiled.

I just didn't know I'd become irrelevant when she was thirteen. I thought I'd be her hero for a few more years. I remembered when my dad was replaced by a kid named Jason. Dad hated him, and as I'd find out later for good reason, but it was the separation he was pushing against.

Jason and I both ran on the junior varsity track team, and the Saturday morning practices took place of the fishing trips I took with my father. That was the beginning of the end for my dad, and he didn't fade into it gracefully.

I could see Edward was the same kind of guy. I was fourteen and running track. Jason was fifteen, and we used to go to practice together. My father wasn't happy about it. He thrashed against it, forbidding me from seeing him, which only made me want to see him more. When it fell apart because Jason was a dick, my dad was right there to pick up the pieces.

If your ex-wife is keeping tabs on her, she'll be fine, but you getting pissed about her relationship will only cause her to want to see him more. If he breaks her heart, the way Jason the jackoff broke mine all those years ago, she'll need you. He laughed a bit and took my hand, kissing my knuckles. I think everyone's ready for a coffee drink. He came back with a carafe and a smile.

Specialties of the house. I can judge your drink of choice just by looking at you. Welcome to Irish Eyes. I'd say you're a bit of a chocolate lover, right? He perused the bar and pulled up two bottles of liqueur.

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One was chocolate and the other was white chocolate, and after he poured whiskey in a mug, he added the liqueur and topped it off with coffee, adding whip and a chocolate drizzle. Alice showed her appreciation by clapping and squirming in her seat. He handed it to her and then poured a shot of Jameson's with a cup of coffee for the musician. I'm going to guess you're a bit more hardcore than your friends. Let's see…do you like a bit of orange? Edward poured her a cup of coffee, topping it off with a shot of Grand Marnier. He took a piece of orange rind, lit it with a lighter, and swept it around the top of the mug.

He grated orange zest on top of it and handed it to her. He poured a shot of Maker's Mark on the rocks for the doctor and pushed it over to him. The doctor laughed and toasted with Rosalie. You're not a coffee drinker are you? Myself, I was surprised by how spot on he'd been with his predictions to that point. He walked back to the kitchen and after a few minutes, he came back into the bar with a small pitcher. Ben, I'll get you a cup of coffee when the fresh pot's finished," he responded pouring his friend a shot of Jameson.

I looked around and saw Jess had left with the stockbroker, and I laughed. The woman had no reservations about going home with a stranger, and it worried me because she didn't have the best taste, nor track record, with men. She was a friend of ours from high school who, like me, was new to Manhattan, and I'd had to pick her up from more than one one-night-stand even in high school.

It was September 12, and the next day was my birthday, but I wasn't too keen on celebrating it. Twenty-six was a strange age to be because I was likely…well if I was lucky…at my quarter life. I'd accomplished a lot, but it seemed like I was missing out on something big. I had no idea what it was, so another birthday brought no great excitement for me….